A Brief Brax Review.

Brax is intended for performance-driven organizations and agencies that want to produce, manage, and grow native advertisements. It integrates sponsored content distribution across platforms including Outbrain, Taboola, Revcontent, Content. ad, and others.

Brax can also assist you in maximizing your ad spend and ROI. We look at how Brax works and what features it has to offer, as well as how much it will cost you every month.

A Brief Brax Review.
A Brief Brax Review.

Brax Pros and Cons


    • 1, From a single dashboard, you may manage several ad accounts.


    • 2, Create new advertising quickly across many platforms.


    • 3, Features for bulk content production and upload


    • 4, Simple to use


    5, Excellent client service


    • 1, a lack of a diverse range of campaign networks


    • 2, Some of the platform’s functionalities aren’t readily apparent.


    3, The expense of software may easily mount up.

Brax Features

Learning the benefits and drawbacks of Brax may assist you in determining whether or not the solution is a good fit for your company. But, in order to properly comprehend what it has to offer, we must delve a bit further. Here are some of the primary advantages it offers.

Campaign Management Has Been Simplified

The biggest feature of Brax is the ability to manage multiple accounts under one centralized dashboard – but what does this mean for you?

That is, instead of signing in to Taboola, Outbrain, and Yahoo Gemini individually to spend hours producing advertisements and campaigns, you can build a single ad for all three platforms in Brax, saving hours on content production. Brax now interfaces with a number of notable native advertising systems, including Taboola, Outbrain, Revcontent, Yahoo Gemini, Content. ad, and Voluum, to name a few.

A Brief Brax Review.
A Brief Brax Review.

You will be able to choose the cost per click, the devices on which the campaign will show, and geo-targeting parameters to reach your target population. Simply create a single campaign and replicate it across as many ad networks as you choose.

With a single click, you can stop or disable several underperforming advertisements. You can easily compare performance across channels and discover underperformers at a glance. Another advantage of controlling all of your ads from a single dashboard is that you can track ad effectiveness more easily. In a word, Brax’s streamlined campaign administration will save you hours of switching between numerous channels, enabling you to spend more attention on your business while your advertisements run in the background.

Optimize automatically

This tool will come in helpful if you’ve ever tried to figure out where or why your advertising is failing.
You may define the key performance indicators (KPIs) that are crucial to your company, and Brax will automatically apply the rules to your campaigns, accounts, and native advertising networks. Ad optimization is made simple using Brax.


Brax intelligently stops or disables advertising with low interaction while pushing ads with strong placement and potential performance. The optimization criteria may be tailored to any KPI, such as cost per action and ad engagement. Brax removes the guesswork from ad optimization, enabling you to concentrate on creating the finest campaigns possible.

Capabilities for Bulk Ad Management

Brax’s bulk ad builder allows you to quickly generate hundreds of ad versions. By uploading several photos in bulk or giving image URLs, you may utilize various images for each ad. When you’re through developing your ad versions, you can easily distribute them to other campaigns with the press of a button.

A Brief Brax Review.
A Brief Brax Review.

Advanced tracking options will be available, allowing you to run A/B testing on creative versions for each piece of content across several networks. Compare the results of your creative alternatives to find which combination works best.

For instance, imagine being able to edit elements of every single live campaign with a single click. You may achieve this by using Brax’s Native Power Editor. It enables you to bulk-adjust your campaigns’ budgets, bids, and other parameters from a single centralized place, allowing for far quicker optimization.

In a word, Brax is intended to simplify your life by putting all of your campaigns together in one spot and allowing you to make adjustments in bulk, regardless of whatever network the campaign is running on.

Reporting Tailored to Your Business Needs

While it’s amazing that Brax does so much of the heavy lifting for your native advertising efforts, it’s still vital to identify where your advertising dollars are going and measure your ROI. Some systems display a large number of reports that are so tightly packed with graphs and charts that they are difficult to understand. Brax isn’t like that at all.

Brax can also import and integrate data from your current systems, such as Google Analytics or any platform with which you share data source credentials, to provide you with a bird’s-eye view of your native ad success across campaigns, content, and platforms.


A Brief Brax Review.
A Brief Brax Review.

Brax delivers your data in a legible manner that is tailored to your specific requirements. It will also send you a daily summary email detailing your ad performance over the past 24 hours, so you can always maintain one finger on the pulse. This will help you determine the link between revenue and ad cost.

Report all reporting data into printable spreadsheets to help you focus your efforts on increasing your ad spend and ROI in the proper locations. Brax’s data is smartly personalized to your business and goals and presented in a straightforward manner. If you wish to go deeper into the data that Brax has gathered for you outside of these reports, you can export all report data into printable spreadsheets.

