Can I Make Money On Is It Still Working?


Can I Make Money On Is It Still Working?
Can I Make Money On Is It Still Working?

One of the biggest and most well-known platforms for linking businesses with independent contractors is Upwork. Upwork’s growth rate is increasing quickly as the need for remote work rises. Here is a detailed analysis of what it does well, areas for improvement, and other information you might be interested in.

What Is All About – Is It Still Working?

One of the oldest and most well-known freelance marketplaces, Upwork connects millions of clients and freelancers from around the world. As of 2017, Upwork has more than 12,000,000 freelancers who had registered. Upwork was once known as two different freelance platforms, eLance and oDesk, before the significant M&A agreement in 2015.

As a freelancer, using Upwork is easy and intuitive. This is how it typically goes: Join, complete the work, and be paid.

  • Optimize your profile

You must make it easy for clients to get to know and understand you in order to have them work with you.

  • Approve your Upwork profile

Upwork has created a system that automatically rejects freelancers from the platform if they are unable to put in the same amount of effort or provide the same services to 95% of Upworkers. Some independent contractors may have their accounts deleted if they are unable to sign a contract with the business.

How Do I Make It works

Upwork is a general freelance bidding platform with unscreened freelancers. There are no restrictions on what types of work Upwork freelancers can perform online. Some of the platforms available today are specialized, for example, 99designs exclusively offers designers and only works with developers.

There is no “Upwork pricing”; you may choose any price range you see appropriate and just for the project. Upwork bids often include details on the applicant, their qualifications for the position, and—most importantly—the bid. Someone who is interested in your project description may submit a proposal to you.


Can I Make Money On Is It Still Working?
Can I Make Money On Is It Still Working?

Bids may be either a predetermined price for the full project or an hourly cost the freelancer is willing to work for. Upwork doesn’t have any unique screening processes or tests that demonstrate the professional status of applicants. And based on a lot of Upwork reviews, a method like that might make the hiring process on Upwork very difficult.

Steps On How to earn money with Upwork

Follow these steps to make money from Upwork:

1. Sign up

Make a portfolio and target the “big fish,” or the significant jobs. It’s important to define your title because it improves your chances of being recruited. Select your abilities, be clear about what you are good at, and mention what your skill-related qualities appeal to others. Pick your specialities, describe them in detail, mention what makes you successful at them, and include a link to work samples so that prospective clients may see them.

2. Search for jobs

Your next step is to look for employment that fits your skills after creating a rich, appealing, and informative profile. Additionally, you can search and select filters using the search button to help you find the perfect opportunities. To view my job feeds only if you are logged in, click here if you are confused.

3. Win job bids

The next step is to submit a bid for a job you want to apply for. You must persuade the client that you are the finest option out of the many applicants if you want to win bids. Employers will be more likely to hire you if you have a strong and persuasive job pitch and a lower price.

4. Build your reputation

The reviews you receive from clients will significantly improve your chances of landing tasks on You must pay close attention to your clients, perform well, and respond quickly if you want to earn positive ratings. Always be in touch, and be on time. Although getting exactly what the client wants can be challenging at first, with practise it becomes second nature.

5. Get traffic to your profile

Making your clients happy will ensure that they refer you to new potential clients, but only if all the aforementioned procedures have been taken. How can you please your customers? Do exactly what they ask of you, and then some. If a client is being dictatorial, stay modest and keep in mind that the effort is worthwhile. Make a schedule that will enable you to submit the deliverables on time; clients like it when work is delivered when requested. Make all of your customers devoted to you. To get there, you must be intelligent. You may start earning money with and building your brand with these simple steps.


You get compensated for submitting jobs to clients. I can assure you that many people have established agencies (or companies) based on this. Make offers for jobs depending on your skill set. Once you have jobs, give them to them and watch to see that they do a decent job.

Can I Make Money On Is It Still Working?
Can I Make Money On Is It Still Working?

