Broken Links And Tools For Better SEO.

Broken Links And Tools For Better SEO.
Broken Links And Tools For Better SEO.

Links that lead to non-existent pages are known as broken links. Dead links have a detrimental impact on your site in terms of search engine optimization. For dead or broken links on your website, there are a lot of broken-link-checker sites and plugins to use.

Broken Links and Their Impact on Your Websites.

Broken links have a higher influence on SEO since they discourage users from exploring your website further. Many bloggers are cautious to fix broken links for fear of being penalized by Google. According to one study, 404 errors have no effect on the performance of your URLs that show in search results.

When a problem emerges, there are various options that are lost. New clients/potential consumers may leave the site in search of something more interesting. Visitors were disappointed, leaving a poor image, and if a potential consumer visits the website for the first time and has a terrible experience, they are unlikely to return.

A broken link is a little “troublemaker” that must be detected before it causes damage to the website; they are also dead links that do not operate when clicked and display the message “Sorry, the page is not available.” This is a critical aspect of website maintenance, and this article will assist everyone to understand the consequences of broken links. The WordPress plugin detects all misdirected and broken links and provides a number of methods for their correction.

Before I dive into the discussion about the Broken Link Checker Plugin and other ways of detecting and fixing, let’s discuss a bit about broken links.

What are Broken Links?

Links that lead to non-existent pages are known as broken links. Dead links have a detrimental impact on your site in terms of search engine optimization. A broken link is created when a page is deleted from a website after it has been linked to it.

When a website has too many broken links, it is said to have a “Link Rot.” What is the best way to find broken links? Aside from connecting to a non-existent website, you should be cautious if your blog appears to have a lot of comments. You must exercise extreme caution since comments contain links, and you may receive several broken links to sites that no longer exist.

While checking for dead or broken links on your website, there are a lot of broken-link-checker sites to use. There are strong plugins available for WordPress site owners to aid with this. When a broken link is viewed and clicked, it generates a number of error messages. Visitors and other users face several obstacles, and error 404 is occasionally encountered when a broken link is clicked.

Broken links and usability

The goal of usability is to know how people saw and evaluated the website when you get exactly what you expected. The 404 errors that users see on the website are never encouraging, and their desire to continue may wane. People were terrified to visit that website after having such an unpleasant experience.

The Causes Of Broken Links

There are various reasons for broken links, and we’ll go over a few of them here:

    • >The complete elimination of the web page


    • >Web page relocation to new URLs


    • >During URL generation, there was a typo (example; and visitors type


    • >third-party tools remove pages from third-party websites that no longer exist


    >removing photos, files, videos, or the whole web page

Other factors contributed to the broken links.

External links are difficult to prevent, and broken connections must be monitored often to detect them as quickly as possible. This problem may be prevented by completing the proper work, such as altering the links whenever an internal page is relocated, which should be done by the administrator.

Broken Links And Tools For Better SEO

A small company website may be checked manually, but larger ones require a sophisticated technique. As a blogger, we may make use of the following free tools to assist us to discover broken links:  Broken Link Checker, Dead Link Checker, Xenu, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, and others.

You Can Also Use WordPress Plugin to Fix the Dead Link

The Broken Link Checking plugin is vital when it comes to using a fully free link checker tool for WordPress. All redirections and broken links on your website are detected and analyzed. The plugin analyzes all URLs on your WordPress site and provides a detailed report on redirected, broken, and redirections.

How to Leverage the Broken Link Checker Plugin

>Install the plugin on your blog after downloading it.
>Click Tools, then Broken Links, under the Settings tab.

After activation, go to Settings => Link Checker. The plugin will begin scanning your website for broken links in the background as soon as you visit the page.

Wait until “No URLs in the Work Queue” appears next to the Status information. Depending on how many posts and pages you presently have on your website, sifting through all of your articles and pages and presenting the findings may take some time.

It might take several hours to scan the whole WordPress website for internal and external broken links and provide you with a full analytical report for immediate action.

The status code will be presented with the notification regarding broken links, allowing you to decide whether to update, unlink, or do nothing.

Rather than just unlinking the defunct links, I suggest that you update them. If you have a terrific blog with hundreds of broken links, you can eliminate them without slowing down the process any further.

Aside from using the Broken Link Checker plugin, you can also detect dead links on your site using the Dead Link Checker Tool (online) or Ahrefs.

Check out this Broken Link Checker plug-in:


Repairing Broken Links.

Here are some options for repairing your broken links: When a link is found, update any links that connect to it, and try to remove any links that lead or refer to it from your content.

External links may originate from deleted sites via backlinks, which may be spotted using backlink analysis tools; the usage of 301 redirects is also suggested.

A 301 redirect is the ideal approach if an internal URL is misspelt.

This plugin identifies and corrects redirections. The most current report may be found under the Tools tab, followed by Broken links. It’s strongly advised that you update rather than unlink posts on your blog; this will guarantee that the integrity of your original article is preserved.

Don’t bother updating your affiliate links because they’ll also appear as redirected links. This plugin can take anywhere between 15 and 45 minutes to repair all misdirected and broken links on your website, depending on how many you have. Using the plugin, I’ve helped users find and fix hundreds of broken links and even more on their blogs. The Broken Link Checker plugin is essential if you’ve ever changed permalink structures or domain names, or if you’ve migrated your site from one blogging platform to another.

Make any required corrections to typos or other errors.



You may also use the “General” option to prevent search engine spiders from following broken links. As a result, doing so is also highly suggested.

You may define angles where this plugin should look for dead links by going to the “Look for links in” tab. If you have a large, heavily filled blog, you should begin your search with the posts section.

Because the Broken Link Checker plugin creates too many tables in your database, the size of your database grows.

Thus, once you’re done fixing dead links with the tool, remember to disable it and then leverage the WP-DB Manager plugin to remove all tables created by the Broken Link Checker plugin.

Dead links have a detrimental influence on your website’s SEO if you use WordPress or another Content Management System (CMS). Always remember to utilize the Broken Link Checker plugin while doing a search engine optimization audit for your website.

Tool For Checking One Post At A Time

So, Google doesn’t like it when a website has broken links, and neither do your visitors!

But where do you look for them all?

Many of you already use the Broken Link Checker plugin, but you may not want to add another one.

If you use Chrome, you may install the Check My Links extension.

Let us investigate.

Navigate to a post on your website that you wish to examine once the plugin is installed.

In your extension toolbar, click the Check My Links icon.


Now go over your post fast and search for the red highlights.

And there it is a link to a non-existent page!

Check out my post on the sales funnel and website 404 for more details.

Unfortunately, instead of scanning your entire site, this tool just checks one post at a time, so if you have a lot of content, I recommend using the WordPress checker.


Website SEO must be done on a regular basis to keep up with the Google algorithm. Your website will be enlarged and improved when every broken link is found and mended. A website with broken links has always given users a negative impression. Have you ever utilized the Broken Link Checker to locate broken links on your site? Drop a comment in the comment section on your experience so far. thanks for reading.



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