Make Money from your Instagram Account.

Do you have an instagram account with more than 1000 followers?

You can earn $50 every week for every 1000 followers you have.

If you have an account with 100,000 followers you can earn $5000 per week and $20,000 per month.

Only accounts with more than 1000 followers please…

Note: If you have have an instagram account but you have less followers, we suggest you to use professional tools to grow your account. These tools are free to use for personal usage: socialpilot,        crowdfireapp,       tailwind    You can also use these tools to grow your large instagram account further. 

Here is the receipt to earn from an instagram account:

1. Put a link multiplexer in your instagram profile website section. To do that, signup to or, they are free to use for personal usage. Once you signup,

get your special link,

go to instagram app,

click “edit profile”,

put your link to website link section, save.

make sure you can click that link in your bio in instagram.

Link Multiplexer is just a 1 page website where you can put different links and buttons. Using it, you get a free 1 page website without any extra technical skills and work, it is really simple.





Once you set up your link multiplexer account and put your link in your bio page, you can put whatever you want in your instagram bio website. Whenever you make a change in your link multiplexer website, your instagram visitors will see updated version of your website. 

2.   Think how many times you visit someone else’s instagram bio. Other people are checking your instagram bio too. After you put your 1 page website link in bio, people will click it and check the products that you are promoting. Lets say you put a link of face mask from aliexpress, if your followers or friends buy it by clicking your link, you will earn commission.

Using link multiplexer you can put unlimited number of buttons and product links in your web page. It is like a web page where you can sell many products without paying for hosting and domain name.

You should select products that are suitable for your followers. You can put fitness products or multi vitamins if your instagram account is about fitness. If your instagram account is about education, you can put links to online education sites such as udemy.

You can generate product links in our app and put those product links in your link multiplexer in your instagram bio web page.

3. Collect Emails Adresses from your followers.

Signup to a email marketing service and collect emails of your followers. Your followers may stop following you after a while. But if you collect their emails you can send them marketing emails even if they stop following your instagram account. Email marketing has very high return on investment (ROI) value. If you invest $1 in email marketing, you will earn $44 in average.

Lets say you had 100 000 instagram followers in the 2 years of time frame. If you put link multiplexer in your instagram account profile page, you can collect your followers emails. Lets say you collect 20 000 emails in 2 years of time. 

You can send marketing emails to your email list. Lets make a simple calculation:

You send 2 emails per month to 20 000 emails. ( all is done automatically by email service provider, you don’t need to send one by one. These are bulk email service providers: aweber,   getresponse,   convertkit )

lets say, 30% of those emails are read by receivers. 

lets say, only 2% of email readers buys the product that you are promoting.

From each purchase, lets say,  you earn $20. 

Using these assumptions, each month you will earn:

2x20000x0.3×0.02x$20 = $4800 / month

You should put email marketing to your strategy!


How do you get product links:

What do you need to do to earn?

It is very simple.

1. Just click the menu button.

2. Click “Earn Money”

3. Read the products and click “Generate My Link” of the specific product. When you do this you can share link of that product.

4. Click menu button again

5. Click “My Earn Money Links”

6. You will see list of your products. Click one of them and share it in social media.

7. Wait for earning. Your earning does not have any limit, the more you share, the more you earn.

When you generate a link, that link is unique to you. When you share it, if someone makes a purchase through that link only you earn from the purchases. Everything is secured by our encryption technology. You don’t have to sign up to anywhere, you don’t have to pay, just share the links. Thanks for reading till my next post.

5 thoughts on “Make Money from your Instagram Account.”

  1. I have had Instragram for a while now and I didn’t know about this tool. I currently have 1000+ followers so this tool could be something to look into.

    Although my Instagram account is for my online website business where I promote my content. Maybe I should use it for to gain money or create a new account. 

    How long have you done this for? 

  2. Making money with Instagram is common nowadays however instagram is a platform where you can make good money especially if you post quite often and post things of public interest or trends. I think this topic is very important if you want to you expand the business even if it is not necessarily on instagram but this platform can propel your business quite a lot.

    1. Thanks Alex for this great contribution. I love it just the way you put it. Instagram is a great platform to promote business and make good money online. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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