Getresponse Review Summary And News On Creating Content And Earning A Bonus.

Getresponse Review Summary And News On Creating Content And Earning A Bonus.
Getresponse Review Summary And News On Creating Content And Earning A Bonus.

You can distribute electronic newsletters to a mailing list using the email marketing tool GetResponse. Additionally, it supports webinars, lives chat, push alerts, sales funnels, and e-commerce. GetResponse is one of the most affordable ways to host and interact with an email database overall.

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What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an email marketing app that allows you to:

Create a mailing list, collect data on it, send electronic newsletters to list members, automate email marketing with “autoresponders,” see and analyze statistics pertaining to your email campaigns, such as open rate, click through, forwards, etc.

To be more of an “all-in-one” e-commerce and online marketing solution than a “conventional” email marketing tool, GetResponse has significantly changed its focus in recent years.

A website builder, chat capabilities, e-commerce capabilities, webinar hosting, and automated sales funnels are now all offered by GetResponse.

GetResponse pricing

There are six pricing plans:

>Getresponse Free: As long as your list doesn’t exceed 500 records, you can use a condensed version of Getresponse with this free service indefinitely.

>You may send an infinite amount of emails to up to 1,000 subscribers using email marketing, which costs $19 per month to start.

>Starting at $59 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers, marketing automation.

>Starting at $119 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers, eCommerce marketing

>Custom pricing from Max

>Custom pricing for Max2.

The cost of using GetResponse will rise as you add more members to your email list. To use GetResponse with a list of 100,000 subscribers, you can anticipate paying $539, $599, or $699 per month at the upper end of the spectrum.

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GetResponse pricing

The GetResponse Marketing Ecosystem is a better place with the inclusion of this new capability. To learn how to promote our new e-commerce capabilities, please read our product summary and features page.

Content Requirements & Eligibility

We’re looking for high-quality and insightful English or Spanish language content that includes:

>Features, advantages, new price, etc. of e-commerce (Use the product brief as a guide, but don’t copy it verbatim.)

>100% unique content that hasn’t been published elsewhere A fresh blog post or blog of at least 1,000 words for bloggers

>For marketers, add at least 500 words on GetResponse Ecommerce to current GetResponse content.

>A minimum 10-minute-long YouTube video is required for YouTubers.

>Please see the Terms & Conditions for full details

Submission Instructions 

When your content is ready and publicly visible, send us the link for reviewEmail us at with the subject, “Ecommerce Content Bonus”. Please include your affiliate code and the link to your content.

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How Is the Bonus Paid?

If you have exceeded the minimum payout of $50 USD, your bonus payment will be provided in the next commission run and added to your normal earnings in September 2022. Features, benefits, and pricing must be included in your material, blog, or video. We will get in touch with you with suggested revisions if your content doesn’t meet our eligibility requirements.


Contact us with any questions about our Ecommerce content bonus.

The GetResponse Affiliate Team appreciates your marketing activities and support. For questions and feedback about our program, please contact us at Thanks!



GetResponse review Summary

GetResponse is one of the most affordable ways to host and interact with an email database overall. Among other features, it provides webinars, live chat, pushes notifications, sales funnels, and e-commerce. There are several things that can be done better, including adding a GDPR-compliant cookie consent method to the landing pages. Additionally, I’d like to see more options added to GetResponse’s data gathering forms; you should have the choice to select whether or not pop-up advertisements are displayed on mobile devices.

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Pros of using GetResponse

>There is an entirely free, perpetually usable version of the platform available.
>If you’re willing to use an “email marketing” plan, GetResponse is more affordable than many of its major rivals (in some cases noticeably so) while providing at least as much capability.

>You won’t be able to discover more generous savings from major competitors than the ones you get when paying upfront for one or two years of service.

>It provides you with incredibly advanced marketing automation solutions.

>List administration is incredibly simple thanks to its flexible approach to data segmentation; it excels over many rival programs in this regard.

>The webinar features offered by GetResponse are excellent and stand out among competing products, in my opinion.

>Many websites will find the “Chats” option to be a particularly helpful addition, and when implemented properly, it can greatly increase the conversion rate.

>All GetResponse plans have a helpful (though a little challenging) landing page generator that enables A/B testing, which has the potential to be quite cost-effective.

>Every plan, even the free one, offers custom DKIM.

>A large number of languages are supported.

>It does a reasonably excellent job of complying with GDPR rules, with the obvious exception of proper cookie consent tools on its landing pages.

>Small business owners on a tight budget will like the “all-in-one” strategy because it spares them from having to invest in many tools.

>It is simple to view important marketing data in one location thanks to its widget-based approach to customizing your dashboard.

>When you register for the service, no credit card information is required.

>From the perspective of the user experience, the drag and drop interfaces for building landing pages and forms should be easier to use.

>Although GetResponse’s landing page feature allows you to use the Facebook pixel, you cannot do so in a GDPR-compliant manner.

>GetResponse’s popup signup forms may be made better by giving consumers the choice to turn them on or off when using mobile devices.

>(Unless you’re on a “Max2” plan) There is no phone assistance offered.

>The functionality for split testing is only available for subject lines and text; it would be beneficial if you could also test using sender and send time.

>To genuinely compete with more well-established options, the website builder needs to be improved.

>The premium webinars can only be done on the most costly GetResponse subscriptions, despite the fact that the webinar features are highly helpful and the recording restrictions aren’t that liberal.


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