Can I Still Make Money On Walmart From Home Today?

Can I Still Make Money On Walmart From Home Today?

The top retailer in the US is Walmart. One of the main advantages of the affiliate program is that they have reliable customers who feel safe making frequent purchases from them. My response is YES in this succinct Walmart affiliate review! Yes, anyone today could profit from Walmart now.

Can I Still Make Money On Walmart From Home Today?

The Walmart Affiliate Program enables affiliates to make money by referring consumers and displaying banner ads or text links on their websites. Walmart’s business model is based on product categories, and each product category has a certain commission rate. Each time a visitor clicks on a link and makes a qualifying transaction, affiliates are paid.

15% of all US e-commerce sales are fueled by Walmart’s affiliate marketing program. Discover the details of the Walmart affiliate program, how it functions, and whether or not you should sign up. 15% of online purchases are fueled by the multibillion-dollar worldwide affiliate marketing business.

Does Walmart Have an Affiliate Program?

You may always promote more than seven million products thanks to the Walmart affiliate program. The partner program at Walmart is explicitly advertised as a tool for producers to increase their earnings. Access to widgets, a WordPress extension, and other promotion tools are available to participants in the program.

Impact Radius serves as the program’s service provider for Walmart’s affiliate marketing. You can use text links and banner adverts on your websites once Walmart approves you into the affiliate program. The objective is to promote the business and make money when someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase.

Promote Walmart Products

Start by making banners for your website and providing links to your resources page. Your newsletters and email sequences can also contain your affiliate links, as well as instructional and product reviews. According to a study, people are more willing to interact and purchase goods when they obtain value. Start by displaying banners on your website and adding connections to your resources page.

Get Paid

Net sales, which exclude returns, sales tax, and shipping and handling, are what Walmart pays you each month. Walmart offers competitions and other events all year long for chances to earn extra income, and affiliate members can earn up to 4% on each eligible sale. Walmart will deduct commissions earned on those transactions from your account if a customer returns an item for a refund or disputes credit card charges.

How Much Do Walmart Affiliates Make?

Products like business checks, sporting goods, and registry items can have payments as high as 18%, whereas music, movies, and books typically have low payouts, about 1%. Most goods fall in the 1% to 4% range. Walmart affiliate marketers earn less than average since the range of the average affiliate commission is between 5% and 30%. Avoid building an entire website on a single product category because commission rates are subject to change.

How Does The Walmart Affiliate Program Work?

When a viewer clicks on one of your links, they will visit the Walmart website and browse the merchandise. When customers at Walmart use your link to make a purchase, Walmart will give you a modest commission. To help you reach more customers, you can also install the Walmart Chrome extension or the Walmart WordPress plugin. Put links and banners in high-traffic areas of your websites, such as blog pieces that benefit the visitor and promote the use of the products you offer.

The same business that manages Target’s affiliate program, Impact Radius, also manages the Walmart affiliate program. You receive all the customary banner advertisements, creatives, and tools for building affiliate links. The application procedure and site approval are nearly equivalent in that regard:

1. A family-friendly website is a requirement

2. North America must account for the majority of your traffic

3. You must apply with a live site.

It might only be worthwhile to participate in the Walmart affiliate program if you already have a popular, successful website. While most other affiliate programs give at least 5%, the majority of items lists have a rate of 4%. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you might want to start with a network that offers larger compensation rates.

Who Can Be Part of the Walmart Affiliate Program?

Anyone can apply for the Walmart program, but you have to meet a few standards in order to be accepted. One, you need to have a respectable website. Additionally, you are not permitted to promote anything that infringes on their terms of service, including sexually explicit content, unlawful activity, or both.

Anyone can apply for the Walmart program for free, but to be accepted, you must fulfil a few criteria. First, you must have a trustworthy website. Additionally, you are not permitted to advertise anything that is against their terms of service, including the promotion of pornographic content or unlawful activity.

Walmart Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Walmart is a huge company that makes a lot of money but on extremely tight margins. Their high overhead costs are mirrored in the high affiliate commission rates they charge. On everything except “Contact lenses” and “Business & Personal checks,” you can earn a commission of 1% to 4%.

Affiliates earn money every time someone clicks your affiliate link and makes a qualifying purchase.

Commission Rates by Department

1. 1% consists of video games, books, gadgets, movies, music, and photos.

2. 4% – baby, beauty, apparel, gifts & registry, health, home, jewellery,

3. sports, outdoors, and patio & garden

4. Contact lenses, 10%

5. Business and personal checks are 18%.

Commission by Monthly Orders And Category

Every month, you get paid based on your net sales fewer returns, sales tax, shipping, and handling from the previous month. You receive a portion of each sale that is facilitated by one of your links, and the amount you get depends on the category-specific commission rate. For items sold by Walmart, the average commission rate is 4%. For instance, if a $50 product is purchased and the commission rate is 4%, you would earn $2.

