The Best Places To Find And Use Free PLR Articles On Your Site.

The Best Places To Find And Use Free PLR Articles On Your Site.
The Best Places To Find And Use Free PLR Articles On Your Site.

PLR refers to content that has been created to be sold or given away for free. PLR software packages allow you to purchase the rights to use previously published content.

PLR is NOT Ghostwritten Content

I mostly think this is where some of the confusion happens particularly private label rights content. When you mostly hire a freelance writer to essentially create content, you’re getting content that’s been written just for you.

PLR is different from ghostwritten content because it’s not created exclusively for you.

The content packages are sold to many people. You want to get things started and you want to make profits in your business. PLR is an affordable solution to your content creation problems that saves you a huge amount of time.
Other people get the same content. Some people consider this the disadvantage of buying PLR. Most people are worried about duplicate content penalties from Google, but there’s a lot of confusion about what duplicate content is. The buyer is allowed to edit/rewrite the content so that it is not identified as plagiarism or duplicate content by Google, and use it as their creation (but typically has no right to sell or otherwise distribute it – it is only for the use of the original buyer, but this varies if you read the usage rights carefully for the content you purchase.


How To Use PLR Articles:

There are many ways and hows to use PLR articles, and one of the most popular ways is to use them on your blog.

We will talk about this particular method soon, but now let’s have a look at other ways how you can use PLR articles effectively.

You can also:


  • Combine them to create an ebook
  • Package and giveaway to grow your email list
  • Use it for newsletters, or social media posts
  • Publish them on private membership sites or forums
  • Create Web 2.0s
  • Repurpose into video or audio content
  • Edit and use them for the guest posts

and more…

How to Make PLR Content Your Own And Use It On Your Website?

Many bloggers feel that they simply MUST create all of their content and that’s all great, but there may come a time when spending time creating all of your content is too time-consuming, when you should be working on something else for your business – may be creating newsletters, email sequences, and other marketing tasks.
There is the option to outsource content creation, However, can require significant financial outlay to find and train a copywriter to create the content as you like it.

Then there is the other option, to purchase PLR content, which is significantly cheaper than outsourcing to a copywriter. This tutorial will be about PLR, what it is, what’s legal, and how to modify and use it to “make it your own” without duplication or plagiarism issues.

What is the difference between Private Label Rights, Master Resale Rights, and Resale Rights? “When you purchase a digital product (whether it is an eBook, MP3 audio file, video, software script, or whatever) you will receive a product license with that product. That license will be in a file (pdf, txt or .doc/Docx) and the wording should state what rights you have: Private Label Rights (PLR), Master Resale Rights (MRR), Resale Rights (RR), or Personal Use Only Rights.
Private Label Rights The purchased products may be re-sold to others and you keep all of the profits. However, you may NOT pass along Resell Rights for these products to others.

I suggest that once you freely download or purchase PLR content you come up with a filing/storage method for each download and sure you save the “rights text file or document in that same folder or directory so you can check what you are allowed to do with that content as you use it.
Mostly my experience has been that once purchased I will get a download link for a “zip” file which I download and extract all the contents to a folder I’ve created and named for that specific PLR site.

PLR sites generally provide various types of PLR for you to purchase and are sometimes for all intents and purposes free, not just articles. You can choose different types depending on the purpose for which you definitely intend to use it or just modify it to essentially fit your purpose. Here basically are some different “types” offered, generally:


>PLR Articles


>PLR Audio


>PLR Email ECourses


>PLR Autoresponder Emails


>PLR eBooks


>PLR Lead Magnets


>PLR List Building Reports.


>PLR Minisite Templates


>PLR Newsletters


>PLR Niche Blogs


>PLR Squeeze Page Templates


PLR Video Courses.


