Want to know 10 Blogs that make Huge money? If that is you, then you definitely are in the right place, We’ve listed ten kinds of blogs that make the most money.

A blog is an extremely good manner to make money online, maximum novices don’t recognize what sort of blog to create. Lots of you have probably questioned, what are the most famous styles of blogs?

And we’ve added examples to each type of blog this consists of:

Finance blog

Style blog

Travel blog

Marketing blog

Health and fitness blog

Mother blog

Meals blog

Way of life blog

DIY blog

pet blog

How Do beginner Blogs Make cash?

Beneath you’ll locate the 10 most famous sorts of blogs. Each of these forms of blogs may be monetized. So hopefully, this listing will encourage you to create your personal money-making blogging method.

1. Finance Blog

Are you a pro at handling money? Then a finance blog might be a great choice for you.

Finance blogs give actionable advice to any online user. Whether it’s a college student, young adult, or parent, everyone could gain more knowledge about their finances.

Let’s take a look at a popular finance blog, Get Rich Slowly.

Get Rich Slowly helps their readers pay off their debt and grow their money. They also cover other finance topics, like investing and your money mindset.

As we mentioned before, finance reaches out to all different types of people, so there’s an infinite amount of finance topics to cover. This means you won’t get stuck thinking of new blog posts in the long run.

Plus, there are a ton of different finance blog niches to choose from. Some of these blog niches include:

  • Frugal spending
  • Early-retirement
  • Passive-income
  • Side-hustles
  • Investing

This is why finance is one of the best types of blogs that make money. It’s useful for everyone, and you have an infinite amount of topics to cover.

2. Fashion Blog

Have you ever dreamed of starting your very own clothing line? Start a fashion blog!

A style weblog is a notable manner to specific your particular feel of fashion thru snapshots, apparel, and splendour merchandise.

A way to make cash on fashion blogs?

There are many approaches to monetising a fashion blog. You can sell merchandise, add associate links, and come to be an influencer on Instagram.

One of the maximum famous style blogs out there’s “We Wore What”.

Danielle Bernstein commenced ‘We Wore What’ to photo her clothing across new York town. Now she sells her very own swimming wear and overalls.

With that stated, we propose the usage of Instagram together with your fashion blog. It’s every other way to show off your pix in your target market.

Some fashion blog niches you can write approximately are:

DIY style

Low-cost fashion

Style critiques

The style for a particular event (ie. Weddings)

Eco-friendly style

3. Travel Blog

When most people think about travelling, they imagine the Eiffel Tower, Patagonia, or Cancun. But what about the logistics, like planning and budgeting? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone could plan it all for you?

With a travel blog, there is! Travel blogs are an invaluable resource to help anyone plan the trip of their dreams. They teach readers how to plan a trip, what destinations to visit, and how to budget wisely.

Will Hatton, the owner of The Broke Backpacker, helps his readers travel on a tight budget. And by a tight budget, we mean less than 10 dollars a day!

So How Do Travel Blogs Make Money?

Affiliate links are a popular way to monetize a travel blog. The Broke Backpacker, for example, uses affiliate links to promote travel gear.

You could also sell your own services, like Will. Along with his travel guides, he helps his readers work as they travel.

And even if you don’t travel internationally, you can still start a travel blog!

Some other travel blog niches you can write about are:

  • Travelling in your country
  • Road trips
  • Camping
  • Travelling on a budget
  • How to travel and work at the same time



4. Marketing Blog

One of the pleasant styles of blogs that make cash is an advertising and marketing blog.

An advertising blog helps readers study and monetize online marketing abilities to begin an enterprise. Quite a few advertising and marketing blogs cover running a blog, electronic mail advertising, eCommerce advertising, and SEO.

We keep in mind blog Tyrant is an advertising blog! Our internet site is full of advertising sources for bloggers and small agencies.

Any other example of an advertising and marketing weblog is WPBeginner.

WPBeginner is the maximum popular blog for something WordPress-associated. They help their readers build and monetize their WordPress site for running a blog and eCommerce shops.

Advertising and marketing blogs are useful for all of us who desire to make money online. And it’s an extraordinary manner to turn out to be an authoritative supply.

With that said, there are a lot of advertising and marketing strategies available. So we advocate narrowing down a particular area of interest. This is the first-rate manner to get extra visitors and advantage of authority.

Observe WPBeginner. They narrowed their niche to WordPress, and now they’re the maximum famous useful resource for WordPress.

Other advertising weblog niches you can write about are:

Small commercial enterprise marketing

Advertising and marketing yourself as a [insert profession here]

Enterprise News and developments

How to build a web commercial enterprise in [insert profession here]

Digital advertising strategies (search engine optimization, e-mail advertising, website analytics)


5. Health And Fitness Blog

Are you into living a healthy lifestyle? Then a health and fitness blog might be for you.

A health and fitness blog is great because everyone can relate to it. Whether it’s nutrition, exercise, or mental health, there’s something for everyone in this blog topic.

Let’s take a look at Born Fitness.