On its website are the structure for commission rates by category such as:

  • Toys: – 4%
  • Baby: – 4%
  • Books: – 4%
  • Beauty: – 4%
  • Clothings: -4%
  • Home: -4%
  • Health: -4%
  • Photo: -1%
  • Jewellery: -4%

As you can see above, Walmart pays based on the fee schedule ranging from 1% to 4%. When choosing your product, make sure it agrees with your audience.

For instance, if your niche focuses on beauty, it is no use writing reviews on toys. So before you get involved with the Walmart Affiliate program, consider if your niche pays, at least a commission rate of 4%.


1. Simple to start

2. A quick and accommodating approval procedure

3. There are millions of reliable products.

4. Promotional resources and information

5. Has everything you require, including banners, links, a WordPress plugin, a Chrome extension, and an intuitive UI.

6. Recognizing a brand


1. Commission rates that are below average

2. You must locate goods that are not easily accessible in stores.

3. It is necessary to improve promotional and affiliate tools

4. Applications that were denied for no apparent reason

If you already have a popular website with plenty of visitors, the Walmart affiliate program might not be worthwhile. While the majority of other affiliate networks give at least 5%, most products only list a rate of 4%.

How to Promote Walmart Products to Your Audience

It’s easy to promote Walmart products. Use Walmart to look for products and links for your affiliate network after identifying products that are relevant to your audience. People who view your post and click on your link will be taken to Walmart, where you will receive a commission if they make a purchase. Produce compelling content that will rank highly on Google.

Walmart Affiliate Program Requirements

1. You need to maintain a live website.

2. The website must be suitable (family-friendly) and free of any illicit or pornographic content.

3. The majority of your visitors ought to be from North America.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Joining

You must enter your email address, username, and password in your application to join the Walmart Affiliate Program. Then you must tell Walmart how you want to advertise and represent their goods. Here are the three steps to getting started with the Walmart Affiliate Program, which is managed by Impact Radius.

1. Click “Join Now”.

2. Complete the application in its entirety. You must submit information about yourself and your company.

3. Next, list your marketing plans. Select the causes you want to champion and the countries you want to champion.

4. Include the type of media property, your website or company’s name, URL, and a brief description.

5. After reading the agreement, choose the box and then click “Submit application.” 6. If you are accepted, you will be notified through email (within 24 hours). 7. You can now use affiliate marketing tools, links, and banners.

8. Place links to the banner ads on your website and in emails, blog posts, social media updates, and YouTube descriptions.

9. Watch for visitors to click the links to start earning money!


The Walmart Affiliate Program And Amazon

Walmart is the ideal network for you if you’re seeking an alternative to Amazon or need another affiliate program to add to your existing affiliate list. According to Amazon’s new commission rates, many Walmart products will pay affiliates more than Amazon products. Walmart is the most reputable or leading retailer in several US cities. Customers don’t trust some affiliate networks, like Amazon, and they don’t trust their influence on the retail industry either. So before switching between Amazon and Walmart, try out the two conversion rates each company offers.

Affiliate Tools and Support

Walmart has a lot of affiliate tools you can use to sell your products efficiently.

Walmart Affiliate SDK

There are tools for websites, Android, and iOS available at Walmart. You can find call-to-action components, like the Buy Now button, in the SDK. A JavaScript button and an HTML button are also provided (to easily insert into your page content). The SDK’s specifics are available on the Walmart Affiliate Program.

WordPress Plugin

While authoring your content, affiliates can make Walmart adverts. Additionally, you can offer item banners, links to Walmart products, and more. Visit the Walmart website for further details. The WordPress plugin hasn’t been updated in four years. This indicates that there is a security risk with the current WordPress version.


Chrome Extensions

You can find discounts and even promotions to provide to your audience with the help of the deals addon. To locate Bestsellers, Clearance, and Special Buys for affiliates, it makes advantage of the Special Feeds API. Excellent search functionality and availability are both features of the Walmart Chrome addon.


Walmart API

The Walmart API is for both developers and power users. There are five APIs with different functions namely:

  • Data feed API: It helps to give you the real price and availability of products
  • Special Feeds API: It offers specials like Bestsellers, Rollback, Clearance, Special Buys, Pre-orders, etc
  • Search API: It helps you to look for products
  • Product Lookup API: Use this function if you know a Product ID
  • Taxonomy API: To find departments, categories, and subcategories based on the taxonomy.

Should You Become A Walmart Affiliate?

There are numerous items and auxiliary equipment available at Walmart. All of them are beneficial items for your niche. Customers at Walmart might feel secure purchasing products online since they can return them.

So go ahead and join Walmart’s affiliate program as long as the product has a 4% commission.



please, If you could share my blog and leave a comment, that would be great. I appreciate your visit. The affiliate program at Walmart has fallen short in a number of ways. For example, after their major rival amazon and their lesser rival Target, their commission rates position them in third place.

Only around 5% of purchases will be made in physical stores during the next 20 years. Your visitors are more likely to make purchases from them than from a less well-known company because of the immense weight that their brand name carries. If you employ innovative boxing methods, you might become a Walmart affiliate and make a solid living.

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