Getting Your Comments To Convert Leads To Traffics And Sales.


Getting Your Site Comments to Convert by Incorporating Internet Linking,  pages and posts within your comments convert well.

Comments Are A Big Part Of Your Business.

They are not only a critical component of your overall engagement, but they are also good for SEO, they create trust, and they yield an excellent opportunity for you to direct people in a direction they are already heading.

By this I mean, that anyone that leaves a comment on your website is doing so for a reason.

Here are some of the most common reasons for a comment:

(1) To ask a question
(2) To leave a personal opinion
(3) To argue your opinion
(4) thank you
(5) To spam (be careful about this)

But the opportunity lies not in the actual questions themselves, it is how you handle your comments and how you handle your responses.

In this article, I aim at showing you how to handle comments with “intent” and I am going to be showing you how to be very constructive with your comment handling.

This includes comments on your sites and also visiting other people’s sites to comment on their articles.

Task 1: Add a Page/Post and follow the discussion 

Add a page or a post that you want more comments on and make sure it is targeted to engage your visitors.


After publishing Your Post, join the Comments. This could be any page or post on your website (obviously make sure it allows for comments).

Task 2: Comment on at least 2 pages within the discussion.

Now that you have added your page to the discussion, it is time to go through and help others out by engaging in their content. Your goal here is to spur a discussion on their website and to allow them to create a comment response with “intent”.

Simply visit at least 2 of the posted links within the discussion and add your comments, questions or opinions on what others have written.

Task 3: Respond to ALL Current Outstanding Comments.

Use intent and be as thorough as possible. Remember there is a large audience watching you help others and if you put your best foot forward and show that you can stand behind what you are talking about, you will create more trust.

Also, remember that every comment you get on your website (and respond to) is adding quality content making your article more of a pillar article (which will lead to better rankings in Google).

Task 4: Incorporate at least 3 Internet Linking pages within your comments.

Utilizing comments as an opportunity to link people to resources, training and recommendations internally on your website.

Link and Reference your youtube video, and your other articles that leads to your funnels and sites.

This is the perfect medium to set your spider web and promote user navigation. It is also your opportunity to recommend things that are going to help people.

Consider That Some Comments Give You Great Content Ideas.

Comments will lead to new “writing ideas”. As you get feedback streaming through your website, you will find that people that comment naturally give you ideas within the context of their questions and opinions as to new topics that you can write about.

What About Those Comments That Pop Into My Sites eg porn messages and other spammy comments?

In my first year online, I deleted all comments I never needed. It was many questions and answers from the first community in the wealthy affiliate platform that opened new to a whole lot of ideas.

What I do

I edit every comment on my site and arrange the wording in a way that gives value and more engagement.

Even those from porn sites, I edit, delete the irrelevant words, rewrite the commend, update it and then reply to the comment.

Having Manny comment on your post tells google that your post is helping people and it leads to ranking, more traffic and sales.

Thanks and please drop your comments below.


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