How to find a copywriter

Have you ever wondered how major bloggers fill their websites with articles? I know I did and it came as a surprise that they were using copywriters to write for them. This, of course, sounds pretty simple until you try to do it for yourself. There are two ways that you can find a copywriter, the first is to go through a reputable company like HireWriters or Fiverr or you can go private and ask around for a freelancer whose writing you admire and ask them to write for you.

How Do I Get Started?

1. Decide how much you want to pay

2. How many articles do you want to be written per month?

3. How many words per article?

How much will I pay?

There is no set amount in the market for a certain length of an article, so you will need to do some research. Let’s look at two companies’ price lists for a 2000+ word article.

Hire writers – Based on what skill level you want, you will pay between $20 – $30 US.

Fiverr – Starting at $20 US and the writer you choose.

Freelancer – This is a negotiated price so it could be better for a set amount of articles for a month or they may have a base rate, usually around $20 – $30 for 2000+ words.

In Australia, this works out to be around $24 for a 2000+ article and $12 for a 1000+ article. Consider that you want to be adding 2 x 2000+ articles and 1 x 1000+ articles a week, your budget needs to be around $400 Australian a month or 280 US for 12 articles plus any promotion you negotiate with your copywriter. With a freelance writer, you could choose to negotiate other inclusions, such as social media promotion for extra.

That is 70 US or about $90 (depending on the exchange rate) a week for 3 new articles and around $360 a month for 12 articles.

Don’t forget to set up your email collecter to gather subscriptions to your website, that list is pure gold for marketing.


How Many Articles Per Week?

When you first decide to engage a copywriter you may want to decide on trialling one article first. It makes sense to see how the system works on a writing platform or when you engage a freelancer for the first time. This will give you an opportunity to see the quality of the writing from your chosen person and see how much polishing it will take to publish that article on your website.

Keep in mind that no matter the guidelines that you give your writer they can never give you exactly what you have in your head. So you will be doing some adjusting of the content and adding internal links, external links, affiliate banners, and possibly graphs and pictures.

How long will it take me to edit?

This will depend on how much you change, correct and add. But I find it takes me about an hour and a half to read every word, add links and photos and maximize for SEO in the dashboard of my website for a 2000+ article. (I learn heaps from reading the articles written for me.)

It also depends on your typing speed and knowledge of SEO and work schedule. You will get faster with practice.

Filling out your website

To make it worth the money and effort you need to be utilizing a copywriter to best effect. Keep in mind that you want to be adding 2 x 2000+ articles and at least 2 x 1000+ articles per week. So decide which ones you will do yourself and which you will allocate to a copywriter.

You may reallocate your time to going back to some of your earliest articles and adding more text to grow that article to a pillar post of around 4000+ words. Google takes note of these authority articles and you should aim for about 4 on your website.

How many words per article?

There are always great debates about word count in articles and as Google has changed its rules it has upped the word count in articles. The reason for this is that there was a trend to just write 500 – 700 word sell articles about 10 years ago, which didn’t really give any value to the reader.

So over the years, Google has changed its rules to encourage and reward people who offer quality information. This shows up in your bounce rate which Google takes into account as user experience (UX). Basically, as your bounce rate goes down (people are staying to read your article and click the links) you will be ranked higher.

Creating a request for a copywriter

Whether you use Hire writer, Fiverr or a Freelancer you will have to create an outline of what you want to be written.

  • You will start with defining the topic of the article
  • Find a keyword-rich title (look for low hanging fruit as always)
  • Determine the length you want
  • Find a copywriter and talk about the details and set a due date
  • Review the article and accept or ask for a rewrite
  • Edit article in Site Content and publish (you will receive it in

  • Finding a great Freelancer

    It can be very exciting to find a copywriter that you can work with and that delivers on time and within your budget. I can tell you from experience that it is a rewarding way to grow your website, especially if you take the time to try a few different writers until you have a happy fit.

    Once you are happy with the quality of the article then plan your marketing attack. Work out a weekly, monthly schedule of articles to begin filling out your website at a great rate. And don’t forget a program for promoting every article on social media, this is so important!

    Make sure that you have also installed an email collector as you want to be collecting all your traffic into subscribers as a sales tool.

    You may need the training below.

    I’m actually using a freelancer and we have a great relationship full of respect and admiration.

    Such a great time writing. Wishing you well on your Business journey.

    best of luck from GODSPOWER.

4 thoughts on “How to find a copywriter”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience about finding a copywriter. We get to a point in our blog in which we can not keep on producing all our content. That’s when we need to hire a copywriter. It’s way easier to edit a post that has already been written, than to write it from scratch. However, editing and polishing it is still work.

    • that’s a very intelligent point you made there. we can not neglect the importance of editing and polishing of our posts just as a farmer would weed his farm. thanks and good luck my friend.

  2. I always pondered the thought to have a copywriter. Currently, I am doing all my articles on my website and I feel to have a great freelance copywriter will help a lot. I just never considered what I must take into account when considering a copywriter. After reading this article, I clearly know now what to look out for. Thank you very much!

    • thanks so much Bernard Breytenbach. so happy to hear that this article has helped you. actually i started my website a novice, neither knowing Adam nor Eve. I don’t even know what makes up a post. having this freelancer from fiver do my posts for me helped me speed up my web posts. thanks so much and good luck sir.


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