Social Engagement, Traffic, And Your Website

Social Engagement —> Traffic —> Site Rank—> Business Growth

What is Social Engagement?

Social Engagement is the process of communicating (engaging) in an online community. The conversation can take place on individual social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, or in blogs, forums, and third-party review sites.

What Is The Importance Of Social Engagement?

When companies engage and respond to customer service requests over social media, those customers end up spending 20% to 40% more money with the company. Conversations regarding your organization, your industry, and your interests are constantly occurring online, whether or not you choose to participate. An effective social engagement strategy is driven by social listening and analysis, which can be conducted through a social analytics tool, like Clarabridge Engage.
Facebook. As social networks grew in popularity and costs associated with running the businesses increased, the social networks needed to implement strategies to monetize their services.
Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are great places to find relevant and engaged traffic


Social Networks WITH Ads:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Within this article, we are going to be showing you FREE social strategies.
These are strategies by which you can build your following, build your social marketing foundation, and become an engaging and powerful force on the social marketing front.

If you have a sound social engagement plan in place, you do not have to rely on any single source of traffic.

However, for those that have diversified into social networks and have obtained a quality reach and following (also known as a brand), they will always have a much more sustainable business.
Also, having social clout and engagement on your website is a metric that is being used by search engines now to determine your rank.

Here are a few major benefits to getting into social media.
Build a powerful brand and reputation
Create reach that is independent of search engines (diversify)

Take advantage of the viral nature of social for extensive reach

Offer your customers an INSTANT medium to get help

Allow people to share your content (more reach)

Generate new business, new customers, and more traffic

Getting better rankings and building social authority with your pages and posts
One thing I want to emphasize before we get rolling in this course is that “hanging out” on Facebook or another social medium is not social marketing. This is what we like to call wasting time.

If you plan on being productive on a social network, then you need to have a plan and you need to understand where to spend your time.

 Create a Facebook Account

Your first step is going to be to create a Facebook account. Here is the sign-up page to register for Facebook:

Facebook Sign-up

If you do not already have an account, I suggest you spend a few minutes setting up your profile, adding a profile image, and adding a few friends that you may know.
If you already have a Facebook account, you can use that account if you wish or you could create an account that is specific to your business.

 Create an Instagram Account

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so your social activities on both will work hand in hand and we will be getting into this as you move forward through the training.

If you do not already have an account, I suggest you spend a few minutes setting up your profile, adding a profile image, and adding a few friends that you may know through Instagram’s suggestions.

If you already have an Instagram account, you can use that account if you wish or you could create an account that is specific to your business.

You don’t have to use your account for your business activities if you don’t want, but it is completely up to you.
The key is going to be being “real” and “authentic” with your social accounts though, so if you are not going to do so with the accounts that you are creating for your business, I would quite honestly recommend that you just stick with using your account for your business activities.

 Create a Twitter Account

Your next step is going to be to set up a Twitter account if you don’t already have one.
If you don’t already have a Twitter account.

I suggest you spend a few minutes setting up your profile, adding a profile image/description, and following a few people.
Again, if you want to separate business from your personal life, you can create a secondary Twitter account.

Create a Pinterest Account

Your last step is going to be to set up a Pinterest account. As simple as it sounds, Pinterest has an avid users base, and leveraging this platform can lead to a great deal of traffic.

I suggest you spend a few minutes setting up your profile, adding a profile image, and inviting a few friends that you may know. Although it may feel overwhelming setting up your accounts, I highly recommend you get yourself all of them as you will be using them in the training.
We are going to be carefully integrating social marketing campaigns into your business in a way that won’t “overload” you.


The goal of your content is ENGAGEMENT.

The more social channels you can provide people to interact, share, and engage with you, the greater reach you’ll gain outside of search engine traffic.

You’ve probably heard the term “diversifying” your traffic, and that’s precisely what it implies. You will automatically acquire more visitors if you have a social following and people who look forward to all of your new stuff (since they appreciate your content). Again, more traffic equals more income.

