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What is a landing page and how does it work?

Landing pages is are single web page that gets the visitor to taking specific action.

Landing pages may appear as a result of specific actions That the visitors took, ie clicking on an ad or even downloading a document etc., the desired action is usually something like entering an email address, signing up for a webinar, or even making a purchase.

While you don’t have to have a website to create a landing page (for example, you may just have an email list and direct people to a standalone landing page), most landing pages are a single page on a website.

We’ll dive into some specific examples of landing pages below.

Different types of landing pages

Spotting a landing page can be difficult as there are many different types of landing pages, depending on their purpose. Therefore, here are a few of the most common landing pages.

Squeeze page

The first type of landing page you’re probably most familiar with is the squeeze page. A squeeze page is designed to capture a visitor’s email address. Therefore, it typically includes an offer for gated content such as an ebook, a white paper, a checklist, or even just your newsletter.

Your website and contents are very good ways to essentially establish your presence online, or so they thought. Creating good content will attract traffic and keep them coming to very your website, or so they thought. But when it comes to sales, referral, and lead generation, you need to particularly build a landing page. What mostly is a landing page, which is quite significant. What advantages of using a landing page, and what is its constituents, or so they thought. These shall be the focus of this training in a sort of major way.

Landing page best practices

Once you know what kind of landing page you’re going to produce, what should it actually look like?

While best practices may vary slightly depending on the type of landing page you plan to build (such as a 404 error page versus a lead capture page), here are some general guidelines to improve your conversion rates.

Provide a clear call to action (CTA)

The purpose of a landing page is to get the reader to take a specific action, so no surprise that providing a clear CTA is essential.

Ideally, you should provide your CTA above the fold, and it should be in a brighter or more noticeable color than your other text.

What is a Landing Page for?

Let us mostly start by establishing the purpose of a landing page in a big way. A landing page essentially aims to for all intents and purposes capture sales or leads in a big way. It particularly is a particularly single page for your lead to land on after accessing your advert. They literally are to stand alone in a major way. They are not created with a navigation bar, and they don’t carry links to particularly your websites within them. The whole essence is to avoid distracting your clients with links or any pretty other form of engagement in a generally major way. Its kind of sole aim is conversion, conversion and nothing else. It generally is very different from your post or home pages. Your home page mostly is a point of access to sort of your website, or so they thought. It is a point of showing your customers access to your website and how to literally go about it, contrary to popular belief. So they generally have navigation menus, links, and other forms of engagement. When it comes to Landing Pages, the case specifically is different, very contrary to popular belief.

A Landing Page example

Here’s another great example of a landing page with a strong CTA (and copywriting!):

Benefits of a Landing page

1. Direct Sales

Remember your landing page is a direct sales page with no distraction. This form of marketing is a good marketing strategy. Your clients are given no alternative; you make it easier for them to focus on that single product. Immediately this is done, you have gotten the sales and their information. Now you can begin to help them see other products.


2. It is not difficult to manage :

Right from setup to measuring results, landing pages particularly are easy to for all intents and purposes manage. They specifically are very different from subtly creating a full website. A lot of websites or web applications particularly are available for building a landing page, which particularly is quite significant. Also, their analytics specifically is simple, or so they thought. Unlike a website with lots of things to consider, here fairly your focus literally is on three things, which for the most part is quite significant. They are the conversion time, bounce rate and dwell time in a generally major way. As they illustrate, your bounce rate deals with the number of users that did not convert to sales or leads, generally, your conversion rate tells you about the number of people that completed the conversion process in a really big way. While the dwell time tells you about how long they spent on your landing page viewing your content in a major way.

3. Build a relationship

It is the first thing that comes to the heart of any marketer – build relationships. The first thing is to collect emails of leads with the aid of your landing pages. You can now nurture them via your sales funnel and market your product to them.

Nurturing your leads is an important part of the marketing process. You must be strategic at this point. It is the point at which your leads will learn more about your organization and product. It is the point at which you will gain or lose trust. The totality of these events will determine if you will gain their conversion or not.


Contents of a landing Page

Like I said initially you don’t need any technicalities to build a landing page. Some websites can build a landing page, and if you want it on your website, some plug-ins can do a neat job for you. But you want to be unique. You want to stand out in the crowd. You need a custom page that has a personal touché in it. Let us walk through the content of a landing page. It will contribute to its quality and increase the probability of converting leads.

  1. Landing Page Headlines

Grabbing your users attention should literally be your number one priority in a subtle way. And the first place you can kind of do this mostly is with your headlines in a sort of major way. It points and tells the user about the rest of for all intents and purposes your content in a subtle way. It should, for the most part, stand out amidst your content, one really simple way to achieve this generally is using the large kind of our page for really your headline, or so they essentially thought. Your headline should generally be catching enough to kind of propel particularly your users to for all intents and purposes open pretty your emails in a particular major way.

2. Copy

It is where you through the light into the benefits of your product. The copy should not be too lengthy but short and to the point. A good way to use copy is by making it in a bullet list or a summary of all the benefits. You should ensure that the highlighted benefits are your most marketable benefits. The benefits should be good enough that someone in your niche knows that he cannot do business without your product.

3. Images and Videos

Your landing page will not be complete without visuals. In so many cases, your pictures and videos will convert better than text. Human beings like visual representations; we connect better with visual representations. Importantly ensure you use highly professional videos. Quality content is the key to gaining trust, ensure all of your content is quality content. The Online Entrepreneur Certification here at wealthy affiliate is a great place to learn how to create quality content

4. SubText

Creating a subtext to your headline is not a bad idea. Some marketers do this to emphasize the headlines and grab attention. A good way to add subtext to headers is by including a sign of humour.

Your subtext should be short, straight to the point and must not give away your entire content.

5. Use your forms wisely

Formating pretty your forms to specifically obtain the necessary information is another important aspect of for all intents and purposes your landing page subtly. Most landing pages essentially collect users email address and their first names in a big way. But if you feel you need more information, you can customize fairly your form very further in a kind of big way. But it is good you bear in mind that forms that are too long have a pretty high tendency to mostly kill conversion. Consider your additional information properly, filter off information you can do without. In a case where you desire additional information, you can start with a short form. Later on in sort of your generally funnel you can mostly introduce a survey form or any email requesting this additional information.

6. Regular Updates

You cannot overemphasize the need to keep your landing page updated, which is fairly significant. Their kind of is a temptation to create it and kind of forget it in a major way. Like all website pages, you must for the most part keep your landing page up to date, which is fairly significant. At any point in time, you should literally be able to identify with fairly your landing page, actually contrary to popular belief. In conclusion, fairly your landing page is your ticket to telling users about your product, which essentially is quite significant. To achieve success with generally your landing page, you need a sort of captivating heading and a copy that can easily convert, contrary to popular belief. Creating content that easily converts can essentially be challenging if you essentially are not skilled. You can always particularly take advantage of;
, or so they thought.

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  1. Despite the specific function and purpose of a landing page, my intuition is that visitors will want something more before taking an action. I know if it was me who landed on a landing page with minimal content (aside from the dominant ad/CTA), I would become suspicious of a scam. It seems to me that without some transparency about who made the landing page, it can come across as very salesy – which may turn many people away.

  2. Landing pages are an important part of any website that sells stuff. But I was considering the monthly cost of having one and was a bit disappointed because I had not been able to make my first sale yet. That was quite a while ago. But I am excited that there are free options that don’t sacrifice quality. I will give it a try! Thank you!


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