Royalty-free images commercial use and importance to site traffic.

Royalty-free images commercial use and importance to site traffic.
Royalty-free images commercial use and importance to site traffic.

People are naturally visual creatures.

We begin reading “visual” novels at an early age and never lose our enthusiasm for them as we get older.

If you create sites that are a “sea” of words, you will simply not be able to reach the broadest possible audience. People will not immerse themselves in your website’s content, resulting in lower engagement. If you can include relevant pictures on all of your pages and articles, you will see a significant increase in content readership.

Have you ever wondered why graphics on a website are so important? Within seconds of browsing a website, users form an opinion about its quality. Whether you’re in charge of a blog with 100 weekly visits or a multimillion-dollar eCommerce site, you want it to look great.

It’s simple to understand, that visuals play a part in helping us pick what we like and don’t like. But it’s not simply a matter of intuition; there’s plenty of evidence to back up why photos are vital to websites traffic;

    • >Visual learners account for over 65 percent of the population.


    • >On any given page, users only read roughly 28% of the text.


    • >Humans recall 80% of what they see compared to only 20% of what they read.


    • >Persuasion via visual communication is 43 percent more effective than persuasion using only words.


    >When several alternatives are available, the brain can recognize visuals viewed for as little as 13 milliseconds, >demonstrating that vision aids us in swiftly identifying concepts and determining where we should focus our attention.

In a nutshell, pictures are a strong and effective communication tool.

Royalty-free images commercial use and importance to site traffic.

Images on websites are important for more than just how our brains absorb them. Using visuals in online marketing has several extra advantages.

Words are abstract and difficult for the brain to keep, according to Dr. Brad Bushman’s article on how well the human brain can retain pictures. The audience is more engaged in the text when there are visuals, and they remember information for longer. Consider your first kiss or your prom date in high school. You most likely had to put in a lot of work to recall the vocabulary terms. I’m sure you weren’t trying to remember your first kiss or your prom date when you were experiencing them.

Social media has also aided the growth of the media. To direct visitors to their pages, the majority of websites employ various social networking networks.

Shared Visual Content

Graphic material makes up 63 percent of social media posts, and over half of all internet users have shared a photo or video. You may boost the probability of interacting with and attracting new website traffic by employing content photos.

User Experience is Improved by Images

The usage of photos on websites has a good influence on user experience since their meaning is much easier to grasp and their content is a lot easier to remember.

Images Improve the searchability of your website

Using search-friendly metadata and appropriately identifying and captioning your web visuals can make it easier for search engines to index your site, enhancing your on-page SEO. On-page graphics help search engines index your site more easily, enhancing your on-page SEO. Because Google picture searches account for up to 27% of all web searches in the United States, employing high-quality photos boosts the likelihood of a searcher landing on your page.

Emotion is created by images

Seeing the appropriate image at the right time can persuade us to make choices we otherwise would not have taken. Images may trigger emotions and connections by triggering memories and imagination.

Graphics-rich websites Increase Your Views

It’s true. Websites with photos receive nearly twice as many views as those without. That should be enough to convince you!

How to Optimize Your Website’s Images

Not all visuals on a website are made equal. To get the most out of graphics and photographs on your website, you’ll need to follow a few steps.

Use Graphics and Images with Intention

You should always have a strong rationale for using a specific image in a specific way. Allowing pictures to reign doesn’t mean you should scatter web page visuals everywhere just for the heck of it.

Albums With Excellent Names

Your web design includes image file names. Images with descriptive file names will aid Google in determining whether or not they are related to the current search.

Alternate Attributes should be used.

For people who can’t view the photo, other qualities explain it. They also have the added benefit of informing search engines about the situation. Always use natural language when making alt tags, and don’t forget to include keywords.

Alternative text, or Alt Text, is a brief piece of text that appears instead of an image when it fails to load. The alt text’s primary purpose is to promote accessibility by allowing screen readers to read the image’s content. This is critical for picture SEO since it aids search engines in comprehending the image’s context.

There is a separate area for inserting alt text in WordPress. To add an image alt tag, click “Add Media” or “Edit.” See the image below for an example of how to add alt text and how it will seem if the image fails to load. The primary distinction is that alt text is used for image SEO tags and accessibility, whereas title text is used for media search.

Use Captions

Body content is viewed up to 300 percent less than image captions. However, captioning each image you use is useful.

