How to Make Money With Quora in 2021

How to Make Money With Quora in 2021


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Just like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, you can also use Quora to make money online. This is a different platform and you will need a completely different approach. The must have skill is to be able to write here. You cannot survive without that. So let’s us find out what Quora is how we can use it to make money online.

What is Quora?

Quora is a social media platform where the user creates content in the form of questions and answers. It is advertised as a knowledge-sharing platform. Someone asks a question and then someone share the answer for that. Users can suggest to edit the question. So here you see that writing skill is a must have.

Making Money Using Quora

Quora is one of the most used social platforms in the world. As per the stats, there are over 300 million monthly Quora users. With that much traffic, there can be very good chances to make money on this platform or using this platform.

We know there are no direct options available to make money on Quora. But with a little brainstorming, we can identify several ways to generate income from this platform.

Just like Facebook groups or other social media communities, Quora has spaces. Like-minded people follow these spaces. You can follow any such space as a contributor or a follower. A lot of people share so much of information in these spaces.

Let’s go through the options we can work out to make money o Quora.

1. Quora as a Traffic Driver to Your Website

With over 300 million users, you can use this platform to drive traffic to your website. You may have a blog monetized with Google Adsense, other display advertising, or with some affiliate products. In that case, you can share links to that post in your answers on Quora.

Once someone goes through your answer, there are very good chances that they will click on the link shared. There is only one condition for a higher click rate, your answer should good enough to lure the reader’s attention and it should be able to answer the question directly.

To get more views you can share your answer in niche-specific spaces. This works like magic as thousands of people visit your content. More traffic to your answers means more clicks on your blog links and that might help you to make more money.

2. Sponsored Answers

Most viewed writers on Quora, are often contacted by the brands to write about their products. This is just like any sponsored content on a website or YouTube. A website may not get that much traffic but Quora does. So brands make all the efforts to reach more and more people.

For brands, this is cheaper than advertising and for content writers; it is another source of income.

3.  Quora Partner Program

You may find this a little odd but Quora may pay you for the questions you asked. Yes got it right. Quora can pay you if your questions are valuable to the community. If you as such questions frequently, and there is very much user engagement due to the value of the question, then Quora will approach you to ask more such questions that can add value to people’s life. So ask wisely.

4. Quora Spaces

Check this image carefully.

Here you see that you can make money from Quora spaces. Once space grows, there is more user engagement, then Quora starts sharing some amount from the advertising. Minimum 10 $ can be credited to your account. So you just have to put some energy to grow your space.

5. Share Affiliate Links in Answers

As you know Quora is a question-answer based social site, here while answering a question in your niche, you can share affiliate links.  Do not share the links directly. The better option is to link them with the keywords. Direct link sharing is not appreciated. See this picture for example.

Few words are highlighted in different colour coding and you see there is a pointer also visible. This indicates a link is embedded with this text. This is the best way to share affiliate links.

6. Sell Digital Products

You can also use Quora to sell digital products. But the basic thing is, you have to answer in such a way that you resolve the reader’s problem and pitch your product together. There are answers that matter. So to be successful on Quora you have to master the art of writing.


Yes, there are options available to make money online using Quora but you need to learn how to write for that. You can grow your reader base and make much more money with the help of this platform but for sure, you need to sharpen your writing skills. The finer you write, the more audience will follow you.

4 thoughts on “How to Make Money With Quora in 2021”

  1. I have used Quora so many times. And I like it because the answers are usually spot on. Now I have figured out that I can be the one answering the questions and giving my affiliate links. I’ll will sure give it a try. I have seen some traffic adding up on my site, mainly from social media. So, I will open this new front and start to bring traffic from Quora.

  2. Thank you for very interesting article. I started my adventure with digital marketing recently and Im still surprised how many opportunities is available to earn money online. I used Quora multiple times but never thought about it as a traffic generator. But it seems as a great idea when you have expertise in some niche and you are able to provide concrete, trustworthy answers. Looking forward to test this method in practice.

    • thanks so much, Cogito for the honest comment. The most important things in an online business are to choose a good hosting company if you are building a website, consistency in training, publishing and engagements. you should also have in mind that it is not a get rich quick thing, but a business. once again, thanks for stopping by.


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