How To Convert Click Into Sales (selling without selling).

How To Convert Click Into Sales (selling without selling).
How To Convert Click Into Sales (selling without selling).

There’s a three-step procedure for sale without ever needing to be noticed. Consider a first time visitor (ie, a click); you don’t sound as if you want to sell to them, and if you do, you’ll drive them out of your website.

Note # 1 Mistake Marketers Make In Contents And Ads

How To Convert Click Into Sales

Step 1: Be Human.

Be human and tell stories.

The first goal of your website is to humanize the interaction between you and the visitor. There are three very effective ways in which you can do this, and they are all not overly complicated. They are things that you would do with the offline world.
i.Tell a story
This is not always possible, but often you will be able to tell a story that helps you “relate” to your visitor.   This will create an environment that they are comfortable with right away, knowing that “you are just like them”.
ii. Speak in a conversational tone.
Don’t write your content in a way that feels like a college English essay. People won’t read it, and they certainly won’t trust the content at the same level that they would if you are speaking to them. This will not humanize your content and establish a much higher level of visitor confidence.
iii. Be authentic
If you are trying to sell something, don’t do it if you are not authentically there to inform, help and connect with people. Don’t try to “fake” things, tell people what you know, why you want to help them, and why you care.

If you can be authentic, communicate in a way that you would with your family, and tell stories where appropriate, you are going to truly humanize your content. Create engaging content that creates and binds that human element between yourself and someone you have never met.

Step 2: Help people.

The most likely reason that you made a particular purchase, is because you felt helped. If I am going into a store to purchase a Sharp product TV and I rely solely on my instinct of whether the person helping me knows what the heck they’re talking about. My trust goes through the roof.

If they tell me a story about the Sharp product TV they have at home, and its functionalities and model meets my need, as a visitor, I will likely become a customer. Stories help humanize the entire process.

If I feel helped, guess what happens. I start to trust them. I might become another means of advertisement and there are possibilities that I will run advice friends, families and others to buy from them.

The same thing happens within the online world, someone visits your website looking for information on something, or perhaps they’re looking for a thorough review on a product or service. If they feel helped, they will trust your recommendations for them at a much higher rate. Even if they cost money.

This is an idea that we constantly reinforced within the training at Wealthy Affiliate and all discussions about building a successful brand and business. Help people. That is your main focus. The selling part will become easy, as you won’t have to be seen as someone that is selling.


Step 3: The Seamless Pitch.

You’ve humanized your content, to establish a genuine relationship with your audience. The last step is to make appropriate, relevant product or service recommendations based on something that will also help those people out. This could be a solution to a problem, this could be a thorough review, this could be a how-to walk-through, or could just be a certain level of motivational support.

If you take a “salesy” approach and built a sales page promoting an acne product without the human elements and without building that trust through offering authentic help. you will sound selling.

Offer them a link to the product that will benefit them.  Let’s say for example you are helping people solve their “facial acne” problem, within an article.  Then you spend some time helping people understand exactly why they have acne, the causes, free and easy to implement solutions to their problems and make a suggestion to speed up the process through a product or service, then they are going to heed your advice and suggestion at a much higher rate.

Finally, If you build a sales page without the human element, you will convert at a much lower rate…if at all. Recommend stuff that further helps them. That is the process of selling without selling – and it’s not always easy to get people to trust you.



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