Getting paid on Upwork

On Upwork, getting paid is simple and cost-effective. Once a client has hired you to complete a task, Upwork will make sure that the client has put the entire amount owed to you into their escrow before you start the task. Once the task or milestone has been finished, you seek payment, and if the client approves that you have performed the task, you get paid.

You will like the range of payment choices that Upwork offers. The payment options accepted by Upwork and their associated costs are listed below.

    • >Direct payments to your neighbourhood bank (non-US)


    • >Per withdrawal, $0.99


    • >Deposits can be made to local bank accounts.


    • >a wire transfer


    • >$30 USD for each bank-to-bank wire transfer


    • >Direct bank transfer to a U.S. account (USD).


    • >Free transfers to US banks


    • >PayPal


    • >immediate transfer


    • >The minimum and maximum transaction amounts are $1 and $10,000, respectively.


    • >$1–$2 in fees, depending on the location


    • >Transfers using Payoneer can take two days.


    • >Upwork’s price is $2. (this varies)


    >Indian freelancers are ineligible.

Here are my suggestions (applicable for non-US freelancers).

>For sums under $200, use a direct bank transfer.
>For transactions over $200, I advise Payoneer.
>Compared to local banks, Payoneer offers greater conversion rates. However, it is not advised for substantial transfers.
>You can deposit $1,000 to your bank through Payoneer, which is more advantageous than using Upwork to do so.

How to Create a Memo Using Upwork’s Time Tracker

My experience has taught me that it is safer to write memos when you are working on hourly contracts.

Sometimes a client may dispute a screenshot. You can win the dispute by using the memo you wrote.

How Do You Spot a Scammer at Upwork?

Only contracts placed through Upwork’s network will be sent to your bank account. You don’t have to provide your client access to private information like your bank or credit card numbers. Scammers may ask for a “Processing Fee” or make false promises to get you to pay money for work. For instance, they can ask for your card or bank information.

You can tell it is a scam if he or she asks for your bank details or a processing fee, or asks you to do work without a contract.

How Much Do Freelancers on Upwork Make?

With Upwork, there are numerous methods to earn money. The following variables affect your income:

  • Rate
  • Hours worked
  • Service and niche
  • Pitching skills
  • Negotiating skills

For example:

A designer making $10 per hour and working 20 hours a week will make less money than a coder making $50 per hour and working 40 hours a week.

What Does Upwork Charge?

Here’s how Upwork charges for its services:

> the consumer will be charged the first $500 at a rate of 20%.

>10% off lifetime charges for clients with budgets between $500 and $10,000

>It charges 5% of each $10,000 in client billings.

The fact that freelance platforms frequently charge more or less for identical services should be noted. Even while the fees could make you give up, they are the cost of doing business.

Does Upwork Make It Hard to Find Work?

There are many factors that can affect the difficulty of finding work at Upwork.

  • Types of jobs desired
  • There are more job opportunities for those who have less experience or can apply quickly, such as virtual assistants.
  • At the time of writing this post, Upwork had more than 3,000 virtual assistant positions available. This is a comparison to the number of jobs for mobile app development, which is only 170+.
  • You’ll have fewer opportunities if you only want to be a skilled worker.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one type of service with Upwork.

The price of connections for each job and the number of free connections given to new freelancers have altered thanks to Upwork. Unless the owners update their connections or buy new ones, Upwork restricts new accounts to submit 3–10 proposals per month. Because of this, independent contractors must be pickier about the job openings to which they submit their offers. The price of connections for each job and the number of free connections given to new freelancers have altered thanks to Upwork.

Negotiation Skills

You can accept an invitation from a client to work, albeit this happens more frequently. The client will get in touch with you if he likes your proposal.

As a result, you ought to develop stronger proposal writing skills.

These are some tips for how to create a proposal on Upwork.

  • Take care of the client and what he needs
  • Ask questions and talk to him about his job and business.
  • Mention your credibility and share examples

You must become an expert in copywriting if you want to raise your chances of getting hired. Understanding what information you ought to put in your cover letter can help you write better.