You should already have a “social” plugin on your website at this time. This should be a nice social plugin that suits various purposes.

Join Question & Answer Sessions

Giving away gold nuggets to clients is as simple as providing them with relevant information and addressing their questions. Participating in Q&A answer sessions is a terrific approach to adding value to people and establishing yourself as a helpful brand. You will become the go-to vendor if you can provide meaningful responses to client concerns and initiate dialogue with prospective consumers before your competition.

With customers becoming increasingly impatient and expecting responses to their questions almost instantly, having a dedicated customer response team is ideal for meeting those demands.

Best Practice: Being the first to respond to inquiries allows you to stand out from the crowd. However, if the content you’re looking for isn’t available,

Share Other People’s Content

Use someone else’s stuff if they can offer better answers to a query. Your consumers will notice that you are there to provide them with what they require, whether it comes from you or not. They will be drawn to your brand and motivated to follow you if your social media feed can give them valuable information, whether it is yours or not.

Customers will be attracted if your material is diversified (yet relevant) and comes from a variety of sources. Hearing the same individual talk about the same topics day in and day out may get tiresome. So start sharing!

Reposting Posts from Customers or Followers

Not only should you share material from various businesses, but you should also share stuff from your own.

Make Your Visitors Feel Engaged

Not only should you share your customer’s articles, but it’s also important to respond to their material directly to make them feel involved.

Responding to every customer post that does not directly address the brand but references it via a specific hashtag is a wonderful way to ensure that each consumer feels appreciated by the company. Using social media tools to discover every person who is commenting about the brand is critical to making people feel connected to the company or brand.

McDonald’s demonstrates how far they go with consumer involvement, with several of their tweets responding to user posts.

Engagement Personalization

However, McDonald’s does not end there.
Make Your Posts So Visual

Images and videos, like emoticons, are excellent complements to social media postings and marketing material in general. These help to produce a more appealing article that people will want to read, but they also accommodate individuals with various surfing patterns who may ignore plain text posts entirely. Including an image, GIF, or short video in your social postings may make them more appealing to all sorts of people and boost their accessibility.

Domino’s Pizza frequently uses emoticons in conjunction with photographs and videos in its costs. It also works!

Instagram and Snapchat are visual-driven social media platforms, whereas others, such as Twitter and Facebook, do not.

Add Relevant Hashtags (#) to Your Posts

Another effective technique to make your content more appealing to visitors is to utilize hashtags. Not only can they make keywords stand out in the article, but they are also useful for following the debate around a given issue and interacting with individuals who use that hashtag.

Remember to add a hashtag in your article if it is relevant to your target audience or can assist you in reaching your target audience. But don’t go overboard with the hashtags! Too many hashtags might do more harm than good to your social media feed and company reputation than you realize!
Coca-Cola makes excellent use of the hashtag #ShareACoke across several social media platforms, including Instagram. Each post with this hash
Create Polls & Surveys

Using polls and surveys to create interesting social media postings is another effective approach. Social media polls and surveys are a quick and easy way to get important client input.

Best Practice: Post your poll or survey during peak hours when your target audience is most engaged.

The information gleaned from polls and surveys is excellent for future marketing materials. Airbnb conducted a poll to determine what customers consider to be a need for their short trips and escapes. According to the findings, customers love mountain vistas the most, with outdoor hot tubs coming in a close second.

Airbnb will be able to customize future vacation packages based on this data.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Offering something in exchange for tweeting with a certain hashtag, retweeting or sharing your material, or becoming a follower is an excellent method to reward and recognize engagement.

People are often more than willing to become engaged with a brand if it means they will receive anything from the company. That may be a freebie, a discount coupon, or a lower-cost subscription; the option is yours. Running a simple contest that encourages consumers to interact with your company is an excellent approach to attracting new customers and improving brand awareness.

Top Tip: When selecting a winner, try to make your contest as fair as possible. If you must pick, a random selection tool is a fantastic method to do it.

