5 Share Funnels Ideas for Making Money.

5 Share Funnels Ideas for Making Money


When it comes to affiliate income and commissions, ClickFunnels is one of the few brands that sit right at the top.

Some say ClickFunnels offers high commissions simply because they offer digital products. Agreed, the creation and delivery of ClickFunnels products are much cheaper than that of physical products.

But I still believe that a lot of its success boils down to the quality of its products and affiliate tools. You earn a 30% commission per sale plus 30% recurring commissions to be earned from ClickFunnels related products.

There’s even a ClickFunnels offer that nets you 100% commissions – the One Funnel Away Challenge. It’s an amazing offer that earns you $100 for each product sale you generate. However, there’s this cool ClickFunnels feature that offers you great earning potential.

It’s called Share Funnels and this guide offers you 5 great ideas to make money through it.

How it Works

Let’s offer a simple illustration to show how Share Funnels works. Each funnel that is created in your own account comes with its unique funnel URL that you can use for promoting offers.

Whenever someone clicks on the URL, they will be redirected to a signup page for a free trial account.

If that person is new to ClickFunnels, he will be prompted to sign up for a free 14-day trial account. The new account has to be created before the funnel can be accessed. However, if that person is an existing user of ClickFunnels, your funnel is added to their account.

You earn affiliate commissions when your referrals upgrade their accounts to premium. It’s as easy as that when it comes to earning through Share Funnels. Setting up your own Share URL entails some simple steps to follow, which are:

Step 1 – First, log into your account and edit the particular funnel you would like to share.

Step 2 – Next step is clicking on the Settings tab

Step 3 – By scrolling lower, you will find the blue box with the Share This Funnel URL

Step 4 – Copy the Share URL and start sharing.

The 5 Share Funnels Ideas

The 5 Share Funnels ideas will prove very helpful for you in earning a steady income from ClickFunnels.

1 – Build Sales Funnels for Your Products

One of the most profitable ways of earning through ClickFunnels is to build funnels for products of your own. If you’ve got any products or services, you can promote them using the ClickFunnels tools.

It gives you the ability to create upsells and down sells in order to maximize earnings from your traffic. ClickFunnels gives you the tools to build sales funnels into the front end of your products. It also gives you the freedom to customize the funnels as much as you want.

If you’ve got digital products or services of your own, consider building funnels for them.

2 – Build Funnels for Your Customers

If you’re a service provider for your customers, you can include funnel creation services for them. It may surprise you to know that not many business people understand how funnels are created or managed.

This gives you the opportunity to create and market funnel building services to them.

How do funnel building services improve your Share Funnels earnings?

A simple way to go about this is to have your customers sign up on ClickFunnels through your Share URL. If the sales funnel is able to deliver the required ROI, you will earn recurring commissions for a long time.

That means you will be earning in two ways – payment for the funnel building service and the affiliate commissions.

3 – Promote ClickFunnels’ One Funnel Away Challenge

I mentioned earlier that the One Funnel Away Challenge earns you a 100% commission for each sale. That’s a whopping $100 commission every time you bring a sale of this course.

Plus you will get to learn a lot about the sales funnel and how to use it to grow your online business.

The One Funnel Away Challenge also offers extra income opportunities by enabling you to capture prospects’ emails. You can do this by creating bridge pages to get the emails and also offering your own bonuses.

4 – Replicate Successful Sales Funnels

As much as possible you should avoid reinventing the wheel. If you find out a system that seems to be working, it’s best you replicate the system. In some circles, this is referred to as the “adopt and adapt” method or system.

Adopt a successful system and then adapt it to suit your own business domain or environment. You can do the same for sales funnels by finding out the ones that have been successful and adapting the same to your online business.

Having done this, you could also create a guide or tutorial on how to set up such a system. Videos would be appropriate for educating your audience about the successful system.

You should also include your Share URL in your products to enable your audience to discover your work.

You know what?

You may end up creating new ClickFunnels accounts more than you thought possible.

5 – Use Your Share Funnel for Email List Building

If your share funnel was instrumental in building your online business, it can do the same for others. With such thinking, you can offer your share funnel as an incentive for those who desire to enjoy some success like you.

If you are not actively building an email list, I suggest you should start right away. And if you do have an email list, you could offer your share funnel as an incentive for visitors to sign up.

This will give you the double benefits of earning commissions for each upgrade and also build your email list. In other words, your share funnel becomes the lead magnet for building your email list.


Share Funnels offers great revenue opportunities for those who understand how to use it. Getting your share URL is quite easy and can be completed in simple steps.

This guide offers 5 money-making ideas through share funnels that include building sales funnels for your product and customers.

Others include the promotion of ClickFunnels’ One Funnel Away Challenge, replicating other successful sales funnels, and the use of your share funnel for email building. These ideas, if followed through, will prove to be successful in earning a steady income through Share Funnels.




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