PLR sites typically offer bundles for purchase, sometimes all the content is based on one topic (such as health, business, relationship, sports, etc) in a particular major way. Some sites will sell “membership” options that kind of allow you to download certain types and quantities of their products when you want. Some are paid monthly; some may kind of be lifetime memberships.


the best place to find and use plr products on your site

Here are some ideas for using purchased or free PLR content:

  1. Incentives for purchasing your primary product(s). How about using PLR to create a product that you can use as one of these bonuses to give customers a good incentive to buy through YOUR affiliate link instead of others
  2. Use PLR articles to create a brandable report. This report is something that your affiliates can give away, and it can be branded with their affiliate links (including the links for your affiliate program).
  3. You can boost your affiliate campaign sales. Know that you can get more buyers by offering free bonus products to people who purchase your affiliate product.
  4. Use PLR content to create your digital product. You can create a truly unique and valuable original product by combining the information and knowledge found in our PLR and your research. How about promoting your affiliate product by taking several related PLR articles, and compiling them into a report that you then give away or sell.                                                             Tip: if your product is something truly awesome, having affiliate marketers promote and sell it for you is a great way to bring in higher potential revenue for your business.
  5. Use PLR content to create DVD or CD copies. People like to get cool stuff sent to their address. Put the PLR product into a CD or DVD form and ship them to your customers.
  6. You can use the content to create high-quality video tutorials. You may sell the tutorials in a package, give them away as a bonus, or use them to get traffic and gain followers on YouTube or Vimeo. Modify the written PLR articles into videos that you can then upload to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-sharing sites.
  7. You can use the content to create audiobooks or podcasts. You may reach new customers who prefer to listen to ebooks, e-courses, or articles in audio form. Just turn the PLR content into audios that you submit as podcasts. You can also add the audio to your websites. WordPress offers many audio player plugin options.
  8. You may develop a mobile app using the content. There is a huge mobile market by you can tap into by using a PLR product’s content to create a paid app or free app which offers in-app purchases. You can create these apps for the app store. You may need to hire someone to make the app for you, but you can use PLR as your content for that app.
  9. You can increase the value of written content with physical copies. You can always print physical books or reports and reach people who prefer physical copies.
  10. “Flip” the PLR products for higher profit. You may modify the products, add extra value, and sell it at a higher price at popular marketplaces like Flippa or WarriorForum
  11. You can get free publicity with press releases. Write up a press release describing the modified PLR product and submit it to press release websites. This brings traffic to your site and establishes high-quality, permanent backlinks to enhance your site’s SEO.
  12. You may rewrite the content and submit it to blogs or article directories. High quality, informative articles or blog posts will bring traffic to your website and establish backlinks to help other visitors to find it
  13. Think about turning PLR content into a webinar to attract interested customers. Use the modified PLR content for a high-value webinar that helps build your email list and sell other products that you offer. You can purchase PLR articles, and use that written content to make the PowerPoint slides that you will use in your webinar. And another option is you can purchase PLR PowerPoint presentations/slides that already have the content on them, and then you can immediately put them to use to conduct your webinar.
  14. You can translate PLR content into different languages and reach more customers. This can help you reach a larger, untapped market where there’s less competition.
  15. You can always learn the information for your use. This can increase your knowledge of business and other valuable skills.
  16. Content from Resell and PLR products can be used in market research or used as a brainstorming tool – This will help in creating inspiration for content writers so that they will not run out of ideas to generate content.
  17. Package your resell product with speaking rights – This will boost more purchases because buyers can use the product to create highly paid seminars, webinars, teleseminars, etc.
  18.  Include backend rights with your resell product – This creates more value for your product and influences your visitors to buy because they can use your product as a backend product to sell to their customers.
  19.  Convert your digital content into physical products to sell – People are more inclined to buy physical products because they seem to bring so much more credibility than digital products. This will increase conversions of your product sales because they can package other products together with the main product and sell it as one irresistible offer.
  20.  Enclose social media ad rights with your resell product – Create prewritten ads on your resell product for customers to use on their social networks. Add affiliate links to your resell or PLR content – A great way to earn some money with affiliate programs from Clickbank and Amazon is to insert affiliate links into reselling products or PLR content that you intend to sell or give away for free. Sell your resell product with rewriting rights – This could draw more visitors and customers to buy your product because they can rewrite the product any way they want.
  21.  Give pre-resell rights with your resell product – Pre-resell rights enable buyers to sell the product before other resellers can. Motivate buyers with sole rights to your to resell product – When visitors see that they will have the exclusive and sole resell rights to promote your resell product, it will motivate them to take action to invest in your resell product.
  22.  Mention that your resell product has limited selling rights – This will urge prospects to take action as soon as possible and order you resell product because they can only sell limited copies like the rest of their competition.
  23.  Include upsell rights with your resell product – This enables your buyers to use your resell product as an upsell product hence may persuade leads to buy it.
  24.  Attach break uprights with your resell product – This allows buyers to divide up the product into many different products to sell separately. Include brandable rights with your resell product – This allows buyers to sell or give away your resell product with their advertisement in it. Have followed up e-mails and their rights packaged with your resell product – This helps your buyers promote the product because they have instant follow-up emails. No-paying royalty rights with your resell product – This will motivate people to invest in your resell product because buyers won’t have to pay royalty fees for your products.



