How To Make Money From Selling Online Courses.

How To Make Money From Selling Online Courses.
How To Make Money From Selling Online Courses.

Do you want to share your knowledge with your audience by creating online courses? Are you an influencer who has expertise in a particular field? But not only is it feasible in the modern era, but it’s also unquestionably a remarkable way to broaden your horizons.


As an influencer, you have already got a great following, and those who look up to you for advice. So, creating and promoting online courses is a logical next step for you, and can be a top-notch way to build your logo and influence even more.

And now, you’d like to join the ranks of these legends by creating an online course of your own. That’s the easy part.

The hard part? Figuring out how to market an online course so people show up. That is exactly what we’re going to tackle today.

In this post, we’ll look at:

Why create an online course?

Things to consider before creating your digital class

12 techniques for marketing your course

3 email service providers for your email marketing strategy

Alright folks, please take your seats. It’s time to learn how to create and market an online course. By the end of this post, you’ll have everything you need to create, launching, promoting, and selling your courses online.


Creating an online course is a great way to connect with your customers, increase your authority within your niche, and build another stream of passive income. They tend to go deeper than your blog posts but are just as fun to create.

And if you do it right, there are very few downsides to the project.

Plus, it’s a business that has proven to be very profitable over the last 20 years.

Over the last two decades, revenue created by E-learning has increased by 900%

By 2017, 77% of U.S. companies were using E-learning

The global E-learning market is predicted to nearly triple from $107 billion in 2015 to $325 billion in 2025

Not only that, but TechJury gathered the following statistics that show how helpful E-learning can be for both companies and individuals:

IBM saved roughly $200 million after switching to E-learning

E-learning has expanded income by 42% for U.S. organizations

E-learning increases the retention rate of information by 25–60%

The American Society for Training and Development ran a survey that showed 218% higher revenue per employee who completed extensive online training

Needless to say, E-learning has some major benefits for both students and teachers. But before you go off and begin designing your course content, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Things to Consider Before Making Your Online Course

As the saying goes, “Those who can’t do, teach; and those who can’t teach, teach gym.” Funny as that may sound, nothing could be further from the truth. Teaching is one of the most time-consuming jobs you can take on.

Plus, with E-learning in particular, you’re putting your online reputation on the line (no pun intended). If you design a class that doesn’t offer the value you’re promising, it’ll likely get blasted with negative reviews via social media, public forums, and review sites.

This small disclaimer isn’t meant to discourage you from creating an online course. But you should take it seriously by asking yourself a few questions before getting started:


Before asking yourself how to market an online course, the first thing you need to establish is whether or not this particular class already has a need. In other words:

You should do some market research before creating your online course.

Make sure to address the following questions when you do:


Who are your targeted students?

How is this course specifically different from your competition?

At a minimum, you should have those two questions hammered out before creating your syllabus. You may find that while the topic of your online course is good, you need to focus on different aspects of it than you had initially thought.

Plus, creating a buyer persona (your target audience) early on will save you hours of headaches down the road as you build your digital marketing strategy.


This is a factor that too many online course creators leave as an afterthought. They build their product and then determine its value.

Don’t do that.

While you don’t need to think about the exact cost of this course, you should have a rough idea of what the price tag will be. Or, at the very least, you should determine if this will be a high-ticket course (over $1,000) or a low-ticket course (under $1000).

Honestly, the main reason you’re doing this before creating or marketing online courses is that you’ll start to understand what this information is worth. A lot of teachers are either drastically undervaluing or overvaluing the worth of their online courses.

How Will You Present This Information?

You should determine how you’re going to get your knowledge to your students in a way that they’ll retain the information. A lot of that has to do with your personality and teaching style. But there are other factors as well:


What platform will you use?

Will it be mostly video-based or text-based?

Your budget is an obvious concern. If you’re creating an online course and working with almost no money, then you need to get creative. This will also impact the platform you used to deliver your content.

If you do have a strict budget, check out this curated list of free marketing tools.

That said, we recommend going with a WordPress site for your online course.

WordPress is flexible, cost-effective, and has a low learning curve. There’s a large community of WordPress users and developers to help you troubleshoot any problems you may run into while creating your course.

Plus, you’ve got loads of WordPress plugins to unlock some pretty cool features. But more on that in just a sec.

Finally, are you going to be making your course video-based or text-based? This depends on your personality as a teacher, the content you’re working with, and, again, your budget. That said, creating compelling video-based content will likely attract more students.

