How to make money as Christian bloggers


This is a question that religious bloggers are a bit wary of asking.

You can marvel if look to make money out of your weblog takes far from your calling.

You may marvel in case you must feel responsible approximately it looks to earn an income out of your weblog?

My solution to both of those questions is no.

Blogging is a profession or commercial enterprise relying on how you need to take a look at it, just similar to some other.

A Builder might by no means say “ought to I be paid as a Building Contractor?”.

That’s because the solution is apparent.

So how do you do it? How can Christian bloggers make money from their blogging business?

Christian bloggers can make money in many distinctive methods.

– they are able to write books

-Create virtual merchandise.

-vicinity advertisements on their blogs,

– Do associate advertising

-Create guides

-sell devotionals

-Create planners

-promote bodily products with print-on-call for

And so much more!

The possibilities are so endless that it may be overwhelming.

In this post, I’m going to share with you the three simplest methods you could make cash as a novice Christian blogger.

How novice Christian Bloggers could make cash

1) advertisements

2) sell products you adore With associate advertising and marketing.


You may sign up For The affiliate community Skimlinks and sell as many products as you may.

You can also sign up For The affiliate community Shareasale and notice how many businesses you can sell From Shareasale.

The way to Make cash From affiliate marketing:

3. Create Your personal digital product and sell it for cash?

THE CHRISTIAN issue IS based ON incorrect MINDSETS, running a blog is no SIN. It’s another means TO promote OUR religion.

What is A blog?

A blog is a frequently updated website or internet web page, commonly one run through a person or small institution, or enterprise this is written in an informal or conversational style.


A blog is part of a website that is updated on a normal basis and is commonly approximately a positive subject.


How Christian Bloggers can make money from blogging;

1) advertisements

Christian bloggers could make cash on day one. I pointed out the usage of advertisements in your blog to earn money.


Because it is the easiest way to earn cash as a beginner blogger.

You’ve possibly seen them on among the blogs that you frequent.

Commercials might be on the pinnacle of a website, sandwiched between paragraphs in a blog submit in or in a sidebar.

You may either join something referred to as an ad community or you may sell marketing space without delay to a business enterprise with which you have made a settlement with.

For beginner bloggers, the perfect choice is to apply for an ad community.

An advert network is just a corporation that acts as a middle guy among you and the businesses look to vicinity commercials on a website.

Consider how I referred to in advance that you can promote ad area to a corporation at once?

Nicely, if you did that, you’ll do the negotiations with the organization, give you a fair charge, decide how long you want to permit that organization to market it on your weblog, and so forth.

With an advert network, you don’t need to do all of that that is exceptional.

However, you don’t have plenty of control over the kinds of advertisements that might be placed on your website so that is a con of using an ad network.

Every other con of ad networks is that some of them have requirements that means that your weblog has to bypass positive requirements to be accredited for the community.

However, there is one advert community that has distinctly low requirements and that would be Adsense.

I’m no longer announcing that every blogger might get authorized for AdSense however normally, it isn’t very tough.

Oh, and if you’re wondering Adsense is an advert network owned with the aid of Google.

Now right here is the opposite caveat with Adsense. the bar is about so low you typically don’t make quite a little cash from Adsense.

But it’s an excellent manner to get your toes wet and motivate you to hold going.

After you are accepted, you have to upload the Adsense advertisements for your blog.

2) sell products you love With affiliate marketing;

The second easiest way to earn money as a Christian blogger is through affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing is when you get a commission for selling products or services that were created with the aid of some other organization. An example is WEALTHY AFFILIATE MARKETING PLATFORM. When I refer newbies, I get a commission.

The reason why you would promote the products of any other company is that they have created a product that you without a doubt consider in and also you are aware of it could assist your audience, as nicely.

So how do you locate businesses or products that you can promote on the way to earn an associate fee?

There are several ways you can locate associate merchandise.

One manner is by means of using associate networks.

An associate network is an organization that hosts loads of special associates under one umbrella so to speak.

Considered one of my favored affiliate networks is skimlinks.Com.

With Skimlinks you apply for approval to the network.

In the Skimlinks network, when you are accepted on that network you will also get approval from each business enterprise under the network to promote their products.

Skimlinks has such a lot of excellent groups and merchandise that you could promote.

It might no longer be difficult in any respect to discover products that you trust and may promote.

However, on an associate network along with Shareasale which I also tremendously endorse simply registering for Shareasale does no longer imply you get access to each company in that community.

After you apply for Shareasale and get accredited then you definitely ought to apply for every business enterprise in the network.

Then after you’re authorized for that precise corporation inside the community you can start promoting their merchandise.

But the gain is that all the companies that you had been permitted for can be accessed from one website so you simply need to log in as soon as to control all the affiliates which you sell.

How to sign up For The affiliate community Skimlinks

Signing up for Skimlinks is so easy.

Go to Skimlinks.Com and click on the blue signal-up button

Fill in the form.

Fill out this easy shape properly and click the get commenced button.

Now take a look at your email for a confirmation electronic mail.

Make sure to click the verify Your e-mail button on your affirmation electronic mail.