Are Jobs at Upwork Simple to Find and Apply For?

You can view the most recent job postings associated with your talent clouds and saved searches using Upwork’s job feed. You can use the site to look for particular positions, apply criteria to save your search, and submit a proposal if you come across a position you like.


Pros & Cons

One of the first businesses to demonstrate that the world economy was prepared for freelancing marketplaces was eLance and oDesk. Through the Upwork IPO in 2018, Upwork became a publicly traded company (according to the Upwork Crunchbase page, the firm valuation at IPO was $1.6 billion). Even if Upwork has improved the globe in many ways, the market for freelance platforms has evolved.



On the Upwork wiki page, there is a list of more than 5 million registered customer accounts and over 12 million active freelancers. The best and worst freelancers in the world from all industries are attracted to the website. largest freelance marketplace


A large variety of abilities

Virtual assistants, copywriters, financial or marketing experts, lawyers, developers, and designers are just a few of the many types of freelancers you may find on Upwork. Freelancers on Upwork come in various colours, sizes, and occupations. Some testimonials come from users who created entire teams out of users they met on the platform.

Lower prices

As we’ve already mentioned, the bidding system enables freelancers to compete for the jobs by sending bids to the clients whose projects they are interested in via Upwork. Since the hourly prices are uncapped, freelancers are free to choose which bids to submit. Some of them choose to engage in competitive dampening, which often reduces the pricing spectrum shown on the site. Unfortunately, this same factor makes it unreasonable for independent contractors with higher skill levels to obtain tasks via Upwork.



High competition

Upwork is a fiercely competitive market that encourages sellers to offer greater quality services at reduced costs to buyers. The conflict between American freelancers and those from nations with far lower living expenses has led to two serious issues: the impossibly high entry barrier for new freelancers, and dumping. The more experienced freelancers have permanently quit the platform because they did not want to compete with the less experienced contractors who won the jobs by offering considerably lower prices. However, as we’ve observed over the years, the conflict between American freelancers and those from nations with significantly lower costs of living has led to two significant issues: the enormous obstacle to admission


How Do You Spot Great Jobs on Upwork?

Freelancers are quick to submit job proposals for all jobs in their field.

This is not always effective. You will need to be selective about the jobs that you wish to propose to with limited connections.

Here are some tips to help you find great jobs on Upwork.

1. Check the price and number of offers

Customers can see projects with fixed prices. Certain customers prefer hourly prices. You only get one strike if your budget is too tight.

Although it is conceivable to stretch a client’s budget, this rarely happens, especially if there are too many.

A job on Upwork with a low budget:

Some employers will spend a lot of money to hire contractors. However, after reading the project specifications, it will be clear that the budget is much too low. Additionally, you must be able to see how many bids you receive for the position. Within six hours of the job posting is frequently the perfect moment to begin.

2. Review past freelancers

Performing a background check on a prospective client offers two advantages:

First, look at what other freelancers have to say about him to see if he is a good customer. Negative customers may result in negative feedback and a bad rating.


Upwork is a reliable website where you may work from home as a freelancer and earn money online. Look at the rates of other independent contractors who offer services that are similar to yours to determine whether your client can pay your charge. As you complete more tasks and garner more positive feedback, your reputation soars, giving you leverage to obtain favourable pricing.



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  1. I have heard about Upwork on many occasions, but it has also been advised that one needs to be aware of scammers on Upwork, so it is very helpful to come across this review. Knowing what to look for when it comes to scammers, are very useful to avoid being scammed. 

    You mention writing memos when working on hourly contracts, but how does the Upwork time tracker work?

    Upwork can help certain freelancers, but one needs to be aware of the pros and cons, which you have shared in detail.

    • yes, I said that  it is safer to write memos when you are working on hourly contracts.

      because it helps you track all work in time so that it prevents arguments should the client dispute a screenshot. You can win the dispute by using the memo you wrote as tabulated in time. thanks, my wonderful friend.


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