Assistance for Large Teams and Agencies

Brax is excellent for large teams and companies with various accounts and users to manage. You’ll be able to connect several accounts and manage many brands across various native advertising networks. Each user will have their own login, and access will be granted depending on employment, organization, or campaign.

User-specific warnings and notifications will be sent to you, and any changes made by the user will be monitored and saved as history. If someone has gone too far, you can update or revoke their access without changing their passwords to gently bring them back down to earth. Brax assists you in ensuring that all teams are on the same page.

A Brief Brax Review.
A Brief Brax Review.

Pricing and Package Options for Brax

Brax has four price levels to accommodate businesses with varying advertising budgets. Brax’s price is one of our favourites since there is no lock-in contract, which means you may cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your plan at any time.

The Starter plan costs $199 per month and is for businesses looking to manage an ad spend of $10,000 per month. Anything over this and you’ll pay an overage fee billed at 2%.

The Business plan costs $499 per month and is for businesses looking to manage an ad spend of $50,000 per month. Overage is billed at 1.5%.

Both the Starter and Business plans include:

    • 1. Ad accounts and users are unlimited.


    • 2. Management of campaigns and advertisements


    • 3. Reporting in one place


    • 4. Optimization that is done automatically


    • 5. Metrics calculated


    6. Scheduled rules in the power editor

Campaign and ad administration, uniform reporting, and automated optimization will be the most important features for most users. With this in mind, the Starter or Business plan is likely to be ideal for you if you’re just getting started with native advertising.

There are two price levels available for larger enterprises. The Enterprise Gold package costs $1,499 per month and is designed for businesses that spend $250,000 per month on advertising. On this plan, the overage is charged at 1%.

The Enterprise Platinum plan costs $2,499 a month and is designed for businesses with a monthly ad expenditure of $1,000,000 or more. Overage is charged at 0.25 per cent on the Enterprise Platinum plan.

The Enterprise Gold and Enterprise Platinum plans contain the same features as the Starter and Business plans, as well as the following:

  • Brax data services
  • Custom revenue integration
  • Executive support

The sole difference between the Enterprise Gold and Enterprise Platinum plans is that the latter provides premium help via Brax’s slack support channel in addition to the monthly managed ad expenditure.

A Brief Brax Review.
A Brief Brax Review.


Brax’s image

Some users claim that after just one week of employing Brax, their traffic doubled. Others claim that their ad expenditure ROI increased by 20%. Users claim that it is simple to use and that customer service is excellent. Brax makes it simple to supply content and drive optimization across all platforms.

The capacity to create advertising content in mass is one of Brax’s most popular features. Instead of manually building and updating campaigns on each platform, Brax allows you to handle it all in one place. Businesses can use this functionality to cut campaign and ad creation time in half.

Users, on the other side, wish that bulk actions, such as bulk ad pause and archive, were available for more components of their campaigns. It’s also been noted that, while the platform is simple to use once you get started, some of the Brax’s functions are buried, and that unlocking the system’s full potential may take longer than expected.

Finally, some users believe Brax should offer more integration options, but the majority of users are satisfied with the current options.

A Brief Brax Review.
A Brief Brax Review.

If you’re an agency or a company trying to quickly grow your native advertising efforts, Brax is a terrific option. It will relieve you of the heavy lifting and allow you to spend less time on content and ad generation. Brax will also assist you in determining where your top-performing campaigns are so that you may refocus your ad spend and ROI for future growth.

Working directly with a platform like Outbrain or Taboola, on the other hand, is a great way to whet your appetite for native advertising if you’re just getting your feet wet in the field and can’t afford Brax’s monthly plan pricing.




What do you enjoy the most?

Brax reduces the time it takes to create a campaign and an ad by more than half. This is a powerful tool for agencies and businesses wishing to scale quickly. They assist us with a significant amount of heavy lifting. Forget about the difficulties of dealing with Native APIs on your own; Brax takes care of the majority of the job.

What are your pet peeves?

I’m sure there will be more things added in the near future. I’d like to be able to use the power editor to bulk halt and archive Ads or campaigns. I’d also like to be able to add ‘Interest’ targeting to Outbrain via the power editor.



Brax is multi-source bulk management, uniform reporting, and rule-based goal optimization native advertising platform. It aids in the increase of sales and income as well as the enhancement of ROI. Brax combines campaign results with existing engagement, conversion, and sales data to automate budget, bid, and publisher adjustments.



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