Here Are some notable manufacturers you may sell for your blog From Skimlinks:

  • Enterprise/blogging
  • Staples
  • Freshbooks
  • Quickbooks
  • Regular touch
  • Deals
  • Dollar trendy
  • Groupon
  • Rakuten
  • Sam’s
  • Coupons.Com
  • Splendor
  • Sephora
  • Dermstore
  • Ulta
  • Walgreens
  • Mac
  • GNC
  • Diet Shoppe
  • Books
  • Books-a-million
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Ebooks.Com
  • Ingram spark
  • Domestic
  • Global marketplace
  • Interest lobby
  • Home Depot
  • Journey
  • TripAdvisor
  • Lodges.Com
  • Expedia
  • VRBO
  • Organization
  • Christian agencies
  • Christian useful resource
  • Christian Cafe
  • Christian computing device
  • Christian Mingle
  • Christian sturdy
  • Bible shop
  • American Bible Society.

How to join the Skimlinks network; Visit Shareasale.Com and click on the associate sign-up link. Undergo the five-step technique of filling out the software. Component 1 is growing a username and password. The subsequent step is to enter your internet site records. Make sure to provide an outline of your website and include who your target audience is and why you watched your internet site might be a good associate for his or her network.

Now upload your email. I might use an electronic mail address that is connected to your blog, eg (contactus@youblogname.Com) to get permitted quicker.

You create those electronic mail addresses through your web host.

Step four is to feature your touch records.

Make sure to double-check if you have entered it in successfully as that is the information they used to ship you your affiliate bills or commissions.

The final step is to tell how you want to acquire your payments.

Then just click on the entire sign-on button and test your email for any updates they could ship.

Companies you can promote From Shareasale

Bette’s Box of Blessing.

Refinery #1

Christian strong

Faithful Christian store

Apples Of Gold




Reminiscence cross

Fontanini store


Horacio Printing

Lindsay’s Letters

Bein Harim tours


Out of the gray espresso

Clear Day

Elite Jewels

Candy and Sassy Stamps

Church supply

Solutions In Genesis

The selected–

Heart Smith

Cultivate What depend

How to Make Money From Affiliate network;

Now the manner that you could make cash as a Christian blogger with affiliate marketing is by placing your affiliate link and If absolutely anyone clicks on it and signs up for an account (referral) or buys a product, I can get a commission.

That is a completely simple way of having began with affiliate marketing.

3. Create Your personal digital product;

The third simplest way to earn money as a beginner blogger is to create easy digital products.

Some simple virtual products thoughts are:




Greeting cards


And extra!

What applications Can you operate To Create virtual merchandise?

You may create them with the use of:



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel

Google doctors

There are heaps of programs that you can use to create them.

Where do you promote virtual merchandise though?

Properly I’m glad you requested me!

There are many ones of a kind approaches that you can promote digital merchandise.

You could promote digital products for your very own internet site.

There are plugins like Woocommerce which is absolutely loose to use in WordPress.

But I’m able to warn you Woocommerce has a steep mastering curve.

Agree with me I realize I attempted to use it and it wasn’t amusing simply changed into now not amusing to use.

I’d now not endorse it did however it’s far an unfastened alternative that you could use to your blog to create a shop to promote your digital downloads.

You may additionally use Shopify to your weblog or internet site. It isn’t always loose however from what I listen it’s so much less complicated to use than Woocommerce (be aware I didn’t even hyperlink to Woocommerce lol).

Then there are places like Payhip.Com which I’ve used to promote an ebook.

There’s Sendowl which you may use to sell your digital downloads. This is a completely famous alternative but it is not loose to use however Payhip is that’s why I exploit it.

I’m certain there are numerous different alternatives however those are just a few that you could begin getting to know if you make a decision to sell virtual downloads.

Different alternatives To sell Your digital Downloads

Any other alternative of the path is to apply a marketplace like Etsy, creative market, and others.

I additionally have an Etsy save so I’m familiar with this platform as well and it’s a splendid way to get started out promoting virtual downloads.

But you may subsequently need to begin promoting your downloads on your personal internet site due to the fact you’ll have more manage over the route of your keep.

End To how to Make Money As A Christian amateur Blogger

I need to stress to you that even though those are perhaps the three easiest approaches to earn cash as a beginner blogger (Christian or non-Christian), please remember the fact that I’m not saying that it is straightforward.

These strategies are easier than different strategies but none of the techniques are simply flat out easy. However, it is of direction feasible.

With loads of hard paintings, you could begin making money as a Christian blogger so please don’t get discouraged!


  1. Great article here you have written there’s lots of helpful advice in this. You have done a great job providing clear information on how Christian bloggers can make money. Thank you so much for providing this information I know it will be a very useful tool for lots of people. Have a wonderful day and stay safe out there.

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  2. I am a Christian who has just started with the practice of blogging, but it is not really showing success as I would like. Your article is just right for me at this time. I find that people who seek spiritual growth are constantly working on themselves and tend to be consistent with devotions and tools that help their prayer life. I am now wondering why did I not think of this ? Thank you for the information and the listings. I am going to work on this. It seems like exactly what I need to do.

    • thanks so much, bro. many Christians have gone thinking online businesses are distractions. they fold hands thinking that manner will fall from above. this was why Apostle Paul commanded the Thessalonians church in 1 Thessalonian 4:11 to do their work with their own hands. we need to go online for both our businesses and the kingdom businesses. thanks for some commenting.


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