If you want to create a website that speaks to your buyers in person, you need to build a brand voice. When we think of famous brands, big names like Coca-Cola and Nike come to our mind. Sometimes these companies communicate so clearly and consistently that we forget that they are companies, not individuals. When you see a box of red Coca-Cola, you’ll be overwhelmed with nostalgia and crave for a cool soda can on a hot summer’s day. When you walk into a store and see a Nike adorned with a pair of shoes, you know you’re getting a quality shoe made for speed. The feelings you identify with a brand are a direct result of their voice – their personality.

When building a brand, you want to write content that connects with your followers and makes them feel like they’re talking to a friend. Of course, your buyers need to know the specifications of your products and services, but they also need to know more about who you are as a business owner and what you believe. By developing a strong voice for your brand, your fans will get the information they need in a way that matches their values, beliefs and preferences.

Companies like TOMS and Apple have mastered the art of creating brand voices. We’ll use these two companies as examples so you can gain insights to help promote your own brand voice. Every brand has a proficiency of words that convey not only information about their products and services, but also a common theme in their brand campaigns. Both companies bond with their fan values on a personal level.

TOMS: Impact

TOMS is a popular clothing company that has captured the hearts and souls of its fans. TOMS products are committed to a greater mission driven by the values of corporate leaders: sustainability, ROI and global change. The TOMS one-for-one campaign provides a child who needs a pair of shoes for every shoe they buy. One by one proves that buying a pair of shoes can change the lives of others. Likewise, TOMS glasses and diaper bags support vision restoration and safe delivery practices for babies and mothers in the same way buying them helps.

By writing about its products in terms of value and sharing the implications of purchasing rather than the details of the product itself, TOMS maintains a separate and focused style that resonates with its customers who also value global impact and sustainability. Yes, TOMS is a business, but it’s easy to forget. Buyers are associated with targeted communication of TOMS corporate values. You can buy a pair of shoes anywhere, but when you buy from a company that invests in social responsibility, sustainability and impact change, more customers are more likely to feel committed to the brand when their values align with theirs.

There is an added simplicity that comes with building a brand voice tied to company values. At TOMS, the focus is not on the product. TOMS content focuses on the bigger message and the impact each purchase has on others. Its website has pop-up text highlighting the One for One program that will be displayed on its social platforms and in all shared content.

Apple: Affordability

Apple has a distinctive brand voice that matches its business and values. Apple’s website has separate lines of text introducing each product, including clean, modern pages and graphics. Apple is cute, funny, smart and cheerful – everything you would expect in a text message sent by a friend. Like TOMS, Apple’s brand voice is directly tied to the values of its leadership and employees – accessibility, education, inclusion and diversity – and the company invests in many programs and initiatives that support these values, such as ongoing support for World Fight Against AIDS.

Apple complements its beliefs about accessibility and inclusion with its sleek style. There’s no better way to scare someone than to overwhelm them with incomprehensible tech jargon. Apple’s style (simple, fun, and connected) has to do with the company’s belief that technology should be accessible and easy for everyone to understand.

Find your voice

As a small business owner, you can learn a lot from the voice of bigger brands. Here are a few tips to help your brand develop its own Voice definitine your values

If you haven’t already, clarify your company’s values. Solid brainstorming can help you determine what matters most to you. Maybe you already have an idea or have done a similar exercise. When you translate your values into concrete words and phrases and understand exactly what they mean to you and your business, you can develop a style that connects with your customers and creates a foundation for business profits.

Decide how you want to contribute

You shouldn’t donate a product or service (or invest in a program that supports a global initiative) for every sale you make, but there are smaller ways you can make it better. You can donate a portion of your income to a cause that is important to you, work on a community communication project for some time, or offer your business experience to those who need support. Once you’ve decided how to return or do meaningful work that aligns with your customer value, it’s time to post your story on your site.

Share your story

You have the opportunity to tell buyers what sets your brand apart from the rest. When you combine quality content with your brand values, you convey a powerful targeted message that can resonate on multiple levels. Do you own a vegan restaurant? Consider supporting animal rescue initiatives. Maybe you have a women’s business that provides loans through Kiva so that disadvantaged women around the world can start their own socially responsible businesses. Explain. Connect to the bottom row. Share how important your brand is. You will find that the voice becomes more dominant as your values and beliefs are projected through your content and message.

Thousands of small businesses and online shops contact at home.

Whether you want to promote your business or share a story, we have the right plan for you.


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