Typically, you will not want to use the PLR content you purchase just as it is. You will want to edit/modify it to make it read more like your written material and to ensure that the final product will pass plagiarism checkers to avoid Google penalties.

To do this, you will need some tools

  • A document editor like MS Word is fine and most people have the MC Office software. Much of the PLR content you download will be available in .doc or .docx file format or a .txt format.
  • Another tool you need is an image creator/editor. Adobe Photoshop works great although it is expensive. But something like the free GIMP editor will work or Paint Shop Pro which is less expensive.
  • You should make sure you save the URL or place the text into a plagiarism checker.


Be sure to use these free tools by clicking the links I provided below. check your site for plagiarism, duplicated content, etc. make sure there are no-plagiarized or duplicated contents on your website, and if there are, these tools will repair them and make your contents originally yours before you start using them on your site. finally, do not copy and paste contents and paste directly into your site without running the checks below.



Site Liner checks your entire site for plagiarism


Dupli Checker

Modifying PLR Content

Since this material is not yours, be sure to reword it to show some of your unique styles. I highly recommend making significant changes to all purchased content to “rebrand” it and make it uniquely “yours”. Often very new PLR material will pass the checker tools, however, I would still recommend you change it to make it unique to you.

 characteristics of unique and original content;


Write as in conducting a conversation with your readers. Show understanding and that you relate to your visitor’s problems and difficulties.


The reworked content should provide value and help solve the problems of your site visitors. Give them answers and solutions, you can include recommendations and reviews.


Your content should be easy on the eyes, simple, and easily understood. Break your paragraphs into small bites, use headlines, sub-headings, and bullet points as well as “white space”

Here is my suggestion for changing the wording of the PRL to make it “yours. Modify and give the words your style. Changing the content and or paraphrasing the words will turn the wording into something unique to your site plus:

>Take a purchased ebook and break it up and create many different blog posts from it.
>Add links to other useful information and products. Internal and external links add value as well as links to product recommendations or reviews.
>Take your purchased PLR content and translate it into a different language. This opens your created content up to entirely new markets and visitors.
>Search the PLR content to find some related paragraphs to add to another content piece. Combine parts of PLR content and use it to enhance other article creations.
>Use your modified PLR content to show differing opinions. It’s useful to offer your readers different opinions or thoughts.
>Change the keywords with the PLR content from those originally inserted. This will make the content SEO different for various engines.
>Change the purchased content format from article to newsletter material or something else. Adding additional information found through your research or knowledge, allows you to utilize the PLR content for various purposes.
>Take several different purchased contents related to the same subject and create a report or an ebook or a tutorial. You can use this to multiply the values and uses of single articles and create bonuses and even sellable downloadable products depending on what the license allows.
>Create email sequences and even a training course with PLR content. Use this for your funnels and to sell or gift.


