Can I Make Money As A Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership?

Can I Make Money As A Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership?
Can I Make Money As A Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership?
The $0 Starter membership at Wealthy affiliate is designed to help you in getting started with your internet business. Unless you’re seasoned pro, the $0 starter membership appears to be impossible to profit from.




You Can Take It From Me Or Not;

I can recommend getting it all through Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium program. WA is one of the few programs that provide people with so much flexibility and choice. The starter is designed to assist you to get a better understanding of the WA program and its benefits before deciding whether or not you want to continue with the premium package. but then, despite being the best platform for learning internet marketing in my opinion, the Wealthy affiliate starter (free) membership has some real issues and questions about how to generate money. As much as I admire this program, I can’t ignore the fact that some people disagree with it, complain about it, call it a scam, and so on.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews.

When you read Wealthy Affiliate reviews, you’ll notice that they all ask the same questions. It’s such a vast group with over 1.4 million+ members there, thus there are uncountable queries virtually every day from within the community and outside. You’ll hear individuals say, as with any other platform, social media, or software tool:

1) how to make money from wealthy affiliates?

2) Can I make money with the wealthy Affiliate free starter program?

3) Can I make money from creating training as a wealthy affiliate starter member?

4)what are the secrets to making money in WA?

I believe it is just a result of learning new skills, utilizing new technologies, and ensuring that one is not duped.

Now that I’ve been a member for over a year, I’m able to provide a more balanced perspective and a more realistic analysis of how affluent affiliates make money.

Note this:

There is no such thing as a flawless training program, individual, or platform. Take a look and provide your thoughts based on your experience. Instead of whining, I recommend that you conduct your research, join as a starting member, and learn everything you need to know, which I’m sure will entice you to upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate premium. Only then will you be able to see what the game-changers are up to in WA.



can I go back to the free plan After becoming a premium member?

You get two free websites on a SiteRubix subdomain and 10 free training classes with a free subscription. Members can join Wealthy Affiliate for free with no credit card information required. Many new members sign up for the premium membership, but when they realize they can no longer afford it, it is no longer available to them to join the free membership.

with that in consideration, my word of caution is if you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate but are having financial difficulties, stick with the free membership until you can afford to upgrade. They provide you with ten free training classes that teach you the fundamentals and provide you with months of employment. With their free websites, you may acquire Google rankings, traffic, and sales for your free websites.

Can I Make Money From Wealthy Affiliate Apart From Promoting It?

Can I Make Money As A Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership?
Can I Make Money As A Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership?

Wealthy Affiliate reviews abound, and most of them simply promote the program while disparaging competing programs to profit from them. Some allege that WA’s training teaches them this. Others believe that WA is a pyramid scheme because no one makes money unless they promote the service.

The Truth Is This:

There are a lot of false claims out there that need to be clarified by someone with experience in WA like me. So let’s get started:

To begin with, Wealthy Affiliate reviews are indeed very common to come across. To generate money, many people promote this program.

Wealthy Affiliate does not train its members to criticize other people’s products. In the Affiliate Bootcamp, there is a course called “Don’t Leave Money on the Table,” in which they discuss advertising other worthwhile programs. I know that some WA members, including myself, use the Bootcamp training to promote other programs.

There are a lot of harmful programs on the internet, and this site has some evaluations that expose them. You have to call them out when they’re bad, or else people will be scammed. Some unscrupulous persons use the Wealthy Affiliate program to deceive others and write lies for their gain. People who do this are unethical, and they end up smearing the program.

I have seen several WA members with multiple sites, the majority of which don’t even promote WA yet are bringing in a six-figure income. Many success examples have been published in many WA reviews, where people are building online companies in niches unrelated to marketing Wealthy Affiliate (and are making a full-time income with that).


Wealthy Affiliate Costs!

Affiliates using Wealthy Affiliate are provided with a banner that explains the distinctions between the free and paid alternatives. There is a lifetime free membership option, however, it has limitations. The premium membership provides a lot of value, but it is also considerably more comprehensive.

Despite the tools provided by the owners and employees at Wealthy Affiliate to promote the program with honesty and transparency, some affiliates are conditioned to sell by exaggerating, and they may not even be aware of it. Some do, while others do not.

When consumers come to Wealthy Affiliate with the notion that everything will be free, they are disappointed when they learn that there is a paid plan available.

Who Wealthy Affiliate is NOT for:

Can I Make Money As A Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership?

Many individuals who aren’t a good fit for WA join, and I want to make sure you aren’t wasting your time if you do. This last point isn’t a specific issue, but rather a generalization that requires significant attention.

In short, Wealthy Affiliate is not for you if:

1) You’re looking for a way to make money rapidly.

2) You’re not adaptable when it comes to learning new things.

