Rakuten Affiliate Network Today.

Rakuten Affiliate Network Today.
Rakuten Affiliate Network Today.

This post will provide answers to your questions relating to the Rakuten Affiliate Network. By the time you are done reading this piece, you will have got equipped with the vast knowledge of Rakuten Affiliate Network.

Rakuten Affiliate Network Today.

One of the oldest affiliate networks still in operation today is Rakuten. When the business was established in 1997, it brought together thousands of affiliates and advertisers.

Rakuten enables affiliates to collaborate with advertisers across a number of categories to market the advertisers’ products and generate online revenue. Working for this company makes you feel as though you are a part of an international organization because they have 10 global offices that serve 8 different networks.

What the Company Offers

1. Numerous currencies are available for payment. This is due to the fact that the business works in at least 25 different nations.

2. You receive technology-integrated adverts that you can post on your website or blog. You can choose to either modify the tech advertisement or post it on your blog or website exactly as is.

3. Making advertising is simple for you. However, you will need to ask the advertiser for permission before using their code to display the advertisement on your blog or website.

4. Rotating banners are a feature that makes it simple for you to add numerous ad units to your website while taking up minimal room. You can test them on your website or blog to choose which one you prefer.

5. A deep linking option is also offered. You can point visitors in the direction you want them to go with this function.

6. Utilizing the reporting system is straightforward. Their reporting system is simple to use even if you lack technological expertise.

7. The top advertisers and their rates are listed on your dashboard.

8. You may access your link codes, change your settings, and make unique reports using the control panel.

9. The business has a variety of tools at its disposal to improve your affiliate marketing experience. You have access to a variety of training materials, including videos, personal training, and newsletters that keep you informed of current developments.

10. Free Registration: There is no setup cost to join the Rakuten affiliate network. On their website, you can sign up without charge.

11. Navigable Control Panel: This is one area where some affiliate networks fall completely short. Rakuten does not omit to mention this. It has an intuitive dashboard. To use their dashboard, no prior experience is necessary. You may easily access the control panel even if you are new to affiliate networks.

12. Rakuten offers revolving banners that rotate automatically. An affiliate can construct an automatically rotating banner so they don’t have to constantly go through each ad unit one by one. All of the ad units will be included in the revolving banners. This has several benefits because it not only saves you time but also maximizes the visibility of your ad units while taking up less space on your blog. Additionally, this works in your visitors’ as well as your favour. Additionally, most affiliate programs fall short in this area as well.

13. Large-scale support resources: Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or you’re just getting started and want to enhance your game. You can advance in your affiliate marketing journey with the help of the training resources and strategies offered by the Rakuten Affiliate Network.

Can the Rakuten Affiliate Network Generate Better Payouts?

Maybe a sports star or a famous person came to mind first. In this review, we’ll go through every specific aspect of the Rakuten affiliate network. Because I’m such a nerd, I was personally thinking of one of my favourite writers. Perhaps a member in your family recently received a promotion and is feeling successful.

Rakuten is a global business with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Rakuten operates in more than 200 nations, and its affiliates can easily get paid in one of 25 different currencies. The business has eight distinct networks that collaborate to provide the impression of being global. This will be helpful if you’re an affiliate marketer based outside of the US.

Tech-integrated Ads

If you have the knowledge and ability to modify the technology yourself, Rakuten is going to be a wonderful treat for you. Ad units are simple to make once each advertiser has given its approval. Additionally, it’s quite simple to create rotating banners because a single line of code rotates the ad units for you. Rakuten’s PopShops is a great tool if you want to construct a data feed or see a shopping API.

A Reporting System That’s Easy to Manage

Most people detest the idea of having to get acclimated to a new phone or computer. Even the least tech-savvy among us will have no trouble using Rakuten’s system because it is designed to be simple to use. The most crucial statistics and data, such as a list of the top advertisers and payment details, are all readily available.

Education to Help Publishers Learn

Whether you’re just beginning as an affiliate marketer or you’re part of a large-scale affiliate operation, Rakuten’s educational tools can help you improve your skills. As a publisher, you’ll have access to video tutorials, monthly newsletters and personal training.

The Biggest Pros and Cons of the Rakuten Affiliate Network


1. No cost to register. And simple too!

2. Choose from more than a thousand retailers. And it’s crucial to remember that many household names and well-known companies are among them.

3. an intuitive dashboard. The most important information is conveniently located, and finding more information is simple.

4. Setting up revolving banners is simple. Ad testing is made easier as a result, and the findings are better.

5. useful educational resources. No of your level, raise your talents.

6. global payments. Receive payments in one of the 25 available currencies.


1. unpredictable rewards Rakuten only pays publishers when merchants have paid them. As a result, there is no set timeline for payouts, and some publishers have complained about having to wait up to 60 days before receiving payment.

