My Success Training With Wealthy Affiliate.

My Success Training With Wealthy Affiliate.
My Success Training With Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most trustworthy and highly rated affiliate marketing platforms. There are a lot of scams out there claiming to teach make-money online courses, but WA is the home of Affiliate Marketing. 


I read a question on FB that says “How DO I LEARN AFFILIATE MARKETING?”

I replied to the writer and told him that this QUESTION SHOULD COME AFTER YOU ANSWER THE TWO QUESTIONS;


If WHEN TO START IS NOW, then I can only recommend one place for you;


Why should I be listened to?

Because I have in the past joined various other programs that only promised to hold me by the hand and do it all for me, so I can sit back, relax and keep cashing out into my bank.

In all, I spent a whole lot of money on monthly subscriptions, apps, templates, courses, etc.

Not until 2020 that I saw a Wealthy Affiliate ad on Facebook by Stephanie, a Nigerian Lady, who is based in the UK.

A click on that ad brought me to WA and all my worries and questions on how to make money online were all answered with joy.

making money in Wealthy Affiliate
making money in Wealthy Affiliate


My One Year And 2 Months Experience And Achievements In WA.

I am 1 year and 2 months in WA today, and the 1.4m members of WA bad a way of helping build your traffic. All you need to do is ask people to comment on your blog and so shall it be. I am receiving organic traffic to my websites, and this means sales and sales mean money, yet under training, because I am a slow learner coupled with my commitment as an Anglican priest. Besides, the training in wealthy affiliates is so numerous that everyone completes it at their pace. Some people complete it within 6 months, some take 1 year, some within 2 years, while many beyond 2 years, BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT YOU EARN MONEY CONSISTENTLY FROM YOUR ENGAGEMENTS WHILE TRAINING. I STARTED EARNING FROM MY 3RD MONTH.

check out this blog from a 15 years wealthy affiliate member.

Among The Many Ways Of Earning From Wealthy Affiliate, I Use These Two Way To Earn passive income In WA  (Social Sharing And Affiliate Product Promotion)

1) I have been able to Joined Many Affiliate Programs Such As;

Leadsleap, ShareASale, WalmartAtlantisUdimi, Fiverr, Clevenard, PLR. Brax, etc and there are a huge number of products you can promote on your website as a student in wealthy affiliate.

2) I made sure I joined as many  Facebook pages as I can so (such as Affiliate marketing pages, Digital marketing, blog and bloggers pages, freelance pages, digital products, etc).

I made sure I shared every good blog post I see in wealthy affiliate, I also shared every training published by every member of WA on the FB groups I joined, I also share these posts across every other social platform, letting people know what they will learn if they take up the WA training program.

I also shared every post and review I published on my websites. I made sure I shared them through social platforms and in return, this only brings traffic to my website and this traffic leads to sales and referrals. It always works and this is one of my secrets to making money in WA.

making money in Wealthy Affiliate
making money in Wealthy Affiliate

Work Smarter Than Harder.

Business these days isn’t a joke; It is not even all about hard work, to me, it’s 70 per cent smart work and 30 per cent hard work. As your business grows and you become consistent with the content publication, so will your visitors, and so will your affiliate revenues. All you need now is to manage your time and invest both time and money in your online business. You’re not in it for the easy ride; you’re in it for the long haul in terms of financial benefit( recurrent passive income).

Focus on Tasks Today, Not The Money, The Money Comes Later.

l made sure I focused on my training and I never rushed anything. I read that Successful people are laser-focused on the result, that was what I did. But the truth is that every result, say sales or referral, has a way of fueling you up with more strength than ever. I have a vision for where I want to be in the next 5years and I Brock down my vision into broader activities, and then further into bite-sized specific tasks. Completing the pieces becomes baby steps that lead to achieving my primary vision.

Push Your Limits.

You need to discover what is holding you back from being the best that you can be. Everyone has mental limits on what they believe they can achieve when in fact there is NO limit. Any one of us could be the next Jeff Bezos who started a garage bookstore only 25 years ago. Are you afraid to start, why? Do you dread creating the 5th or 10th site in your collection? I learned my limit, improved on it, discovered my limitations, and conquered them, and boom, success all the way.

As I Become Consistent In Content Publication, I Also Served Others

With a passion for your niche, be persistent and over time you WILL create success. Great content and good SEO will drive traffic to your site(s). You simply must focus on always adding new content as it is the most valuable asset of your business. The best way to do this and guarantee authentic unique readable content is to write it yourself.

More Blog Success Here For You.

making money in Wealthy Affiliate
making money in Wealthy Affiliate

This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are hundreds and thousands of Wealthy Affiliates out there doing the best they can.

One thing though.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a GET-RICH-QUICK-SCHEME!!!!!

But it works 😉

It works only for those who are willing to take it seriously and roll up their sleeves.

There is no other way around it. Just ask any of those people from this list.

You’ve made a GREAT DECISION by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Thanks all and see you on the inside as I join a cloud of a community of more than a 1.4million people on the WA Platform to hold you by the hand through your training plus the site support and the help from the owners of WA (Kyle and Carson).




 If you’ve been running about and thinking about leaving the online world as I did before coming into contact with WEALTHY AFFILIATE during black Friday. I also joined; Leadsleap, ShareASale, WalmartAtlantisUdimi, Fiverr, Clevenard, and PLR. Brax, etc you’re darn lucky too, but only if you take action by starting immediately. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the greatest online platform to get started generating money online for free, even if you have no prior expertise. Build your WEBSITES, Build your FUNNELS, Use JAAXY KEYWORD Tool for free and Build your business today with SEO content and you will be able to swim on money tomorrow, just like many others in WA.

you truly want to learn any make-money skill online, JOIN HERE FOR FREE,  Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be with maximum training and support if you want to build a successful business online. JOIN HERE NOW FOR FREE, and take a walkthrough. Wealthy Affiliate is no “SCAM” and is the place to be with all kinds of training and support. I am having success in my business while training with WA.

Thanks for visiting this site and please don’t leave without commenting below. May your God bless you real good as you join this legit business platform and avoid SCAMS. CLICK BELOW TO CHECK OUT MY BLOG.


4 thoughts on “My Success Training With Wealthy Affiliate.”

  1. Hello Godspower. I have been searching around for months now trying to find a suitable way to make money online. After reading your post on Wealthy Affiliate and everything they have to offer it seemed like just another affiliate training site. I then decided to hop over and open a free account and was truly amazed at how much I learned. I have decided to upgrade my membership which was definitely the best decision I could have made. Thank you introducing me to Wealthy Affiliate and I wish you all the best with your online business. Talk soon.

    • Ok Gideon. I am so happy that I could help some one to succeed in their endeavours. I really sought for the real thing and got it in WA. Thanks for trying it out and I know you will be satisfied with all you get. Hop to see more of you and alse to help in any way I am in the WA community.

  2. Thanks for a very insightful review on wealthy affiliate. I have been using wealthy affiliate just for three months but I love what I have learned so far. Even if one takes forever to earn money it does because I’m not there yet. However it’s worth just spreading one’s knowledge around other people. It’s all about just wanting to help people. And wealthy affiliate does just that. So thanks because I will be sharing this with others I know. 

    • Thanks so much, Kiersti for your knowledge so far and experience too. You know, many people have turned the online world as if it is a come now and make money immediately thing. It is a process and such is garbage in, garbage out. The only difference is that what you garbage in today can give you a recurring passive income all life long. Thanks so much for commenting.


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