Post Frequently (and at optimal times)

It’s critical to keep your social media channels active to demonstrate to your audience that you’re up to date and on top of the newest trends. They want to know what is occurring with your brand right now. Make sure to provide information regularly to keep your audience informed and up to date.

Frequent postings regularly (once a month is no longer enough!) might not only retain your fans following you but also attract new ones. You may lose followers if you do not update regularly. But why is that?

Social media is a fast-paced environment.

Social media platforms move quickly. That implies that after you’ve uploaded it, it’s improbable that a user would see it a week or even a few days later.

Commit To Latest Trends and Issues Engage

Sharing and liking the latest posts on the trends and issues relevant to your Niche and industry is a great way to show support and involvement. Assuming you are sharing or responding to content that is fair and doesn’t spark the offence, engaging with these posts will help to strengthen your reputation.

You demonstrate to users, whether they are potential customers or not, that you value the social happenings beyond your business which generates respect and admiration for your brand.

Use Analytics Tools to Monitor Engagement

Analytics tools are extremely useful for tracking levels of interaction on social media, websites, and other platforms. You gain extensive data insights that are ideal for making the necessary campaign modifications for improvement. From measuring the number of views and link or picture clicks to determining the best times to publish and the most profitable social media sites for your company.

There are several excellent methods for determining how interesting your posts are, but we recommend the following:

Analytics by Google

Analytics on Twitter

Each analytics tool provides something somewhat different, so it’s a good idea to try a couple to ensure you have the data you need for assessing your scalability.
Understanding Visitor’s Comments.

I want to double-check that you have comments enabled on all of your blog entries. You can leave comments on each blog entry.

Responding to individuals in your comments is critical for branding and future engagement on your site. I have a rule that I attempt to respond within 24 hours, preferably sooner. This is not required, but the faster you are, the more people will interact with your site and the more frequently you may have a dialogue.

Consider it this way. What are the chances that if you ask someone a question and get a speedy response, you will ask that person another question? It’s rather high.

You Need To Ask People to Engage!

Also, take note of something else I usually do. I encourage folks to ask inquiries. After reading an article or a page on your website, people frequently form an opinion or have a query.

People are far more inclined to do an action if they are encouraged and asked to do so. Who doesn’t want assistance, and who wouldn’t want to participate in an online discussion about something they’re interested in?)

Engagement Through Comments Leads to Better Site Rankings

Increasing website interaction is beneficial to SEO. “Fresh” and “engaging” content is one of Google’s primary ranking criteria. When you receive comments on your website postings, you are essentially creating new material.

With Google Core upgrades occurring regularly and searching for information that is current and constantly maintained by the website owner, you must invest a good amount of effort into the comment section of your website moving ahead.

Yes, these measures may be gamed to some extent, but they are clearly on the radar of major search engines in assessing what people enjoy and, as a result, what they should rank high for.

Clean out the SPAM

Your second duty here will be to remove the spam stuff. Here are the spam criteria.

(1) If they are not addressing the substance of your message in a way that demonstrates they read it.

(2) If they include a completely unrelated link to their website.

(3) If they are using a name that is not their genuine name (ex. website name)

Spammers may be cunning, and plugins will not stop all of your spam. These, on the other hand, are some clues that will show you exactly what spam is. If the remark isn’t related to the material on the page, it’s probably spam.

I’ve made a video that walks you through the man-made process below.

DISCUSS VIDEO: WordPress Comments – How to Properly Manage Your Comments

Create a New Page of Content

Your next step will be to create a page/post on your website. This may be on any subject or term you like. Again, you want your material to be fascinating, engaging, and written naturally.

On this website, however, we wish to encourage social interaction.

Within the last paragraph, invite visitors to leave a remark or a question (depending on the topic of the piece) and let them know you will respond. Remember that if you can persuade people to communicate within your content, this will lead to more sharing and higher ranks in search engines.

Share Your Content on Your Social Networks

Your final step will be to share your most recent page or article across all of your social networks. This includes the following




Don’t merely link to your material in your social media postings. Make certain that your goal is to engage your audience on social media. This entails writing material in addition to your link to establish what you are discussing.