2. PayPal is not an option. The only payment options are checks or direct deposit. However, for affiliates who reside abroad, this isn’t as much of a problem because of Rakuten’s simple international payments policy.


3. If your website receives a lot of high-quality traffic, you’ll probably get accepted. Small affiliates are not required to apply. Only the best affiliates are being sought by Rakuten to join their network because they are the best in the business. They seek associates with popular websites and blogs.

4. Speculative Payment Schedule: Rakuten is an exception to the rule that most affiliate networks use PayPal as their preferred form of payment. There is more to it than that. Additionally, they don’t have a specific payment system. Rakuten compensates affiliates when advertisers do (Rakuten). This allows for the payment of one affiliate after three weeks and the payment of another after months following the sale. The affiliates of their company are dissatisfied with this inconsistency.

Rakuten is therefore not going to be the best option for you if you want to base your affiliate network choice on constant cash flow. Don’t forget that they don’t accept PayPal as a form of payment. They exclusively use direct deposits and checks. As a result, I’ll suggest that you take a look at these two affiliate networks, in particular, CJ Affiliate Network and ShareASale, both of which have this issue rectified. As long as you have $50 in your account, they pay you. The dashboard for the CJ Affiliate network is challenging to use.

Top Affiliate Network Comparison: Which One Is Right for You?

In this article, we’ll evaluate and contrast the top affiliate networks, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, and PepperJam, in five different categories. You’ll be able to determine which is ideal for you after that.


Rakuten: 1,000

CJ Affiliate: 3,000

ShareASale: 4,500 (1,000 exclusive)

PepperJam: 1,000

Apple, Home Depot, and TurboTax are just a few of the most well-known brands that Rakuten and CJ Affiliate have partnered with. Publishers have a wide range of alternatives available to them in numerous industries. We can clearly tell who has the most merchants, but the quality is more crucial than quantity.

Despite the fact that ShareASale’s merchants may not be as well known, they do cover a staggering array of markets. It is simpler for publishers to connect with businesses that meet their speciality due to the overwhelming amount of merchants.

In this regard, PepperJam appears to be lagging behind. There aren’t as many well-known brands on the list, despite the fact that 1,000 advertisers are still a respectable number. Despite the fact that they are a relatively new network, they still have managed to include a few big brands and they’re growing quickly.


Rakuten: Direct deposit or check, in 25 different currencies

CJ Affiliate: Direct deposit, check or Payoneer

ShareASale: Direct deposit or check

PepperJam: PayPal

As long as you have $50 in your account, ShareASale and CJ Affiliate both maintain a consistent payout schedule.

Whenever a publisher has $25 in commissions, PepperJam pays them twice a month.

When payments are due, ShareASale charges a $25 fee if your account balance is less than $50. You will lose access to your account if you have less than $25.

The process is a little more complicated in Rakuten’s program because publishers won’t be paid until the advertisers have done so. But because of this system, the advertisers feel more secure, therefore they might stay longer.

Advertising Options

Rakuten: Ads, rotating banners, deep linking, data feed

CJ Affiliate: Ads, banners, widgets, deep linking automation

ShareASale: Ads, banners, widgets, dynamic, pop-ups

PepperJam: Ads, deep links

For your adverts, CJ Affiliate and ShareASale offer the most customisation choices. You can also automatically create deep links with CJ, which will save you time. You have more alternatives with Rakuten: customize or not. Once more, PepperJam lags behind, yet this network is continually evolving.


The dashboard for CJ Affiliate is arguably the most challenging to grasp, making it the underdog network in this category. Additionally, ShareASale’s dashboard has an unattractive design and a clumsy feel to it. These top networks all offer publishers detailed, real-time reporting tools and metrics. You’ll need some time to become used to and learn the reporting and tracking functions of these two networks. In the category of reporting, Rakuten and PepperJam tie for first place.

Customer Support

CJ Affiliate severely fails in this area by offering a contact form as the primary means of communication. In terms of customer service, PepperJam is a clear victor, with a contact form serving as the primary means of communication. ShareASale provides a help desk, however, they don’t provide any general support—like a FAQ—and they have very little in the way of human assistance. By providing you with an email and phone number, Rakuten improves on this.


Remember that the Rakuten Affiliate Network has flaws, including its payment method (it takes a while to get paid). (No PayPal payout!) They make payments directly into your bank account. You will select the affiliate network that is suitable for you based on your values and the features you need.

In this analysis of the Rakuten affiliate network, we’ve highlighted both Rakuten’s strong and weak qualities. Additionally, we have examined where it excels and where it falls short in comparison to other affiliate networks. In the realm of affiliate marketing, this network is unquestionably a top contender. By registering, you’ll have the opportunity to join a developing network that pays out millions of dollars in commissions every year.

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