How to Make Content Unique and Build a Brand.


How to Make Content Unique and Build a Brand

There is so much information online these days that the competition for quality content is fierce and growing.

Since influential bloggers have written tons of content about the same topics, you don’t have to constantly introduce new topics. You don’t need to have a unique idea to create original content. By adding creativity to the topic, you are interested in, you can create your own piece.

Let’s take, for example, the idea of a lifestyle blog. You’ve exhausted all topics related to getting inspired, finding purpose in your life, achieving goals, and other common themes. While you could continue to give goal planning tips as a good idea, there are other options. Here are some examples:

  • How blogging can help you plan and achieve your life goals
  • Are You Really Going to Need a Planner?
  • How plans can prevent procrastination

You can also relate your niche to the idea of blogging so that you can give tips to other bloggers. These could be Unusual Methods to Plan Blog Posts. There are many spins and variations you could come up with.

While you may come across similar ideas on other sites, your approach will be unique. What can you do to think outside the box and bring a new perspective to an old topic?

It is possible to be original and gain a large following. It will take practice and hard work. Keep reading for some helpful tips!


What Makes Unique Content So Difficult to Find?

The simple answer is: there is huge competition.

Your audience will likely find many other resources by simply searching for the keywords that you used.

It’s easy to find unique content when you limit the term to what’s available from one author. You can think of any topic that hasn’t been covered before. Other bloggers will be inspired and will expand on it with their own ideas.

Is that to say you should stop blogging? No! There is a trick to this: You can look into the term in many unique ways. It is possible to work on a topic that has been around for a while and still bring something new to the table. Only, you need to show your personal style and come up with some new ideas.

Unique Content is Crucial

You won’t stand out if you don’t offer something new to your audience. They don’t want the same old advice over and over.

Your site won’t get the search results that you desire if it doesn’t have unique and satisfying content. So new content is just as important to search engines as it is to your visitors.

Your readers may measure uniqueness in a different way. Google requires original content that is not copied from other sources. Your audience will need new ideas. Also, don’t copy other people’s work.


You should include keywords and have phrases strategically placed in your content.

Search engines will look for keywords in the right places. This will allow them to classify your site, and target the correct viewers when they search. However, don’t get caught stuffing your post with keywords. If you use too many keywords your audience is familiar with, it will impact the uniqueness of your article.

Your authority and expertise are determined through valuable content.

You must also consider your readers. If your content is considered an authority, search engines will rank your website/blog higher in SERPs. This status requires backlinks and a large number of visitors.

You are more likely to keep them coming back for more. They will start to see your blog as unique, even if there are many similar articles. They will always read your blog first. Mashable is a trusted blog for information about technology and digital media.

It’s simple: If you find informative articles that are of high value, it is more likely that you will bookmark these sites for future reference. This is what you want for your posts.

How to Create Unique Content

Each post should be started with a great idea. However, it can be hard to do this consistently.

You must first understand that original, high-quality content requires a variety of areas of focus. You don’t have to be focused on the niche you choose; research other interests and connect them to topics that are relevant to your audience.

1. Generating Unique Ideas

You will likely have the experience and knowledge to create quality content if you are creating it. But that doesn’t mean you have to be able to create unique headlines or titles.

It is normal to feel low on inspiration. Here are some great online resources that can help you generate unique ideas.

Use an Online idea generator

TweakYourBiz, an online generator, is a great choice. It quickly generates hundreds of ideas, broken down into categories such as bests, problems, lists, and bests. These suggestions may not all be logical but they should inspire you to think of a new twist on the topic you are interested in.

When you don’t have many options, other tools such as AMI’s Emotional Value and Headline Analyzers by Coschedule will help you select the best headline.

Explore Other Blogs for Ideas

Blogs – Explore blogs that are not in your niche. You will be amazed at how unrelated interests intersect with your blog and that it inspires new ideas, even if it is totally off-topic. Next, connect those ideas to your niche and you will have a topic that is unique to you.