See how I’m offering value, telling my story, and inspiring people to participate. Even if the person isn’t a basketball player, this is far more fascinating than posting a link and will result in far more click-throughs, comments on Facebook, and maybe comments on the real post.

Using Facebook the Right way.

Facebook has both positive and negative aspects. Unfortunately, most people believe the hype that they “need to be on Facebook” and then do just that. Go on Facebook and waste a lot of their time.

Just because you’re on Facebook doesn’t imply you’re wasting your time, nor does it guarantee you’ll have more website success as a consequence. Many individuals are “hanging” out on Facebook and attempting to make sense of everything, but in reality, they are losing productivity as a result.

The time that might have been better spent on their real website.

If you utilize Facebook appropriately, you may reap significant benefits for your organization.
Your Following

This is often referred to as your reach. Unless you’re just friending a lot of random individuals you don’t know, your friend list is precious.

These are people you most certainly know (or are acquainted with)…and, unless you have been a lousy friend through the years, they most likely trust you to some extent.

If you act out or spam your friends frequently, you will lose all credibility and will most likely be given the “friend Saxby these folks.

So, if you are leveraging a personal following to assist drive visibility to your content and product/service recommendations, you must be careful in all of your operations. The last thing your friend wants to hear is

Click Here To View The 5 Best WordPress Pinterest Plugins for Embedding Pins and Boards

Business Page / Fan Page Likes

When you build a website, you may also create a Facebook “business page.” This helps you to create your brand on Facebook, and having a Facebook Page is also required to promote on Facebook/Instagram Ads.

As a result, a Business Page for your website may be quite beneficial to your company.

In saying that, many people on Facebook have “manufactured followings” (which can be purchased or wrongly developed) and when they post, they have little to no reach. Business Pages or Fan Pages with 100,000 likes will receive very little action for whatever post or status update they make (comments, likes, shares).

Consider how hard they had to work to achieve the following.
Create a “Fire Starter” Status Update

You can’t elicit a reaction if you can’t engage people. Consider it this way. It makes no difference what you do or what you have to offer if you have not piqued your audience’s interest (it could be the golden ticket to success). Nobody will listen to what you have to say.

So, before you can think about getting a reaction to your Facebook content, you must first understand the engagement aspect.

People will become more interested in you if you engage them regularly on Facebook for any length of time, you’ve probably made hundreds of friends, but only a few of them have piqued your interest (and they are likely the active and controversial ones).

On Facebook Ranking Signals

Just because someone is your “friend” or “likes” your page does not mean that all of your messages will appear in their news feed. Facebook has become diluted in some ways over time as more and more people have more things to share, from news to pictures, to status updates and videos…apps…the list goes on and on. That doesn’t even take into account the growing number of advertisements.

Facebook, like Google, rewards popular people and popular content. You will receive minimal exposure if you do not receive any activity from anything you post.

Below is a chart showing. Pinterest’s continued growth since 2016.

As a marketer, you can leverage Pinterest to attract traffic, social sharability (through a mechanism called “repinning), and a following. Your “pins” and “boards” will also have the capabilities to get rankings in the search engines which is another positive impact.

If you are not leveraging Pinterest as a source of traffic for your website and not working to build a following, I do believe you are going to be missing out on a good deal of opportunity. It is easy to build into your daily marketing activities.

In this lesson, we are going to be discussing how you can leverage Pinterest in your daily activities to expand your online business and your overall reach.

Task 1: Pin at least ONE Website Blog Post

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, you are going to need to get one. The first task is going to be to pin a blog post from your website. This is very easy to do and I have DROPPED a video walking you through the process of adding a pin below.

DISCUSS VIDEO: How to Add a Pin to Pinterest

Remember, that to pin a page you need to have an “image” on that page. If Pinterest doesn’t find an image associated with your page, then it will have nothing to pin (or it will default to a screenshot of your site’s homepage if it has one stored). Just make sure that when you pin you are choosing a page on your site with images on it.