What tools do you need?

Now you need to determine what tools you’ll invest in for making your course. You’ve got loads of options which are good, and bad. It’s good because, well, you have loads of options!

And it’s bad because sometimes it can be difficult to sort through those options if you’re new to all this.

But here’s the cool thing: we’ve already written a killer article on WordPress learning management systems (LMS) and the LMS plugins you need for an online course.

So if you’re using WordPress to create and market your class (like we highly recommend you do), check out these 3 plugins for a bit of help.

1. MemberPress

MemberPress is a great plugin that turns your WordPress site (or a section of it) into a member’s only area. That means you can grant your students special access to get course materials or mingle online with other students.

2. LearnPress

LearnPress is awesome for several reasons, one of which is that it’s free, and comes with everything you need to design and distribute your online course.

Later, you can scale to the Pro Bundle edition of LearnPress, which creates certificates, content drips, and gives more management tools.

But by the time you need that package, the one-time fee of $249 will have paid for itself. After all, if you need to scale, it means you’ve got loads of enrollments!

3. LifterLMS

LifterLMS is another really neat tool you can used to create, protect, and sell your online courses. This is an option for those who want to build an in-depth course with lots of bells and whistles.

Honestly, this is likely better for high-ticket courses or course designs with higher budgets. The plugin fee is only $99 per year, but the add-ons can quickly add up.

OK, now that you’ve got some cool tools under your belt, let’s answer the real question that will make or break your online teaching career: how to market your online course

How exactly ought to you proceed in growing and selling online guides as an influencer?

That’s what this publish is all approximately. Here you’ll learn the step-by way of-step procedure of how to create online publications as an influencer, and the first-class ways to sell and sell them.

The way to promote on-line

1. select the right topic

Choosing the proper subject matter is likely the maximum vital step incorrectly developing and selling an online path as an influencer.

Most influencers already have a particular niche, so that you can make the topic choice a little easier. Now it’s up to you to find a subject matter within your area of interest and verify which capability topic will have the maximum call for.

There are many approaches to arise together with your first online path subject matter. As an influencer, you have a loyal social media following. So, why now not ask your audience without delay what courses they’re inquisitive about?

You could shortlist a few topics you’ve been considering, and behaviour a social media quiz or ballot to ask for your target market’s critiques. If you have got an email listing, you may design an e-newsletter and send a survey in search of your subscribers’ opinions.

Also, do some competitive studies and see if comparable courses are being provided online. Test out their route content and see what you can provide that others don’t. This may assist you with the next step of the technique as nicely.

2. Create complete course content material

Once you have shortlisted a topic for your online route, the real work starts off evolved: creating precise direction content material. Your online direction needs to provide greater cost than other similar courses in your area of interest do, and must be as fun and enticing as properly.

Don’t recognize in which to start?

Here is some of off of u have to do to create a remarkable online direction for your target audience.

Shape Your course

Step one closer to developing an online course is developing an outline and shape for your course. Make a list of all of the subjects that you need to cover in your online courses.

Then, determine the unique breakdown of that structure and float of your path by dividing the course content material into chapters, sections, and sub-sections. Do your studies and make sure that you cowl each element in the element and have examples to explain your factors. Observe search queries, to find out what humans are attempting to find online. Discover current publications on academic websites to examine reviews and locate what’s in demand or missing. Or ask your target market, friends, and circle of relatives what they might want to research from you. They recognize you well and know your competencies and information.

Once you’ve got the shape geared up, then you may begin developing content for each segment. This can often include creating a series of movies, but greater on that later.

Use remarkable motion pictures

Most online courses are predominantly a series of motion pictures in which someone explains a topic, talks to college students, and gives them responsibilities to complete. For the reason that motion pictures are the most essential part of any online direction, you’ll want to ensure that yours are excessively exceptional.

However, how do you create fantastic motion pictures yourself?

Nicely, you may need a suitable-nice gadget to create and edit your films. Preferably, use a true camera to make the films, as opposed to your smartphone. If you need to use a phone, ensure that the digicam high-quality is excessive, and use a tripod to ensure the videos are not shaky.

Also, ensure there’s enough lighting and no historical past noise whilst you are Filming your online direction videos.

As soon as you’ve got a first draft equipped, edit the video with the usage of an accurate video editing software program.

Add Interactive elements

The problem with online guides is that the verbal exchange is always one-sided, as you’re counting on prerecorded videos. So, it becomes hard to make it interactive for your college students and to ensure that they don’t lose interest.

