Creating Keyword Rich Content – Is Content Really King?

Creating Keyword Rich Content - Is Content Really King?

Content is King According to Bill Gates, an American business mogul and software developer, “Content is where I believe much of the real money will be earned on the Internet.

Creating Keyword Rich Content – Is Content Really King?

Keywords are the basis of ALL of your content. Moving forward (and in this lesson) we are really going to help you understand the process of creating awesome, keyword rich and high-ranking content!

If you learn how to choose the right keywords effectively, you will vastly improve your chances of getting ranked in Google and other search engines.

In this post, I’ll focus on the procedure for taking a keyword and turning it into a post. Regarding the content architecture and layout, I have a straightforward method that I think you’ll find to be quite helpful. The ability to write well and with sufficient self-assurance to produce content on a regular basis should be your ultimate objective.

Why Content is King

Nothing will connect you with your customers if your content isn’t excellent. The fact that content marketing is so effective and that “content is king” is still true is due to a variety of factors.

The reputation and credibility of a brand are enhanced by high-quality content, which attracts more customers. Businesses are driven by returning consumers. Choose themes that will pique the attention of and build a bond with your audience in order to ensure that your content reigns supreme and fulfils its vital goal. Pay attention to their passions, difficulties, and obstacles. Content Is King Because It Improves Brand Recognition.

Let’s jump right into things here!

Content Consistency Leads to Authority.

Search engines (Google, Bing, & Yahoo) will start to provide authority to YOUR website as you construct it and as you routinely produce material. This is advantageous. Rankings will follow from the authority. Rankings result in traffic and, eventually, business prospects. That is the essence of SEO’s advantages. Because you are aware of this, you will also have an advantage over other websites that are in your field.

How can content help you increase brand recognition?

Because it enables you to present your audience with unique content, content is king. Your likelihood of appearing on the first page of Google search results will rise as a consequence. Never employ automatic content production tools since they will only produce dull and lifeless material.

Why is Content Important?

Consider your content as the link between you and your audience as you create it. Bill Gates’ assertion that “content is king” is true would make content marketing unproductive. 74% of businesses are certain that content marketing is to blame for their increased leads. When compared to other digital marketing strategies, content marketing typically generates 6 times more conversions. Your marketing plan will suffer as a result.

For Enhanced Conversions, It is advised that you have a strong call to action that is crystal obvious to your audience and explains how they may convert from lead to buyer. Check out our call to action guide for a thorough explanation of how to improve your marketing plan. Make sure the information you provide is of the highest calibre and is highly consistent. You’ll realize that Bill Gates was dead on when you see how well our techniques work – content truly is king.

Choose Your Target Keyword

The first task here is going to be choosing the target keyword for your post. A particular keyword is going to be the focal point of your article.

Every page and post you create on your website will have a target keyword. If you’re not attempting to get rankings in search engines with your content, your efforts will be done in vain and you will receive little to no results in terms of traffic.

So the first thing you need to do here is to choose a keyword that:

  • Is RELEVANT to my niche.
  • Meet the “winning” keyword criteria:
  • Over 30 avg searches
  • Less than 100 QSR/Competition
  • Makes grammatical sense

As you build out your website, you are in essence providing your website visitors with a more comprehensive experience and presenting yourself as more of an “authority” or “expert” in your niche.

Also, as you create each post you are increasing your odds of getting rankings and subsequently, traffic to your website.

In the case of my Calorie Method website, I have chosen the keyword “how does calorie counting work” as the first keyword I am targeting (see keyword data below using the Jaaxy keyword tool).

Create Your Article Outline

To simplify things, I have created a template that will help you with your keyword-rich content-type posts. You should utilize this template for the content structure of your first post and it will offer a lot of clarity.

Upon doing this, You should note there are writing goals you can use as a template. These include:

  • 1,000 Words
  • 6 Paragraphs
  • 5 Headings

These are some sample criteria that I try to follow with every page and post. Ideally, these will be the minimums of your posts, and you will be able to track your progress with these goals within the SiteContent Editor at the bottom as you build out your article.

Write the Article

The next task is going to be building out the bulk of your content and this includes 4 main components.

1. Keyword in Title. The keyword should be located somewhere within the title of your posts. The title should also be captivating and not just your keyword. You can see my title below and how I included my target keyword, “3 Point Shooting Drills” within it.

2. Keyword in the First Paragraph. You want your exact keyword to be placed somewhere within the first or second paragraph of your content. See the example below where I have “how does calorie counting work” right within my content.

I also recommend that as you are writing your content, you create smaller paragraphs. It is very difficult to read large blocks of text and keeping your paragraphs smaller will lead to much more readability.

3. Use Relevant & Captivating Headlines. Within your content, you will want a minimum of 5 headlines and you want your headlines to foreshadow what you are going to talk about….and to do so in a captivating way.

I could have made the following title “Tracking Calories”, but instead I made it much more informative and preclusive of what I talk about within the upcoming content. So I made the title much more captivating to my audience, “Building a Calorie Gameplan”

4. Write the Rest of Your Content Naturally. Don’t get caught up in trying to “stuff” keywords throughout your article. If you keep “on the topic” with the overall keyword theme that you are targeting, you are naturally going to write relevant content and Google will love you for that.

These are the criteria that you need to follow as you build out and write your content. What I don’t want you to do is OVERTHINK about the writing process. You want to be natural and at the core of all the content you create on your website, your focus should be on helping and informing people.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have met all the goals.

1,615 words is a tiny bit more than I anticipated, but that’s still fantastic. Give your viewers the greatest possible experience with your material by being comprehensive. 850 words are acceptable, while 2,400 words are excellent.

 Publish Article to Your Websites

The last step is going to be to publish your article on your website. As with your About Me content (and all content you create moving forward), you are going to be publishing this content as a post.



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4 thoughts on “Creating Keyword Rich Content – Is Content Really King?”

  1. I agree with you in totality – Content is king. I am a blogger and creating user-friendly, original, consistent content has always been my watchword. Where I see a lot of folks fail is consistency. They make it for a short while, feel something is not working, and they forget about it. To establish your authority, you must be consistent

    • Thanks so much parameter for the bunch of experiences you’ve acquired for from your time studying in wealthy affiliate. 

      in fact, from my experience, I found out that Content is both KING AND QUEEN.  Without content, there is no means is communicating your business with your customers, and no sales. 

      thanks so much, sir for your time.

  2. I have always heard the term content is king… until my mentor said this instead,” DISTRIBUTION is king!”

    You can have the best content in the world but if people can’t find it, then doesn’t make sense.

    But i do agree that content is important! If you are providing the right value, your content can help you rank on SEO and get your posts seen, so i guess they go hand in hand. 

    Your post is truly awesome and i appreciate all the information.

    • Thanks so much for your time Lorenz. I love your concept. But I want you to note that it all starts with compelling content. The distribution comes in through traffic. Thanks for that insight .


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