10 Awesome Tips to Achieve a 100% Site Health Score

10 Awesome Tips To Achieve a 100% Site Health Score in WordPress A new Site Health score has been added to your WordPress dashboard and, like any other score, you are probably wondering how to get a perfect 100% score. In this tutorial, I’m here to assist. First, let me introduce you to the newly-added site … Read more

website content creation business

INTRODUCTION. Most people just don’t get it that in website content creation business, thinking about the Customer Perspective in your business is an important point. I can generalize because generally speaking (based on most content that is online), people are either trying to straight up sell someone on the “features” of a product or they … Read more

Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Blogging

1. Affiliate Programs With my colic site, I signed up for affiliate programs. I did a review site and compared the different programs. I found the affiliate programs by typing in the following into Google: colic + affiliate programs So your keyword + affiliate program. The first option that shows up is ColicCalm and that … Read more

What is a Landing Page?

  What are My Landing Page Options? Once you have joined Wealthy Affiliate you will begin to hear people talking about landing pages and wonder if you should have one? It can be very confusing as you can have landing pages without having a website and there are offers made to create one in your … Read more

How to find a copywriter

Have you ever wondered how major bloggers fill their websites with articles? I know I did and it came as a surprise that they were using copywriters to write for them. This, of course, sounds pretty simple until you try to do it for yourself. There are two ways that you can find a copywriter, … Read more

How To Implement A Content Marketing Strategy.

  Content marketing is a key part of any business strategy. It is a valuable and useful tool that will only get more important with the advancements in search algorithms. How To Implement A Content Marketing Strategy. Good Content has Qualities: Content marketing is about creating quality, meaningful content. Good content strategies and user-generated ones … Read more

How to Make Content Unique and Build a Brand.

  How to Make Content Unique and Build a Brand There is so much information online these days that the competition for quality content is fierce and growing. Since influential bloggers have written tons of content about the same topics, you don’t have to constantly introduce new topics. You don’t need to have a unique … Read more

How to Make Money With Quora in 2021

How to Make Money With Quora in 2021 by GODSPOWER AUGUST 14, 2021 We focus on offering values to the readers so that they can move forward to a financial stability. In this process we shake hands with different companies to bring the best to you guys. Following that, we may get a commission if … Read more

Small Business Plus Technology Equalls To Money.

The Importance of technology in Our today’s businesses. June 18, 2021 by GODSTRONG you can view youtube for more insights Technology in business is a growing necessity. As time go by, the business world is becoming more technological. Innovation nurtures business, and since technology creates the way for it, we can say that business needs … Read more