Use the Correct File Format

On a website, various file kinds may be utilized. Photographs should be saved as JPEG files as a matter of thumb. PNG files should be used for logos and graphics; for more information on image file formats, see our section on web graphics kinds.

Consistency is important.

The usage of contrasting aesthetics is one of the most typical website design blunders. The kind, position, and size of website design photos should all be consistent to produce a coherent, professional-looking site.

What Is Image SEO & Why Is It Important?

Let’s look at what image SEO is, how essential it is to the whole SEO system, and how to perform it correctly in the present day. One such area is image SEO.

When utilized appropriately on your blog, graphics may boost your rankings significantly. Image SEO tags, in particular, can aid with the following:

  • Site Load Time. Image optimization includes reducing the size of images. The size of the images on a web page has a direct impact on how quickly it loads.
  • Higher Rank in Image Search. Picture SEO tags help improve your image search engine ranking on Google. This, in turn, will increase visitors, which is especially important if you offer things online.
  • Positive User Experience. Images that are SEO-friendly are believed to improve the overall user experience. They keep visitors on your site longer and reduce bounce rates.
  • Make Content Viral. Pictures that are timely and communicate a narrative have a higher chance of becoming viral. The photograph below was uploaded on Huffington Post and tells the story of a Syrian refugee trying to cross a border while hanging on to his children. It received almost 90,000 social media impressions.


Note: More READERS = More Revenue Potential

Pinterest, Instagram, and Tik Tok are three of the most popular social media platforms on the planet. I’ll guide you through the process of finding photos for your website in this post (for free). In this article, I’ll show you how to find (free) photos for your website so that you may use them in your pages and articles. They’re completely visual!


How to Include Relevant Images in Your Post In Wealthy Affiliate Platform As A Premium Member.

As a Premium member, you get immediate access to over 1,000,000+ CC0 high definition photos via SiteContent. You must first enter the SiteContent editor to have access to the picture platform. You’ll want to go to the main menu and select “picture” (see below). Your first duty will be to start a new blog post on your website.

Royalty-free images commercial use and importance to site traffic.

Upon doing so, it will bring up the menu uploader, with 3 upload options. (see below)

Royalty-free images commercial use and importance to site traffic.

Image Search: 
You may use the search feature to access over 1,000,000 high-resolution photos. Enter your search word and then click “Search.” This will provide the desired outcomes.

Upload Manually: You may upload any images that you have on your computer or device. ults

Recently Used Images: This allows you to quickly retrieve previous photos you’ve used in the SiteContent Images platform.


Let’s pretend I was hunting for dog photographs to put on my website. Here’s the search I started with the keyword “dogs.”

Royalty-free images commercial use and importance to site traffic.

As you can see, there are several options. I may choose any of them by clicking on them and then continue with the cropping and picture altering procedure.

You may crop the size and region of the image you wish to utilize on your website with the Crop Image tool. I’ve zoomed in on the image in this example, but I could have pulled the size up if I wanted to – it’s all part of the editing process.

Royalty-free images commercial use and importance to site traffic.

After you are done this, you want to scroll down and manage the rest of the settings.

Royalty-free images commercial use and importance to site traffic.

These settings include:

Align: You can align your image to the left, center, right, or no alignment at all.

Crop: You can choose to have a square or circle crop filter.

Rotate: You can rotate the image in 90-degree increments.

Alt: This allows you to tag the image with a relevant keyword, this helps those that are blind and will also help Google appropriately index your images. I typically recommend that you are choosing a name that is relevant to the image and what it is.

where to source your free images online

If you like, you may open your website in a new window. You can use photos from other websites or external sources on your website.

Just keep in mind that information from “royalty-free” websites is not necessarily free to utilize (and may have copyrights attached to them). You must read the permissions for each picture you use because each has its own set of regulations.

Adding Relevant Images To All Of Your Other Pages And Posts.

At this stage, your website most likely has pages and articles with no “visuals.” As you are now aware, you must use photos to generate your content.

You don’t have to include photos merely to include images; instead, include imagery where it will add value and readability to your material. Keep in mind that your photographs should visually depict what you’re talking about, so be sure to do so.


Everything will start to fall into place if your text is good, along with all the relevant, high-quality, and unique photographs, and you follow the fundamental principles (above). Image SEO is an important aspect of your entire SEO strategy, and you should not overlook it if you want to stand out from the crowd.



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