Side gigs can lead to a career change.

A side gig can be a stepping stone for a career change in many ways. Not only can you make connections and network with potential new clients and partners, a side gig also presents the opportunity to learn and improve on skills you need to advance your career.

There aren’t many careers out there that require zero experience. Any interviewer you meet will ask you what qualifying skills you have for the job. If you’re wanting to move into a new career, you need to be building those necessary skills to get that job today.

If you don’t have the opportunity to grow in those skills at your current job, you can find a side gig that caters to what you’re wanting to learn. Seeking a part-time, flexible job is the best way to get an inside look at the new career you’re interested in. You can find out if you really want to continue spending your free time developing those skills or you might even learn that you’re actually looking for something different.

And if you’re looking to be your own boss, starting small with a side gig is the perfect way to prep yourself for success. You can learn all the big lessons of running a business while you still have that safety net of your salaried job. It’s that sense of security and “can’t lose” attitude that gives many entrepreneurs the courage and perseverance to make it over the hump to a great side income that can cover their entire monthly budget at home.

Whether you’re looking to up your skills to advance your full-time job or to transition into running your own company, the skills you develop in your side gig will be both a great learning experience and beneficial for your future.

That means no more getting passed over for the promotion or waiting for opportunities to fall into your lap. A side gig puts you in the driver’s seat to take the initiative and get the training and experience you need to grow in your career.

Make what you love your side gig.

Does your day job leave you unfulfilled? Or maybe it’s not completely unfulfilling, but you know there’s still something missing because you’re not working on projects that really matter to you. But you’re also worried that if you make what you love your full-time job, you’ll stop loving it as much as you do now.

There’s a creative itch that needs to be scratched, but what’s a blogger to do?

Having a side gig is the way to have the best of both worlds.

While you’re earning your living at your day job, you can still live out whatever your real passion is on the side. No need to compromise your earning ability, quality of life, or love of the hustle.

And when you have the freedom to decide whether or not to keep your hustle on the side, you can take a step back and make thoughtful decisions about your future. Your decisions don’t have to come from insufficiency and necessity anymore. You can really find out what you want for your life.

I can’t really conceive of life that comes from not being in this classroom every day and having the mundane. That one kid stopping by at the same time every day saying the same thing. The funny jokes that the kids say and the not funny jokes that kids say. The camaraderie of being amongst teachers and doing the less glamorous parts of the job. All of those are really a big part of me. And if I would have to leave the classroom, I think, no matter how much money I could make, I would just be poor. I would be much poorer.

For Dave, teaching actually breathes life and meaning into his side gig as a writer and speaker. At the same time, his writing and speaking make him a better teacher because there’s not so much pressure on his family. It’s a beautiful marriage between the mundane day-to-day of being part of the education system and the thrill of being on stage teaching what he knows. There really couldn’t be one without the other for Dave.

That’s the value of a side gig. It can give you everything your day job doesn’t while your day job gives you everything you might risk if you simply mailed it in to go full-time on a business idea.

Have you thought about starting a side gig?

There are many reasons to build your own business on top of keeping your full-time job and you can learn it all in WEALTHY AFFILIATE PLATFORM. Whether you’re building your skillset, adding new revenue streams to your income, networking, inspiring others, or just getting your passion projects out in the public, your side gig is the way to have the best of both worlds.

Are you in a jam? Do you need cash? Well, thanks to the internet, now you don’t have to mow lawns or sell lemonade to make extra cash.

 Start your side gig?

There’s a certain beauty in starting small with a side gig. There’s less risk, still the potential for big rewards, and you have the ability to adapt as your goals and circumstances change. You can validate (or invalidate) your ideas, build a client roster, hone your skills, or save up so you can eventually quit your day job if that’s what you want.

As long as a side gig enables you to chase your dreams and find a fulfilling lifestyle, you can’t go wrong.



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Take online surveys

Different online companies that offer pay-to-click services, such as Swagbucks, allow users to earn points or money by filling out surveys, viewing videos, and other paid-to-click services. With Swagbucks, for instance, you get points that you can reclaim for gift cards or cash back from over 1500 retailers like Amazon, Target, and more.

Become a freelancer

When most people think of working online, freelancing their creative skills is the first thing most people think of. If you have a creative skill such as writing, designing, photography, or you are an artist, chances are you can make money online through the many freelancing gigs available. Take writing, for instance; thanks to sites like Fiverr or Upwork, you can get online writing jobs that pay pretty well. The same applies to you if you are a graphic designer or artist.

Do small tasks

TaskRabbit allows users to make extra cash by offering their handyman services and completing simple tasks. These can include putting furniture together, running errands, helping people move, cleaning, delivering items, and more. Aside from TaskRabbit, you can look for more gigs on Craigslist. Be careful though, a lot of the gigs here are hoaxes, but there are some legit ones.

Be a virtual assistant

Thanks to remote working, you can become a part-time or full-time virtual assistant. What’s great about working remotely is your schedule is relatively flexible, and the pay is great. You could make up to $16 an hour, and all you need is a computer, a headset or phone, good communication skills, and a flexible schedule.

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