If you are planning to use PLR articles on your blog, you must read this bit to avoid some painful mistakes.

Let’s say you have just discovered an interesting PLR article that you would like to publish on your blog. The worst thing you could do is to slap it directly on your website without checking the originality score.

It’s because if you publish an article that has been already published online before, guess what happens –  you won’t be able to rank it on Google meaning that the article will never get organic traffic.

Google is very strict with duplicate content, and it penalizes such blog posts right away. If you keep doing this on your website, it may penalize the whole site, and all your hard work and effort will go to waste.

So what you should do to take full advantage of PLR articles without any risks?

 Check the originality score

Many tools can help you identify whether or not the article you’ve found is unique.

You can use a free tool called Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools, to calculate the originality score.

the best place to find and use plr products on your site

The free version of this platform only allows you to check up to 1000 words per test, so if your article is longer than that, you can split it and run several tests. After every test, the software will tell you how unique and how plagiarised your content is.

It will also tell you what actions you should take to make it original and compliant with Google.

the best place to find and use plr products on your site

If you want to run a test for longer articles, you can use software called CopyLeaks. This tool isn’t free, but it allows you to run up to 30 free plagiarism tests per month, and the word count is unlimited.

You can rewrite the article manually by yourself.

The plagiarism checker will show you how much your article is plagiarised, and which paragraphs are affected.

If your PLR article shows as plagiarised, and that’s very common in the PLR world, you will simply have to rewrite those affected paragraphs completely viewing and paraphrasing the affected paragraph as shown In the plagiarism checker.

You can simply follow this short step:

>Change the title and add your keywords
>Rewrite every affected sentence and paragraph
>Use synonyms to replace certain words
>Expand the topic and add additional content
>Add outbound links to relevant websites
>Add H1, H2, and H3 elements.

Once you run a test and your article turns original, then you can safely publish it on your blog.

Another Tool Is Called The Article Spinner:

Another way to rewrite articles is by using article-rewriting software, also called an article spinner. Typically, they will generate an article that does not look natural, and most of the time it still won’t be unique.
However, there is one great tool, which is truly capable to produce articles that are 100% unique and look like human writing.
This tool is called Spin Rewriter.

This pretty revolutionary software allows content creators to save plenty of time and expenses in the article rewriting process, particularly contrary to popular belief. It uses ENL Semantic Spinning technology that understands not only the whole meaning of an article but also the relationship between each word and phrase. Once you paste an article that you for the most part want to rewrite, the software will quickly generate closely related synonyms, and phrases that you can use to replace the previous content, pretty contrary to popular belief. Using Spin Rewriter Tool

Rewriting articles with Spin Rewriter is super easy, and it only takes 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Place the article
  • Step 2: Select the best-suggested words and phrases to rewrite the article, or run 1-click rewrite to do all the work automatically.
  • Step 3: Generate dozens or even 100’s of unique articles in seconds.

You can rewrite your articles on 4 levels, including – paragraph, sentence, phrase, and single-word levels. It also allows you to spin multiple articles at a time, and even automatically add copyright-free images.

Where To Download Free PLR Articles?

We will talk about six websites where you can download free PLR articles. Since these articles mostly are free and accessible to anyone, specifically do not expect to get original and high-quality content subtly. Most likely those articles will generally have pretty little to no use, specifically be outdated, and require complete rewriting. However, one website stands out from others on our list as there you can particularly find some free and at the same time high-quality articles in a subtle way.




So, to be clear from the beginning, is a different site from those that we are going to mention. It is different because it is modern, extremely user-friendly and it offers exceptional quality products, including PLR articles. does not offer free PLR products, and they are quite costly compared to other Private Label Sites. It’s because all the content inside is human-made, original, and stands at a high-quality standard.

However, there is a way to download some articles for free, and all you have to do is to register for a free account and start downloading NOW.

The site covers the world’s most common niches from digital marketing to cooking, and there are currently over 5 thousand well-written PLR Articles, Ebooks, and Blog Posts.