Let’s take, for example, a blog about academic writing that you stumble upon. But your blog is focused on business startups. These ideas can be infiltrated into your editorial calendar with a post entitled “How Academic Writing Made Me a Better Businessman”.

What’s Hot in Social Media?

Social Media – This is an excellent way to find out what’s hot in your niche. You should share your viewpoint if people are discussing it or reading about it. Although the idea may not be completely original, your unique perspective will make it stand out.

2. Doing Your Research

Once you have some solid ideas, it is time to do the research. It’s important not to give false information to your readers and to damage your reputation.

Google is your first search engine. Type the title or idea of your blog. The results will give you your first exposure to the competitors. Take a look at the top results to find the following:

  • Make sure the article flows smoothly and is clear. Is it informative and interesting? Does the article flow naturally? You can include it in your post if it is believable and factual.
  • Pay specific attention to the publishing dates. Posts that are older will appear more relevant to your audience.

You need to organize research. Evernote, a popular app for organizing research is a great resource. It connects to all devices. Users can save everything from audio and video files to images online, and much more.

The latest news has arrived. Evernote allows you to pin content that you find online. This is a great feature that will give you a better view of all the inspiration sources you have.

You won’t be tempted to use someone else’s ideas if you keep track of them. Don’t copy what you find, but let your research inspire you!

3. Become a Great Storyteller

We all love to read a good story and this is a talent that you need to develop if you want to create a following. It is one thing to read facts and opinions but what better way than to read a point in context.

‘Learning’ has always been a passion of mine. Even hearing the word makes me grin and reach for my newest muse. Recently it has been my tiny bass guitar. Really? I hear you ask! Oh, but it isn’t just any bass guitar, it’s a Ukulele bass. There I’ve shocked you, haven’t I?

You never knew that there is a trend for more professional guitarists to play these small bass guitars in bands. Even more wonderful is that they are the perfect size for women, and oh so light compared to the chunks of wood commonly called bass guitars.

A big sound too! I guess size isn’t everything!

So, polish those storytelling skills and help people connect with you and your subject.


4. Proofreading and Editing

Editing is possible once you have completed a draft. Ensure you don’t publish the first draft. This is a major mistake that will negatively impact the authority of your website content. These are some tips to help you get started.

Ensure that you check the originality of your piece before it is edited. Plagtracker is an online tool that will help you ensure your content is original.

Your articles should be interesting, concise, and to the point when writing for the audience. No matter who your audience is, the attention span of the digital world can be very short. It doesn’t matter how original or unique your content is, many people won’t read it.

For help, use tools such as The Hemingway App. This tool helps you identify issues such as complex sentences or adverb usage and provides a score for overall readability.

You can read your content aloud to yourself. This will help you spot repeated words or misspelt words you may have missed while you read aloud. This is a great way to check your flow and natural tone. It can affect a reader’s perception of uniqueness by creating a sense of repetition.

Whatever topic you cover, your content must be written with passion, motivation, and honesty.

I really hope that this post has helped you to be a better writer. please leave a comment in the comment box below.

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  1. wow, this was just what I was looking for! Thank you for giving me tips about how to get unique ideas about blogging. I was starting to run our of ideas and couldn’t think of more thing to write about my niche but the tip you gave about tweakyourbiz is a pretty cool generator that helps you come up with new ideas!

    • helow Karan, that is actually normal, for at times, we run out of idears in our blog post, but by the use of some tools like tweakyourbiz, and also reading your competitors posts, idears will start to naturally show up.

  2. I know how important it is to craft unique and valuable content. I was wondering how I could write a post a day. I would quickly run out of ideas. But I have found that we can get inspiration from what’s popular on social media or looking at our competitions blogs. I had not thought about using an online idea generator, and you gave me that idea. Thank you!

    • thanks for stopping by to once more comment on my post. all we do is make sure we share idears and knowledge so to help others achieve their aimes online. thanks once more.


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