3) You’re not prepared to put in long hours on your business.

4) You’re not the type to follow a set of instructions and put them into practice.

5) You have no morals and are unconcerned about how you generate money online.


finally, I want to share some specific details about the kinds of membership I’ve seen in WA.

1) I’ve had folks join this program after a string of terrible luck elsewhere that didn’t work out for them, to learn more in WA.

2) I’ve seen people who joined WA to make money online quickly start spamming promos, receive warnings to stop, ignore the warnings, and eventually get banned, then pretend astonished that they were banned when they broke the rules of conduct there.

3) I’ve seen members join WA, claim they were scammed by them, only to find out that they were scammed by an entirely different program and think it was WA when it wasn’t!

4) I’ve also seen members request a refund for being a FREE member. Let that one sink in folks.

5) I’ve also seen members who join WA tell me they “did all the training” in a week or month and when I looked at their site, turns out not only did they lie to me, but they engaged in bad ways of marketing their website that would ultimately lead to failure. I can tell these things very quickly when someone is doing the work and when they aren’t.

6) Another (rare) thing I have seen from members is that they are surprised that billing is recurring (month to month).

7) I’ve also had users who got Premium and then wanted to downgrade to Starter (a free member), only to find out that they couldn’t keep their Premium benefits as a Starter member (free hosting, 10 websites, unlimited help, full access to the training, etc).

Personal accountability is a critical component of online success, and that is simply the fact. I’m posting these TRUE tales because many of the people that fall into these categories also complain about Wealthy Affiliates and say things that aren’t true outside of it.

Some people have done this by accident, which I understand, but I’ve also seen members who have attempted to downgrade on purpose to manipulate the WA system (which isn’t cool). I could tell you about many more situations that fit into the above categories.

People go to Wealthy Affiliate for a sense of belonging as well as to build professional skills and it works as a solution for both. Wealthy Affiliate is a thriving community of people that help one another in ways I’ve never seen before on the internet. They share their professional and personal successes, as well as their setbacks and life struggles, and the community rallies around them as supporters in both good and bad times. Facebook groups, Slack channels, and even social media platforms pale in comparison to Wealthy Affiliate’s helpful culture.

It’s up to you to do your homework and seek guidance from the correct individuals once you realize the ranking system doesn’t reward people based on their Internet Marketing skills. Even if there are people with varying levels of skill, you can sense this once you’re there and discover people who can provide excellent advice.

So without any further ado, take a minute out of your busy day to read some of the posts below.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are hundreds and thousands of Wealthy Affiliates out there doing the best they can.

One thing though.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a GET-RICH-QUICK-SCHEME!!!!!

But it works 😉

It works only for those who are willing to take it seriously and roll up their sleeves.

There is no other way around. Just ask any of those people from this list.

You’ve made a GREAT DECISION by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Do I think people should be able to go back into the free membership?
Many businesses offer a free trial that you can’t cancel, so Wealthy Affiliate isn’t the first to do so.

People who want to establish an online business should not expect anybody else to cover their expenses.



 If you’ve been running about and thinking about leaving the online world as I did before coming into contact with WEALTHY AFFILIATE during black Friday. you’re darn lucky too, but only if you take action by starting immediately. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the greatest online platform to get started generating money online for free, even if you have no prior expertise. Build your WEBSITES, Build your FUNNELS, Use JAAXY KEYWORD Tool for free and Build your business today with SEO content and you will be able to swim on money tomorrow, just like many others in WA.

you truly want to learn any make-money skill online, JOIN HERE FOR FREE,  Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be with maximum training and support if you want to build a successful business online. JOIN HERE NOW FOR FREE, and take a walkthrough. Wealthy Affiliate is no “SCAM” and is the place to be with all kinds of training and support. I am having success in my business while training with WA.

Thanks for visiting this site and please don’t leave without commenting below. May your God bless you real Good as you join this legit business platform and avoid SCAMS. CLICK BELOW TO CHECK OUT MY BLOG.


2 thoughts on “Can I Make Money As A Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership?”

  1. I  believe you can make money on the starter membership. However, Google might struggle to find you free website. Plus will not be attractive for users to search a site with a long URL. If you are a beginner or novice of website designing, you might struggle quite a bit to make money at starter membership. If you have the website designing knowledge and skills, then you can easily make your site valuable and productive for you. But end of the day the premium membership functions will call for you. Like how you made things clear why people say WA is a scam. Sadly there will always be complainers no matter where you go. So long the maker of a site ensures to do the right thing always, then they do not have to stress about these complainers. Proof is in the pudding and performance speeks volumes!

    • thank you so much Bernard. you comment shows you are experience loaded so much about online business and WA program. i quite agree with you that yes it is possible to make money as a starter member, but it is only possible for those with lots of experience. thanks so much for being here sir.


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