So, how can you make your online publications interactive?

You could upload factors like quizzes, tests, activity sheets, and so on. To add another degree of interactivity to your online courses. Think about what you want your college students to research from your route and then work your manner backward to create your course substances for this reason.

Make it amusing and engaging

That is frequently left out part of the manner on the way to create an online path as an influencer, however a very crucial one!

Just due to the fact you are having a one-sided verbal exchange along with your students, does not imply that you can’t make it fun for them. Add exciting examples to provide an explanation for concepts or use humour to keep them actively engaged.

Use hooks to snatch their interest and then create a little suspense before you in the end reveal information. Inform a story to preserve them involved, and make it less complicated for them to bear in mind what they analyze.

Also, if you want any assist with the content material copywriting issue of matters, hires expert content writers to assist you with it, or at least get someone to cross over the concept and proofread them for you.

3. choose a Platform

This step in the process can come earlier than the previous step if you choose to create your path immediately on a platform. Many online route systems make it easy to structure and create a direction, so you can make use of that for your gain.

No count number in which in the process you decide to pick out a platform, make certain which you give it enough idea and pick the right platform.

The maximum important criterion for platform selection is the capabilities that you need. A few important, distinguishing functions consist of:

Multimedia support. You’ll want to add specific document codecs, like motion pictures, docs, pictures. Ensure the platform of your preference supports all of them.

Multi-tool guide. Your college students will use various gadgets to research. The platform has to have a pleasant laptop and mobile interfaces.

White Labelling. If you want to sell your publications and run training on your very own website, the platform has to be capable of paintings with website developers without stealing your site visitors.

I recommend a wealthy affiliate platform for you.

Other crucial factors include rate, customer support, length/reputation of the platform, etc.

4. promote the course on Your website

You could also select to promote online courses through your website, as opposed to the use of online course systems. All you want for that is an eCommerce functionality on your website online in which you can sell publications and be given online payments.

You may use a proper eCommerce platform like Ecwid to do that. You may use it to construct an eCommerce keep and start promoting your publications online on your very own internet site. With Ecwid, you may create a loose one-web page website with a built-in online store without any coding or tech experience. And it received’t takes extra than an hour!

This provides you with extra management over your publications and you get 100% of the sales generated from selling those.

Benefits of selling online publications on your internet site:

Complete control over your guides content material, advertising, and conversation with clients

You get one hundred% of the sales (Ecwid doesn’t fee transaction fees!)

Your internet site contributes to constructing your logo that is essential for any influencer.

5.  Set an aggressive rate

This is in all likelihood the trickiest part of this technique of growing and promoting an online route as an influencer. If you put the charge too excessive, you threaten to drop college students. But if you place it too low, people will think that it is now not a correct path. The secret is striking the proper stability.

But, how can you do that?

First, do some aggressive studies and find out the charges of similar guides and evaluate them in terms of the fee they provide as opposed to the expenses they’re charging.

Next, make sure that you offer more cost. Then set a charge this is at the higher quit of the spectrum, but no longer the maximum expensive. Or, if you feel that your route is superb, but offers much less element and information than others, perhaps set the path on the low stop (but now not the cheapest) and pitch it as a low-cost alternative.

If you need to choose top-class pricing, you need to add some more factors to speak the cost of your online route. You could, for example, provide one-on-one training to students, host a month-to-month live call to answer questions, offer downloadable resources, and many others.

Also: fee Wars: What to Do If Your competitors reduce the fee

6. Create a landing page

As soon as you have your online route ready and have selected a platform to promote it, it’s time to start attracting college students. For that, you’ll want to create a route landing web page this is optimized for conversions.

Your course landing page needs to have all of the important statistics approximately your route, who it is meant for, and how much it charges. Essentially, this is your hazard to convince humans how beneficial this direction is, and why they must join in it.

The way to marketplace Your online courses: 12 hints and techniques

In case you’re seeking out a pleasant manner to market your online course, then look no in addition. Because one question we get lots is, “How do I promote a category?”

And, thankfully, we’ve flow to searching out.

1. Deal with Your online direction Like a Product launch (due to the fact it is)

Although your online direction is a bit one of a kind from other virtual products, it’s nevertheless a product. It’s something you build, promote, and sell, proper?

So why would you treat it any otherwise? Check out our guide on a way to crush your subsequent product launch in case you haven’t already.

