10 Best websites/Platforms for your Free sites and blogs Traffics.

The Best Ways To Get Free (Organic) Traffic for your websites and Blogs.

The best ways and methods to amass free huge traffic into your blogs is what you are about to read through in this post and it is super easy if you’re able to try these methods/Techniques effectively and efficiently. However, you need to work properly and follow these smart methods consistently for months.

Below are some of these methods (10 of them) that will help you get free traffic for your sites and blogs through other websites and social media.


This doesn’t mean pasting your links inside the feed. LinkedIn is one of the best social networks that will help you grow and get traffic. First, create an account. Then inside your account, click on “Write an article” and paste your blog content inside your profile. LinkedIn gets around 1 billion visits per month so it will help you get traffic.

2, Quora.com

Quora as you know is a Q&A website, where you can ask and answer questions. But this doesn’t mean just answering questions and mentioning your links. Create an account then in your profile, you can create a space on Quora. Name it whatever you want and add a description. Here you can post your articles and again simply paste your blog content. Quora gets around 500 million monthly visits so it will also help with traffic.

Asking and answering questions on Quora is a gold mine waiting for you to tap into it. You don’t have to have a strong presence on Quora; if you happen to know a thing or two about a particular topic, answering people’s questions efficiently will guarantee that you get thousands of views from your first month. You don’t need to do anything extra as long as you make sure your answers are helpful and, at best, not false or misleading.

Here are some useful tips to promote your website and Business in Quora.

a, Search for the latest questions with the highest number of followers. Build a question list related to your niche.

b. Create Answer Templates: Use Google Docs, Microsoft Word, or even a notepad to create answer templates, keep everything organized, ad save time.

c. Question’s SEO: Use high ranking keywords in your answers to rank higher on Quora and get more views.

d. Answer Format: Make sure your answers are simple, easy to read, and straight to the point. Include an image to attract readers, embed your YouTube videos so that you can promote your channel – if you have one.

e. Adding Links to Answers: You can add links to your blog/website or YouTube channel to promote & get traffic. However, don’t copy & paste links randomly; you’ll get banned.

F. Professional Bio: Include your credentials, talk about your work in the description, mention the links to your website. Most importantly, always post valuable content to optimise your profile.

g. Create/Interact with Quora Spaces: Interaction in Quora spaces gets more views to your posts.

h. Stat Analysis: Analyze your stats to determine the pattern of questions that you should answer to get more views and scale up on Quora.

3, Medium.com

Medium also allows you to post your articles. So if you don’t have a website, you can use Medium as your website to post your articles and promote affiliate links. Create an account, click on “Write a Story” and again simply paste your content. Medium gets around 223 million monthly visits so you will get a lot of traffic.

If someone is searching on any of these websites for a certain topic related to your content, they can find your article. Moreover, these websites have a very high rank on Google, so your article can then also rank on google through these websites, instead of your website. This is very important so you can get free organic traffic from search engines to your articles.

To get traffic back into your website, you simply need to create internal links. So include links to your websites, articles and services. Then anyone reading your article on these websites will click on your links and link back to your website. This way people will get introduced to your content and you will get followers. Keep in mind to provide real value in your content.

4, Mix.com

Inside mix, simply click on the plus icon and paste your blog article and mention your links. Mix gets around 1.4 million visits per month, which is also very good. It’s from the US, so it’s a good traffic source.

5, Pinterest.com

Pinterest is very powerful in terms of traffic because people use the search feature a lot to find things they are interested in. After signing up, click on create a pin and enter the URL of your blog and the title. You can also add a small description. You need to create an image, and the best way to create an image for Pinterest is by using Canva. You can select the option for the Pinterest pin and it will give you a lot of different templates and more.

6, SlideShare.net

SlideShare allows you to create and publish small slides or small eBooks. So what you are going to do on this website is upload a small version of your article. You can also do this on Canva, create your slides there, download them and then upload them to SlideShare. SlideShare gets around 182 million views. So you will get a lot of traffic from the links in your slides.

7, Youtube.com

Youtube is an excellent source of organic traffic, which is even more accurate, depending on the content you publish. For instance tutorials, I look up tutorials almost daily. Whenever I watch a tutorial that helps me efficiently, I make sure to drop a like and a thank you, and sometimes I subscribe before leaving. Conclusion: post videos in which you help people on YouTube; they will return the favour.

8, Udemy.com:

This falls in line with providing video tutorials on YouTube and answering questions on Quora. If you feel confident enough your knowledge in a field can provide value and make someone’s life even slightly easier, then you should publish a course or two on Udemy. Again, the goal is to help people first and foremost; they WILL return the favour.

9, Email marketing:

If you don’t have an email list, stop whatever you’re doing and start building one. If your goal is to make money through your content, have an email list to send weekly, biweekly, or monthly newsletters to. This way you guarantee thousands of visitors to your website regularly.

10, Free ebooks:

This is entirely optional, as not everyone has the means to make an ebook. However, we at H-educate rely on Canva to make any information easy on the eyes and accessible; the word accessible is critical. Our ebooks are easy to read for almost anyone with at most an A2 level in English, and that’s precisely the point.

All the methods that we mentioned in this post can be substituted with different tools and mediums arbitrarily so long as you keep in mind that HELPING PEOPLE is at its core. Be generous with your knowledge, and people will repay your generosity by helping you stand on your feet. They will like, heart, upvote, share and recommend your content as long as it makes their lives slightly easier. Thanks and do comment on the comment box below and make sure you engage these 10 Best websites/Platforms for your Free sites and blogs Traffics.

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  1. Oh, my gosh. this actually has useful information that isn’t generic and basic stuff that everyone already knows. I haven’t used half of these. Thank you for creating something that benefits people trying to boost their website, instead of just shuffling around basic information. I have work to do, thanks again. 

    • thanks so much for stopping by to at list drop some comments. I am totally honoured no matter how small the information on this post, they can be helpful. we will also continue to study and upgrade our posts also. thanks so much.

    • You are so welcome DashDNation for stopping by. Thanks for your experiences on this. We just posted what we did for organic traffic and it worked for us. Though most of these may have been used by others, yet when you don’t follow a working trend perfectly, a little mistake can bring failure. That’s why we pen our working step by step methods. Thanks once more for the comment.

  2. Thanks for sharing this list with us all. I think the more outlets one has for their website or blog posts, the better. I had actually hear (and currently use) most of them. But there was a few that i hadn’t previously heard of, so this has been a good addition to my publishing outlets. Thanks

    • Thanks so much, Kwidzin for the honest comment. Getting organic traffic to our websites can a hard thing if you don’t go through serious training on social media.
      The most important thing is to have your accounts opened and consistency in your posting. Thanks and success ahead.

  3. Thank you so much for this article. It has been helpful for me. I have been having many headaches on the best platforms I can use to sell my website. Now I know exactly where to go. I plan now to open free accounts with all these platforms so that I can enjoy this free traffic. Thank you for this.


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