The prices for PLR products are based on the credit system, and you can be given 10 credits for free. For 10 credits you will be able to download up to 10 unique, human-written articles that you can brand as your own, use on your blog, or anywhere else you like. This offer won’t give you hundreds or thousands of free articles, but at least you will get 10 high-quality ones:

Click here to claim 10 Free credits

2. Resell Rights Weekly


Resell Rights Weekly offers PLR and other licensing-type products in many essential categories, including ebooks, software, and articles.

The site looks old and outdated, but the great thing about it is that it gives away a generous amount of very free PLR articles for everyone who signs up with the platform for the sort of free in a big way. There are over 10,740 free PLR articles on fairly many topics and niches like – health, mentoring, marketing, computers, meditation, definitely real estate, and plenty more, which specifically is fairly significant.

To download all of those articles to your computer you will have to register with Resell Rights Weekly, and they will send you an email with the link to download them.

After the registration, you should receive an email containing a message like:


It must also mention, that this platform offers a lot of kinds of higher quality PLR articles for its GOLD membership members in a very big way. The fairly great thing about it is that it offers an almost free 1$ trial, which will give you 7 days to unlimitedly browse and download not only the articles but other pretty high-quality PLR products, which is fairly significant.

Visit: Resell Rights Weekly


the best place to find and use plr products on your site

Here for all intents and purposes comes another not so generally great looking site, however since it offers a kind of free value, we can generally take it, or so they thought. This time there are over 200,000 free PLR articles in almost all possible niches and sub-niches, which is quite significant. Some of the articles look fine, and some of them are poorly written, so you will need to go through really many of them to specifically find the right ones, which is fairly significant. To download these articles, you will need to share their page on Facebook in a big way


Below, you will see many comments from people that the download link is not showing to them. However, by the time of writing this article, everything works fine.

So, once you share their page on Facebook, you will get to see a download button to over 200,000 free PLR articles.



As the name suggests this entire site is dedicated to free PLR downloads, and that includes free ebooks, software, videos, newsletters, and articles.

The article section displays article packs in different niches, such as:




>Time Management


>Real Estate


>Internet Marketing


>Weight Loss


>And many more…

Each category contains about 500-1000 individual PLR articles, and there’s no need to sign up or put your email address to access them. You can just download the articles straight to your computer.

5. Killer PLR Articles


Here’s another PLR site that generally is entirely based on PLR articles in a very major way. The very good news mostly is that these guys essentially are currently giving a free membership to everyone. To access free PLR articles, you will need to generally create your account, which is quite significant. Then, you will be able to mostly choose articles from different niches, basically such as:

>Arts & Entertainment

>Business & Economy

>Computers & Technology.

>Education & Reference

>Currency & Trading

>Food & Beverage

>Health & Fitness

>Home & Family

>Internet Business

>Self Improvement


>Sports & Recreation

>Travel & Leisure


>Writing & Speaking

>Product Reviews

The good thing is you won’t need to download the articles to access them. They are all going to be displayed on their site, so you just copy and paste them whenever you need them.


There are over 100,000 articles on PLRPLR, and again they are 100% free. You get to choose from dozens of niches and the sub-niches and the articles on this website are the most accessible on this list.

There’s no need to register, share your email address, or even download them to your computer. You just pop to their website, select your category, and you can view all articles from there.

Click The Links Below To Find More free PLR content:

PLR content is a BIG business and there are many PLR content providers. Below, I have listed some that I have researched – there are many more:

HQ PLR Store

Internet Slayers

Content Shortcuts

PLR Mini Mart


All Private Label Content

Easy PLR

DF Y Templates

PRL Content Studio

use PLR

The PLR Store

Buy Health PLR

Buy Quality PLR

You can also Find Free PLR Content PLR On Google. PLR content typically is pretty inexpensive but there are ways to acquire PLR content free. It’s pretty easy to Google search for PLR content providers. You will find that most PLR content sites will give you an offer to create an account free or ask you to provide your email and join their email list and they will offer an incentive of free PLR content you can download. Sometimes this is a free content package, other PLR types, or access to a video about PLR.

