How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online with Wealthy affiliate marketing?

  • How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate? 
  • Have you made any money on wealthy affiliate marketing?
  • How long does it take to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate?
  • How much money can I make with Wealthy Affiliate marketing in one month?


This post is intended to direct all prospects and new member who have not gone through the training yet and maybe you are still deciding whether to join as a premium member.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme and therefore you will not make money instantly. How much and how fast you make money, will all depend on the efforts you put in.

The most important factor to take into consideration is that your website needs to mature and be recognized by the search engines.

Many factors play a role in getting traffic to your website:

You have to choose the correct keywords and



High quality unique contents.

You have to provide a service and product people are interested in.

Your website must be SEO ready

And many more other factors.

Without traffic to your website you will most definitely not be able to generate an income.

The answers to these questions:

Nobody can tell you how long it will take to make money. If you are dedicated, you will make money eventually even as you are being trained here in wealthy affiliate marketing.

How much money you make from you website all depends on your niche and the products and services you produce or promote.

The best advice I give is to start your training as soon as possible, go beyond he free trial trainings and go premium so you can be well trained and ready to make real money.

it is only when you are in trainings that you learn the importance of the community here in wealthy affiliate program as to every question you asked in class, there are more than enough Ambassadors ready to answer you instantly. you still have Kyle himself and ready for your questions.

the problem is YOU taking action on premium $49 monthly plan or $494 yearly plan and you will be proud of your self in the year to come.

Welcome to wealthy affiliate marketing program and be trained to be wealthy in all aspects of online marketing. 

4 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online with Wealthy affiliate marketing?”

  1. It’s important to do the right things to make your website stand out, and although you mention that search engines want to see a “mature” website, there can be exceptions to this rule. 

    For example, a friend of mine who is a musician is writing and releasing a new song everyday on youtube for 2021. One song that he wrote this week was about a guy who first appeared in a viral news story this week. My friend’s song has been able to ride this viral wave of interest to see huge spikes in traffic!

    It’s fun to see all the innovative ways that people find opportunities online!

  2. I have built my website, and am a premium member and I am just getting familiar with all that is involved in getting an affiliate marketing rhythm and attracting customers. The training really provides a lot of information and I have been getting a lot of support from other members on the platform. This article is very encouraging and has motivated me to stick with the program and develop my website so I can run a successful business.

  3. so happy to hear this my friend. it is good never to give up so quickly in your businesses. they take time to stand, and once you do all needful, you are going to succeed. thanks for the comment.

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