Born Fitness debunks myths and answers questions about nutrition and exercise. And they monetize their blog with health coaching.

You can also make health and fitness blogs profitable with an online course, affiliate links, and selling your own products.

But as health impacts our daily lives, make sure to build trust with your readers. The last thing a person wants is inaccurate information about a health concern.

With that, offer educational content, like videos, podcasts, and email newsletters to connect with your audience.

Some other health and fitness blog niches are:

  • Body empowerment
  • Eating healthy on a budget
  • Nutrition and exercise for children
  • Niche workout blog (Yoga, running, weight lifting)
  • Mindfulness

6. Mom Blog

Additionally referred to as a parenting weblog, a mom blog is all about raising your children and other family life topics.

So how did mother blogs become popular?

First, there are so many mothers and fathers out there who share identical questions about elevating youngsters. So it’s a tremendous manner to proportion your personal memories and advice.

And 2d, this dad and mom found out that they can make money blogging AND stay at home with their kiddos.

In truth, mother blogs are so famous that there at the moment are mother blogs that assist other moms to create their own mom weblog!

We’ll test out this mother weblog instance: LUCIE’S.

Lucie’s list allows women to transition into motherhood. They monetize their blog with associate links for child and children’s merchandise.

However, mother blogs don’t forestall how to enhance kids. With so many family dynamics inside the world, there are a ton of blog niches you could write about parenting. Some examples are:

Working and parenting

Visiting with youngsters

Homeschooling kids

Low priced parenting

Raising teenagers

7. Food Blog

Are you a foodie? Then a food blog is right up your alley.

Food blogs are like recipe books—you get to teach readers how to make tasty dishes. And you get to take nice photos.

An example of a food blog IS Sassy Spoon.

A Sassy Spoon organizes their blog by recipe, diet, time limits, and meal. So her site is easy to navigate for any type of reader.

So now you might be wondering how much money a food blog makes.

Jamie, the founder of Sassy Spoon, made over 100k from her food blog in 2019! This was all thanks to ads, affiliate marketing, and business coaching. We’ll talk about how to monetize your blog a little more later in the post.

Some other types of food blogs you can create are:

  • Restaurant reviews
  • Homemade recipes
  • Eating and travelling
  • Affordable eating
  • DIY drinks

Make sure to check out our guide on how to start a food blog for step-by-step instructions.

8. Lifestyle Blog

To this point, the kinds of blogs that make money were about one specific topic. However, a lifestyle blog is a touch one-of-a-kind.

Life-style bloggers write approximately a bunch of subjects, like a private experiences, culture, and relationships.

A lifestyle blog draws readers who want to read something just like a mag. They prefer testimonies, advice columns, and product hints.

Recommendation From a Twenty-something is a way of life blog for the common 20-yr-vintage. They write approximately whatever a 20-yr-antique wants to recognize approximately. Relationship, style, and health are some examples.

HOW CAN THIS weblog MAKE money?

This weblog makes money from associate links. In addition, they get traffic from allowing other users to post weblog posts to their website. That is additionally referred to as guest posting.

When you have a group of blogging ideas, then a lifestyle weblog might be a terrific region to start. As you blog, you’ll examine greater approximately what you like to put in writing approximately and who your best reader is.

Some subjects humans lifestyle weblog approximately are:

Relationship and relationships



Learning a [insert hobby here]


Don’t experience like you have to write about the above weblog niches. The splendour of a way of life blog is that you can write approximately whatever you want!

Just ensure different humans are interested in your blog content material. In other words, make your lifestyle weblog relatable.

9. Diy Blog

Do you have got a knack for crafts? Then why not create a DIY weblog!

DIY stands for “Do it yourself.” So a DIY blog suggests to readers the way make crafts, apparel, home decor…the possibilities are pretty limitless.


P.S I Made This, is one of the most popular DIY blogs out there.

P.S I Made This shows their readers a way to craft all kinds of matters. A few examples are clothing, beauty merchandise, and home decor.

Many DIY blogs use social media, like Pinterest and Instagram to show off their products. You may even use YouTube and submit videos of ways you create your crafts!

A few different DIY weblog thoughts you could use are:

Arts and crafts

Home renovations


Beauty products

DIY for teachers

10. Pet Blog

Permit’s face it—we’re enthusiastic about our pets. We adore playing with them, cuddling with them, and writing about them!

A pet blog is notable for each person looking for DIY pet treats, education hints, and sports.

So if you very own a gaggle of animals or recognize lots approximately a particular breed, then a puppy weblog might be for you.


PuppyLeaks is a pet blog for canine owners. They have got articles on domestic dog education, treats, and video games.

HOW CAN THIS blog kind MAKE cash?

The pleasant manner to monetize a pet blog is to add associate hyperlinks for your favourite pet toys and pet care merchandise.

It’s additionally smooth to think of a pet blog niche. As an example, if you own a Labrador Retriever, then you can create a weblog all approximately this dog breed.

But in case you get caught, you usually write approximately:

Your puppy breed

Pet adoption



Distinctive animals

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