On most PLR sites, once you have an account, you will find they have several FREE resources, including FREE content you can download, for example, click here.
I have downloaded a significant amount of FREE PLR content this way.

Best Random Niche PLR Websites:

Per. me – #1 Done-For-You PLR Products For Coaches
IDPLR – Lifetime PLR membership Sites Overall.
BigProductStore – #1 Lifetime Deal PLR Membership Sites.
DownloadPlrProducts – Cheap PLR Membership Sites.
Resell Rights Weekly – Affordable PLR Membership Website
PlrDatabase –  #1 Yearly Plr Membership Sites.
Best Health PLR Websites

HealthandWellnessPlr – #1 Health and Wellness PLR Membership Site
MasterPlr – Done For You Health PLR Content
Best Business and Marketing PLR Websites

ContentSparks – #1 Professional, brandable Done for your PLR courses.
PiggyMakesBank – Done-For-You Business PLR Store.
Best Journals and Planner PLR Websites

PlrPlanners – #1 Best Journal & Planner PLR Membership Site.
Best PLR Store

PCR products –  Popular PLR Store for Ebook and Article
Top 12 Best Plr Sites 2022
Here are the best PLR Sites I am going to discuss below, which you can try to make money online.

Final Words:

Even if there are many free PLR article sources, you will find that almost no of them offers great quality products. But it’s normal, as there’s nothing great in this world for free.
What you can do, is to change and improve them for the better, and if you manage to find a perfectly written article, you need to make sure that it’s unique and SEO friendly.
No matter how good-looking the PLR article that you found, always go through the plagiarism checking process.

The far easiest and most cost-efficient way to rewrite PLR articles is by using Spin Rewriter software online. This software is the best of all my recommendations because it is capable to produce 100% unique and natural SEO-safe articles fast. AlterIf naIf tively, you can hire someone to do this job for you on freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork, Fiverr, etc, or you can do this all by yourself with no financial cost at all.



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  1. This is a subject that I’ve been very interested in and you have answered all my questions. I just wonder if I’m not better off writing my own if I need to change so much of it to beat the plagiarism problem. I have already paid for a copywriter and it will be interesting to compare the prices of both. I also use Rytr software to write my own content too.

    You gave some great advice and links, very helpful.

  2. You sir have read “The Six Figure Second Income”! Or a book much like it. I did too, it’s a great read! I have been in the affiliate marketing business for around a year now and making steady progress with my own personally written content. That being said, I’m always open to trying new methods to generate quality content to drive traffic. I had never heard of Private Label Rights content. It’s jawdropping how many different approaches there are to generating traffic for a website. Your review is thorough and I’ve bookmarked it for future reference.

    • Erick, you are highly welcome. We took time to research and then dish out the tools and techniques you viewed there. You see, as you grow online the world, you continue to improve in both knowledge and skills. Just like you, I  shall he +1 by next month in the online world, yet I am making improvements day by day and most especially, I make sure I read and comment on other peoples posts. This way, I was able to tap into the inspirations of various writers. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day Eric.

  3. This is an interesting topic. I have a debate in my head. I don’t know if PLR content or hiring copywriters. I feel I will have to do both over a certain period to see what works best. So far, I am no longer able to write my own content. It’s too much work. So it’s time to find good alternatives. Thanks for your helpful post.

    • Happy to see your comment on this topic, my friend. On line you many things can military ones efforts to writing their articles. Whatever it is, it’s good to start with hiring freelancers or copywriters as you said and then blend up the two (copyright and PLR).  This was what I did for some time till experience forged me into a user of PLR products because all I do is use the free tools I mentioned in this article to rewrite and test their uniqueness and boom, it’s published and within 5 days, I will receive an awesome message telling me that my article has been found on Google. Thanks, Ann and have a blessed week end.


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