Task 2: Follow at Least 10 People

Your next task is going to be to follow at least 10 different people. To do this, you will want to head over to a Pinterest account here in WA where you can post your Pinterest profile URL.

Upon going to this thread, you will be able to connect with other folks that are active on Pinterest, as well as gain a following. My recommendation is to go to this thread and follow at least 10 people.

Click here to read===> Follow 10 People and Share Your Pinterest Profile Here

The next task is going to be following at least 5 people that share the same interests as you. To accomplish this, you can simply search for a keyword that is relevant to your niche.

If I were in the “art sketches” niche, then naturally I would search for this on Pinterest. Make sure that in the filter you choose “All Pins” as I have done below.

Then after completing your search, you will be given a list of “pins” related to your search. If you hover over any one of these images and click (once you see the + sign as shown below), it will take you to the actual pin. 

This will bring you to an expanded view of the pin, and also show you the author of the Pin. You can now follow this author. Simply click on the “Follow” button.

Easy as that. This is how you will follow people with similar interests on Pinterest. You can also gain a lot of inspiration and ideas simply by following people in your niche. There are some creative folks on Pinterest.

Follow this process until you have followed at least 5 people on Pinterest.

Task 3: Write and Publish One Blog Post and Pin It

The next thing you are going to do is write and publish your post on your website. With every post you create on your website, you of course should be adding visuals (images).

After you publish your content, you are going to want to head over the Pinterest and add a pin. From the + button on your profile (see below) you are going to be able to Create => Pin.



This will take you to the Pin creation page. You will enter a title relevant to the post that you want to add, as well as a description. Pinterest will typically show the first 50 characters or so in the normal view, but in the full view, your entire pin description will show.

Offer a relevant title to your shared image, along with a quality description. Remember, we are always trying to “engage” when we are working with our social audience. You can see my example below.

Then you will want to choose the “Save from site” button. This will present you with a form that will allow you to provide your website link.

Upon doing this, click the arrow beside your link. This will take you to a page where you can choose from all the images on your page. Since I only have ONE image on this page, I see just one (see below). Note that if you have a bunch of pins on that site, you would be able to choose which image you wanted to use to create this particular pin.

After I choose the Image, I select “Add to Pin”.

The last step is going to be choosing a board you want to add it to. You can create a new one if you like, or you can use an existing one. In this case, I added my new pin to a “Basketball” board that I created. Then click “Save“.

Presto! You have added a pin and now this pin is live within the Pinterest network, your followers will be notified about this and you are in a position where you can start getting reach traffic with your post!

Remember this when you’re pinning…
Pinning should be a task that you become accustomed to, and it should be done with all of your pages and articles.

This also implies that using images on your site when possible is a good idea. Images do add visual value to your site, and the only reason why services like Pinterest are so popular in the first place is that we are visual creatures by nature.

Incorporate Value into Every Post

When it comes to marketing, regardless of the channel, the word “value” is crucial. There must be a value exchange if you want something from your customers. In essence, they receive something in exchange for taking action When it comes to social media engagement,



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19 thoughts on “Social Engagement, Traffic, And Your Website”

  1. very good article, awesome detail!! I’ve not been a big social media fan in the past, But I now realize after reading your article that there is so much more to it than people actually realize I will definately be looking over your article again in much thorough detail as I find it extremely informative.

    I did notice some text missing though in the “Firestarter” section.(the last sentence needs finishing)

    all in all though love it!!

    • Thanks so much, Ben, and thanks for the observation. I shall make every necessary correction as noted sir. Thanks for your success online.

  2. Thank you very much for this helpful article! I always promote my content on Facebook and Instagram, and I’m working really hard to get the engagement. I’m wondering if you had any specific thoughts on the plugins with WordPress that you’d recommend installing. Are there any that create pins from your Featured Image? That would be so helpful!

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    • Thanks so much Spindle. I appreciate your time. I hope you agree with me that Social Engagement builds your Traffic, and is so vital to the authority and growth of Your Website. Thanks for reading and I hope you drop by the more for our regular posts on how to make money online.

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