How Can Google AMP Help My Site Growth?

How Can Google AMP Help My Site Growth?
How Can Google AMP Help My Site Growth?

Users may tell which result will load faster by looking for the AMP lightning bolt icon next to it in the search results. An early study found that compared to conventional mobile optimized pages, Google AMP pages load four times faster and use eight times less bandwidth.

How Can Google AMP Help My Site Growth?

According to a study that was carried out recently, mobile traffic has really grown with a 504% increase in size. More and more people are accessing the internet with their mobile phones. It is important to optimize your site for a mobile experience in a time like this.  A product page, blog post, or landing page’s AMP version is designed to load quickly on mobile. It was a direct response to Apple’s news aggregation and discovery platform and Facebook’s then in-app publishing platform.

An early study found that compared to conventional mobile-optimized pages, Google AMP pages load four times faster and use eight times less bandwidth. Google has technologies that can swiftly identify websites that take a long time to load and have a high bounce rate. Although not the only tool available, AMP is one that can be used for that purpose. Although not the only tool available, AMP is one that can be used for that purpose.

What is Google AMP?

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) program was introduced by Google in 2016 with the goal of revolutionizing how mobile material is accessed online. A home page, blog article, or product page would load instantly on a mobile device thanks to the AMP version.

Is Google AMP Essential?

Before we start looking at the advantages and disadvantages of the AMP, you should know the feature can greatly improve your SEO and offer others other benefits to your site.

1. Publishers with a lot of material on their websites frequently use AMP. It might not be necessary for you if the focus of your website isn’t content.

2. You might not require the AMP if your website already uses a content delivery network (CDN). This is so that your site will function better thanks to a CDN’s built-in performance optimization capability. The network includes capabilities like lazy loading, image hosting, and file caching. The term “lazy loading” simply refers to the fact that your site’s content will load before its images.

3. Although AMP enhances the efficiency of your website and WebPages, some JavaScript is disabled on the pages. You might need to verify that your pages still load correctly if you use specific tools to check your lead capture.

4. Neither Google nor AMP technology directly influences how websites are ranked. However, it can assist you in enhancing the other ranking elements that Google takes into account when determining rankings. The AMP is not the only method for enhancing your site’s performance, user experience, and ranking.

The bottom line is that improving user experience and the loading speed is essential for your site’s SEO. You may accomplish all of this by using Google AMP.

Current AMP Statistics

Many well-known companies, like the BBC, Reddit, Yahoo, eBay, Pinterest, Washington Post, Gizmodo, WordPress, and many others, utilise the AMP technology. This doesn’t imply that only major corporations employ technology; numerous individuals all across the world do as well. This technology is utilized by over 1.4 million websites for site optimization.

  • 11% of the users of AMP are Arts and Entertainment
  • 6% of the users are Computer Electronics and Technology
  • 5.8% of the users are Science and Education
  • 5.15% are for gaming

Importance of Google AMP To WebSites.

There are additional advantages associated with using the AMP, in addition to the enhanced performance and user experience that Google AMP helps website owners achieve;

1. Enhanced website participation

Even consumers with erratic internet connections can successfully use the lightweight AMP. Users will spend more time on your website due to the faster page load time and improved user experience, which both contribute to a lower bounce rate.

2. Increased traffic and ranking

The speed at which a page load is one of Google’s primary ranking factors. The website with the fastest page load time will prevail if two websites are vying for the same position on the search engine.


3. Reduced bounce rates

Your site’s bounce rate will go down if it loads more quickly. After conducting research, it was shown that if a website loads slowly, 53% of visitors will leave. Additionally, it was shown that website owners who employ the AMP feature double the number of time users spend on their pages. Increased dwell time on a website translates to an increase in conversion rate.

4. More views for the ads

The usability of the ads on your site will improve once AMP is implemented. When this is raised, more visitors will click the adverts, which will assist you in making money off the content on your website.


5. Increased click-through rates, 

The fact that AMP is displayed at the top of SERPs is one of its main advantages. The ones at the top will probably get clicked before the rest, increasing the click-through rate.

How to Use AMP on Your Website

Using the plugin is the quickest and easiest way to integrate AMP into a WordPress-powered website. An official AMP plugin for WordPress has been developed by Google and may be used to quickly deploy the AMP feature.

Use some of the additional supplied plugins, such as AMP for WP, if you’d like more control over your pages. Although not everyone uses WordPress, the plugin can be used on any site because there are no restrictions on its use. The following are the steps I will highlight:

1. Make Your AMP Page Template First

The first step in attempting to integrate AMP into your website is to design an AMP template that you will utilize.
This template must be made from scratch; to identify it as an AMP content page, you must add the lightning sign (?). You will begin the page at the top. This is how the HTML tag needs to include the lightning icon.

2. Check To Validate Your AMP Page In Preview Mode.

You must load the page from your browser onto your file system or utilize another local web server in order to preview your page. Add “#development=1” to the URL of your website to verify its legitimacy.

Then, you can verify the page for validity errors by using the Chrome DevTools console. It is advised that you test one or two of your website’s pages first. You can also include a few of your site’s pages that perform well in search results; this will enable you to determine whether the AMP version appears in the mobile search results.

You should be aware that Google may take some time to evaluate those pages that you have optimized with the AMP.

