One of the easiest YouTube channels to start with is creating highlights, top 25 lists, and YouTube compilations.

It’s that simple, but these videos can make millions of views and make a lot of money. The best part is that you can make this video without lifting the camera and without showing your face.

What Is It?

In a video compilation, you put together a series of videos to create a giant video of your own. They are also known as featured videos and list videos (top 10, top 25).

There are LOTS of compilation channels that have millions of subscriptions and make a lot of money. Some of them are:

FailArmy (14 million subscribers)

5 minutes of crafting (63 million subscribers)

Top 10 Most Amazing (6 Million Subscribers)

Ozzy Man Review (3M customer)

Great Life (3 million subscribers)

Dumb Genius (3 million subscribers)

List of 25 (2 million subscribers)

You can create the same videos but for endless topics like bugs, memes, training, horror, psychology, life hacking, video games, and interviews, to name a few.

How does it work?

You can do this by downloading videos without copyright restrictions and creating your own compilation. DreamCloud explains it pretty well in this video:

It costs $ 0.00 to create a video and is a very high price! All you need is a computer, free video editing software, and YouTube knowledge.

How do you make money

Each channel can make money from Google Adsense (ads on your videos). This is great for compilation channels because your videos have the potential to go viral

You can also earn money with partners early. For example, a technology channel or a gadget would be suitable for this.


It costs $ 0.00 to get started

Videos are easy to make

He can do it from anywhere in the world

You can outsource and run multiple channels


You must be good at choosing video themes

You need to know more about YouTube, titles, thumbnails, and good at marketing to see your videos

You need to be careful about copyright issues

How to get started

Compilation videos are easy to make, but creating a successful channel isn’t easy. Here are the basic steps:

1. Find out what your channel will be like – choose a topic that you enjoy and have potential for viral! Then set up your channel.

2. Start Uploading Videos – Browse topics and download videos to make your compilation. You can add comments and background music and edit them to your liking.

3. Launch your video – learn what keywords to use, meta tags, create good thumbnails, make sure you have high retention, publish consistently, etc. So that YouTube can promote your video.

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