However, in the interim, do yourself a choice and construct a coming soon page. With the usage of software programs like SeedProd, you can build a touchdown web page that helps you to generate interest in your online direction and develop your email listing before you even create the curriculum.

It lets you easily create a stunning landing page in mins the usage of a drag and drop builder. No code wished.

As you’re seeking to parent out a way to promote your online direction, a coming quick web page may not be your first concept. However, it can be tremendously effective. It’s additionally an outstanding way to check if there’s a real need for your magnificence, and it could be a very good gauge of your marketplace research.

Any other advantage is that a coming quickly web page buys you time. You may build leads while testing out the appropriate advertising and marketing strategy for promoting online courses.

The factor is that you ought to be treating your online course exactly like a product and, for that reason, you need to construct excitement and hype around the product’s release.

2. Speak approximately Your direction on Social Media

Irrespective of which social media platform you operate on your commercial enterprise, you should start saying a few teaser statistics approximately your online route early on.

However do not forget, as you’re developing your social media following, don’t make all your content posts about yourself and your route. Use your diverse social media channels to supply great content to get your target audience interested in your direction.

And yes, from time to time that content material will come from resources other than you.

Through consistently posting excellent content on social media, you’re training your target audience to test in with you on a day-by-day foundation. Then while it comes time to marketplace your online direction, you’ll have an extraordinarily engaged user base at your fingertips.

One clean tip is to create a personal FB group for your students. It’s an unfastened technique to build a community on a platform most le already use. Then as people in your institution start connecting, they’ll inform their community about your magnificence.

Hence why Facebook is regularly utilized by instructors looking to promote online guides.

3. Start a Podcast to Hype Your online direction

Each person and their mother has a podcast right now. And for a desirable motive. Podcasts are a splendid manner to reveal your information about a particular topic.

As you’re preparing to launch your online route, you could start a podcast as a way of self-merchandising.

Podcasts can be one of the nice ways to marketplace and promote courses online But don’t forget, as you design your podcast’s content, you need to plot what statistics will be loose and what’s going to be blanketed in the paid course.

You’ll have several angry college students if your online direction is just rehashed statistics from your loose podcast.

4. Run a Weekly Webinar to hook up with capacity college students

This is some other incredible alternative for promoting your online course in case you aren’t interested in a podcast. jogging a weekly webinar can be much like a podcast, but has a first-rate benefit:

You don’t want to continuously assume up new content.

Because a webinar is commonly 45–60 minutes with structured components, you simply want to nail your webinar script once. Then you could satisfactory-song it through the years and even launch prerecorded webinar classes all through the week (assuming you have the proper webinar software).

However, how do you promote a category with a webinar? Simple.

Create a broad topic your online elegance covers. Touch on the pain factors of your audience and deliver a clean name to motion at the stop. Then run ads for your webinar and also you’ll quickly see how clean it’s far selling online guides thru webinars.

Plus, whilst you begin getting extra attendees for your audience, the dimensions of the webinar will upload a few precious social pieces of evidence for your presentation.

5. Pay for ads to sell Your path

It’s proper what they are saying. Now and then it does take money to make money. And getting to know a way to promote lessons online is no exception.

Due to the fact in overall honesty, jogging a few paid advertisements can be one of the great approaches to put it on the market your elegance. This will depend upon your price range, but even a simple $10 Facebook put-up improvement can go a protracted way.

There are some blessings to the use of paid commercials over natural content advertising and marketing. Paid commercials are:

Faster at getting results

Less complicated to the song in terms of success

Enormously centred to your purchaser personality

The disadvantage? They dispose of it from your universal budget. That is you want to make sure you may afford them earlier than taking the hazard.

In the long run, don’t overlook to investigate which platform is great for advertising whilst taking your audience to attention.

6. Find Non-aggressive partners in your niche

It’s no longer what you recognize, it’s who you realize. In this example, that’s proper.

Strive attaining out in your professional network that will help you parent out the way to sell your class. Other professionals in your industry can come to be clients to give you more precious feedback, testimonials, or maybe a pleasing shout-out on their social systems.

Plus, you by no means understand. Achieving out to other non-competing experts in your discipline can also result in partnerships for destiny publications your layout!

But regardless of destiny products, influencers for your area of interest may be one of the exceptional approaches to promote it a category online.

7. Visitor post on Blogs/Podcasts

If you’ve ever worked on SEO to marketplace products or services, then you know the significance of visitor posting. You can do the same to sell your online course. Attain out to blogs or podcasts to peer if they need some loose assist.