3. Track Performance And Results.

You must constantly monitor the effectiveness of your pages, which is crucial in the digital world. Not only should you monitor them to see how they compare to your rivals, but also to check if they are accomplishing the objectives you have set for yourself. To monitor the effectiveness of your websites, you can use a variety of tools, such as Google Analytics or a B2B solution. There are further tools that can analyze your AMP pages for you.

Which websites ought to use AMP?

Numerous case studies illustrating the framework’s advantageous effects on publishers, retailers, and other businesses can be found on the official AMP website.

On the other hand, there are also critical articles from business leaders and lots of unsuccessful case studies. For many sites, the choice regarding AMP is not simple, but the best one can be made based on certain factors. Having important landing pages in the standardized solution from AMP could be a quick route to this SEO victory for sites that can’t reach the 2.5-second benchmark on their own. Ask yourself if native AMP is the best option to deliver all necessary functionality now and in the near future for sites that are still being developed or those that are undergoing a substantial overhaul, such as a redesign or CMS change.

A Summary Of Things To Note About Google AMP!

Although there is less “doomsday” urgency this year, Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are the centre of the mobile SEO discussion. But what is AMP exactly? Who should put it into practice, and why? What dangers might there be? What function does the IT division serve?

1.  What is Google AMP?

Google AMP was created to assist web publishers in creating content that is responsive to mobile devices and loads quickly on all platforms. According to a blog post by Google, “We want webpages with rich content like video, animations, and graphics to work alongside smart ads, and to load instantly.”

According to Google, AMP-coded pages typically load in 0.7 seconds as opposed to 22 seconds for non-AMP pages. A thunderbolt-shaped AMP emblem denotes AMP pages in a “carousel” of mobile search results.


2. How does Google AMP work?

According to Google, the open AMP HTML framework builds on already-existing web technologies while also enabling website owners to construct “lightweight” web pages.

Google’s Galfi informed that AMP-HTML is essentially HTML5 plus a set of specifications (requirements and constraints).
The CEO of a digital marketing and SEO firm called ClickSeed, Jim Robinson, claims that AMPs are “totally distinct from a regular mobile site.” A desktop version, a mobile version, and an AMP desktop version are all available for AMPs. Robinson: DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) or OpenX deliver advertisements for the majority of significant publishers.

3. What types of sites should use AMP? 

As the main type of content that Google search users currently see as AMP pages in mobile search results, AMP is initially concentrated on news articles from web publishers. Even though AMP is primarily targeted at news articles from online publishers, it is also applicable to e-commerce and other industries. For instance, on June 30, eBay declared that its AMP-powered mobile shopping experience was operational.

It will be interesting to watch whether ads perform better in applications or on the mobile web, according to the company’s product manager. According to Trevor Paulsen of Adobe Analytics, “AMP is an immensely crucial aspect of a balanced marketing approach for publishers today.” Given the competition for mobile advertising dollars and the fact that Google gives AMPs priority in search results, adoption has been high.

4 Why did Google come up with AMP?

According to Stone Temple Consulting CEO Eric Enge, web users demand quick search results. Google aims to provide customers with speed because, in his words, “they face tremendous competition in today’s globe.” Five of the top nine most downloaded mobile apps are from Google, although it’s unclear how much of the market they control.

5. How does AMP affect SEO?

According to Google’s Senior Director of News and Social Products, Richard Gingras, AMP has not influenced search engine rankings. AMPs load more rapidly, and if a page has more views and fewer bounces, Google will view it as helpful and give it a higher chance of ranking in search results.

6. What are the potential disadvantages of Google AMP?

According to Enge, AMP is similar to going back to the early days of HTML webpages. AMP could have a negative impact on the website traffic of content developers, according to Mike Kisseberth, chief revenue officer of the digital content and services company Purch. Paulsen says that AMP “maybe causes a challenge on the analytics side.”

7. What function does IT serve in AMP?

IT would be responsible for carrying out the real implementation and upkeep of AMP, according to Moskalensky. The IT department needs to be involved because AMP projects require HTML code and programming, according to him. He continues, “IT needs to collaborate with others on content production and planning, but IT is ultimately responsible for implementation.”

8. Does AMP truly represent the mobile web of the future?

According to Moskalensky, since AMP projects require HTML code and programming, the IT department must be involved. Because of the necessary behind-the-scenes preparations, Robinson predicts that IT “will probably play a large part in implementing the AMP standard.”

Since AMP is less proprietary than alternatives like Facebook Instant Articles or Apple News, Robinson believes it has a higher chance of becoming a widely used standard. Publishers might be more inclined to create AMPs as a result. This, along with the efforts Google has made to promote AMP as a new mobile standard, indicates that it merits serious consideration.


AMP is a fantastic technique to make your website faster and provide users with a better experience. The reception of AMP and the results of the case studies have been uneven. You probably won’t see a return on your resource investment with AMP if your mobile site can reach a 2.5-second LCP for important landing pages.

So that leaves speed, which will become even more crucial when Core Web Vitals start to factor into SEO rankings. To fully utilize AMP, regularly monitor the Google Search Console and Google Analytics statistics.

You can read more about it and implement it by following the steps. Don’t forget that the effects have long-term advantages and that it can take some time for them to manifest. Thanks and do comment below.



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