Hi, Godspower here to welcome you into this site that only teaches and promotes your quest to making money online. I want you to believe in yourself as doing so proves you are half-way to making real money.

Think big for as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. Congratulations you are at the right place.

I am a Christian and by His grace an Anglican priest.

I attended my education in Nigeria where I studied building technology and Quantity Surveying.

I worked in construction for years before enrolling for theological education with King’s international theological seminary an affiliate of pacific western university, State of Colorado, Denver, USA, and word international University and seminary, Dallas Texas USA.

This is Where I got my BA in theology, Masters in Theology and an honorary degree (Doctor of Divinity ‘DD’). I am currently serving as an Anglican priest.

Since my passion and call as a pastor is to help people solve their day to day life problems both psychologically, spiritually, and financially, I enrolled here in WEALTHY AFFILIATE MARKETING with one aim, “only to help men and women willing to make MONEY online to hit success even as I am successful in all about making money online”. So if you want to join me within wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create a free starter membership. this is where I network with others like you and offer my help each and every day.


THIS life is all about problems solving and woe be me should I not help people out of their problems when it took God a bunch of humans black and white helping me thus far.

Besides, the help through wealthy affiliate marketing platform has immensely improved my businesses the more plus the spirit in the community speaking all for one and one for all.

I want to help because no one is an island of knowledge, someone you help today may be your helper tomorrow.

besides, when you are teaching and helping others, you are also learning. Only allow yourself to be teachable, I promise you that success will hit you so well.

It is rightfully Known that when you help people, you are helping yourself. No man is an Ireland of knowledge and I wonder how people live happily without sharing knowledge.

I have lived long to see that everyone needs somebody to hit success in life. In life, there are things left for everybody to do, at times, nobody does it.

Many times, somebody blames anybody for the work that everyone could have done.

Now, I am here to help everyone, help someone, and also help anyone to do all in this Niche to hit success because all my life God has been helping me in various capacities.


All the best, the goal of this site is not far from other websites. But then, nothing gives me joy other than seeing people in the right direction. That is why am here, to feed people and businesses with the required information on how to make money and as well leading them to step by step through my posts till they hit success. God punish the devil should anyone pass through kcmakingmoney.com to join wealthy affiliates and not make money. So get ready to make real money till you have no need for money.