The mere fact which you’re thinking about growing an online direction means you in all likelihood have some popularity on your niche as is. Locating possibilities to offer nice content for different human beings to your discipline of the commercial enterprise shouldn’t be too complicated.

After all, you’re offering the remaining win-win scenario: they get free content material to submit for their audience, and also you get unfastened advertising for your online course.

So if you’ve been questioning, “How am I able to promote my online magnificence?” it might be time to permit someone else’s blog to do the publicity for you.

8. Create a “Teaser” Mini-course

This strategy takes a bit of effort but is nicely really worth it. Growing an unfastened “mini-course” is an amazing manner to give human beings a flavour of the price you’re offering.

Most software as a service (SaaS) groups offers loose trials of their product. The problem for you, though, is that your product is understanding. Meaning that in case your students are speedy novices, they may buy the course, analyze the cloth, and go back to it before their trial expires.

That is simply no suitable.

However, growing a “mini-course” permits you to accomplish the identical thing responsibly. Your students get to enjoy a chunk of the price you’re supplying while studying how deep the topic you’re coaching runs.

Now we realize what you’re thinking, “How does giving freely a direction free of charge assist me to figure out how to market my online path? Gained’t they simply take the mini-route and run?”

You’d be surprised. In case you properly construct your mini-path, you could use it to reveal the intensity of your topic. With the aid of the stop of the loose course, your college students need to have discovered simply how little they genuinely recognize approximately your area of interest.

From there, selling your online course might be a breeze.

9. Provide a discount for your first round of students

Providing a reduction on your first round of students is the perfect option to the way to market your online path. This accomplishes things truly well:

Generates tangible sales on your path

Creates a machine in which you may accumulate comments and testimonials early on

Those are two critical components of your online course’s success. Seeing money coming in at the early ranges of your direction release helps pay in your gear and your marketing charges (if you’re jogging paid commercials).

You could even offer a reduction for those who sign up for your route in the pre-release section. Pre-launching is a great answer for a way to promote online publications.

A few marketers even pre-promote their direction at a reduction before completing the syllabus to look if there’s certainly a need.

But more importantly, getting college students enrolled early on allows you to generate testimonials that may convert other hesitant customers. The usage of testimonials or different believes alerts on your web page can lead to better conversion quotes and more enrollments.

10. Create a path income page

We’ve already discussed why you ought to use a coming soon page, you also want to create a landing page devoted to promoting your online direction. We’ve written a killer guide on a way to write a sales web page that converts.

That’s a superb location to begin.

In reality, there are too many guidelines in that article to include here. However, those are the top 5 belongings you want to understand to create a killer income web page:

Communicate your audience’s language

Create a price proposition

Handle objections

Make your reproduction scannable

Develop a clear offer with a fascinating name to action

Again, in case you need assistance with any of these hints or just need to research extra, then certainly supply that article with a radical examination.

11. Translate Your Course in Another Language to Open the Market

This is an insanely valuable tip that not many course creators take advantage of. By translating your course into another language, you can effectively broaden your market to millions of other people.

And it’s not nearly as hard as you think.

Rather than brush out the old English – Spanish dictionary you kept from high school, hire a translator to get your courses running in a different language. Or, if you’re working on a budget, sites like Upwork or Fiverr allow you to get awesome contractors who can translate your course for less money.

There are also plugins like TranslatePress that can do the lion’s share of the work in no time.

As for video content, most online tools allow you to auto-generate or add custom subtitles. That means you don’t need to re-record your entire course in a new language. You simply need to create quality subtitles that give native speakers in other languages the opportunity to enrol in your awesome course.

12. Build Your Email List

We decided to save the best for last on this one. Because when it comes to digital marketing, we firmly believe that having a large email list is the best way to go for several reasons:

Email is consistently delivered straight to your audience’s preferred device

Email use is still crazy popular compared to other platforms

You’re at less risk of losing your audience due to a platform shutting down, suspending your account, or just waning in popularity

Everyone on your email list has already shown interest in your content or product

Messaging via email is way easier to automate

For all of these reasons, and more, we think email marketing is far from dead (despite what some marketers will say). And luckily, that’s our speciality here at OptinMonster.

With conversion optimization software like OptinMonster, you can easily grow your email list. From there, you can simply nurture your leads, write compelling email copy to drive sales, and even add some affiliate links to create even more revenue.

When it comes to email marketing, the sky truly is the limit. That’s why we wanted to include 3 email service providers that we highly recommend you used to grow your email list.



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