This Is Why Posting YouTube videos to Facebook is a Wrong Idea!

This Is Why Posting YouTube videos to Facebook is a Wrong Idea!
This Is Why Posting YouTube videos to Facebook is a Wrong Idea!

The most popular video website/app in the world right now is YouTube but
Because of the ongoing conflict between Facebook and YouTube, posting YouTube videos on Facebook is a bad idea.

This Is Why Posting YouTube videos to Facebook is a Wrong Idea!

After you make a fantastic piece of video content, and you want as many people as possible to see it on Facebook. It can be uploaded to YouTube, but sharing on Facebook will require a link. Directly uploading to Facebook makes it show up as a native video on your stream.

This Is Why Posting YouTube videos to Facebook is a Wrong Idea!

I’ll explain.

Note that Facebook does not permit autoplay for YouTube links. A wonderful place to have your material appear in Google searches is YouTube. You cannot post your YouTube video on Facebook. The organic reach, or the number of people who will watch your video, will also be greatly diminished.

According to a recent study, Facebook videos had twice the reach of YouTube ones. According to a different study, Facebook videos get 477% more shares. You can submit your video directly to Facebook using native video. The cost per view (CPV) for native Facebook video advertisements and promoted posts will be cheaper than for YouTube video links.


Best Practice:

If your video includes music that you have permission to use, the third choice is Vimeo. The issue with YouTube is considerably more complex. Uploading your YouTube video to Facebook is a poor idea! The conflict between YouTube and Facebook never ends. It is a video battle. Statistics show that no fewer than 92 per cent of UK users log onto YouTube once every month for a total of 27 minutes.

People’s viewing habits have significantly changed since YouTube’s launch. This was the spot to find heartwarming stories or adorable puppy videos. But now everything has changed. Although these videos will be accessible, Facebook is where most people watch them.This Is Why Posting YouTube videos to Facebook is a Wrong Idea!

Which Videos Are The Most Successful on YouTube?

A third of all Internet users, or more than one billion individuals, utilize YouTube. Your SEO will benefit from being on YouTube, and your viewership will grow. Over One Billion People Use YouTube and According to a recent survey, the most popular videos that people watch on YouTube are:

> Music

> a combination of programs, housework, recipes, and other things.

> evaluation of products

> humorous video material, including games, pranks, and jokes

> movies and trailers

> game rigging

> Interviews

> Advice

Here are some tips for Facebook videos:

> There should be a call to action in every video.

> All videos should always include captions. There is a feature on Facebook that enables you to accomplish this. By including captions, you may make Facebook videos viewable. An easy and quick transcription service is provided by “”

> Add a unique thumbnail to give your video a polished appearance. In your description.

> include links.

> The ideal times will be chosen to publish your video. For advice on when to post, check your insights.

> Share the video with your groups and timeline if you think it’s pertinent. Right-click the video’s URL and choose to copy it.

Here are some tips to help you make YouTube videos:

>Your brand’s consistency is essential. Your channel graphics, logo, and custom thumbnails, for instance, should all feel the same.

>Less than 80 characters should be used for titles. It is preferable to front-load keywords into the title as opposed to back-loading.

>Add a unique thumbnail to give your video a professional appearance.

>Always include a link to your website in the description.

>Give your videos some captions or subtitles. Before uploading the file, this functionality can be added to YouTube.

>Don’t use too many annotations. Annotations can be irritating and distracting.

>There should be at least five tags or keywords for your video. You should use these words in your description. Eight keywords should be the most you use.

>Distribute each video as widely as you can.This Is Why Posting YouTube videos to Facebook is a Wrong Idea!


Why Posting a YouTube Video Link to Facebook is a Bad Idea

Whether you administer a Facebook Page or just share content as I do, you are familiar with the struggle of uploading YouTube videos to Facebook.

When you finish a YouTube video and are prepared to publish it on Facebook, be prepared for a negative reaction. It’s not because Facebook limits who may read your newsfeed, but rather because you’re using its platform to show YouTube videos. If you didn’t know, Facebook and Google (which owns YouTube) don’t cooperate.


YouTube Videos on Facebook

YouTubers can improve their YouTube Tags to increase the visibility of their content on the video-sharing website. To make sure that new people find their material through search engines, bloggers use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. Content producers must be more inventive in order to get viewers to their videos given that more than 500 hours of video are posted every 60 seconds.

Let’s look at an example where a YouTube link is shared and a video uploaded to Facebook.

Ninety-nine per cent of users would click the larger image on the left, but fewer than one per cent would notice the tiny thumbnail. The YouTube thumbnail is six times smaller than the one on Facebook. Not to mention that Facebook will occasionally refuse to show YouTube videos.  Note, that Facebook wants to make content on its platform more appealing.

YouTube Video vs. a Facebook Newsfeed Ad

It’s curious that Facebook wants to display its advertisements to you but not YouTube content. The play button is no longer present on Facebook’s Newsfeed thumbnails, although it is still present on your page. Other media platforms frequently improve the content’s visual appeal and enable advertisers to run advertisements.


This Is Why Posting YouTube videos to Facebook is a Wrong Idea!

How to Improve the Look of YouTube Videos on Facebook

How can you increase the visibility of YouTube videos on Facebook? You can utilize YouTube video screenshots and a link in your status description. Facebook was created to enable user-to-user photo sharing. The YouTube video is eight times smaller than the picture. If someone clicks on the link, they might discover that there isn’t a video there.

Sharing the photo has another benefit:

Facebook and YouTube are always at odds with one another. The main point of contention between them is the video-sharing feature they both have. Because Facebook already provides video sharing features, YouTube videos on Facebook do not attract a lot of traffic.

Interviews, regular YouTube shows, game hacks, movies and trailers, amusing videos, challenge and prank videos, product reviews, and how-to videos are just a few of the types of videos that are frequently uploaded to YouTube.
Facebook’s algorithm will not drive much traffic to your YouTube videos if you create them, publish them, and share the link to them on your Facebook profile. This is due to Facebook’s desire to prevent users from leaving its site when they click on any of these clickable links.


Your favourite pictures can be chosen and distributed. You can share the YouTube URL, and the YouTube video can only be the subject of your thumbnail. Making your photo as fascinating or as straightforward as you wish will still increase interaction.

Note, It would be nice to always share a photo in addition to a link to the YouTube video, even though there are a lot of variables (such as the timing of the post and the description).

Also, You need to engage with your Facebook friends and fans in order to increase engagement. The best method to do this, in my opinion, is with eye-catching images and descriptive copy. Except in urgent situations, I would not spend money on the Boost/Promote buttons. A search engine like Facebook experiments with its own SEO tactics.

This Is Why Posting YouTube videos to Facebook is a Wrong Idea!


Your video won’t get any organic traffic if you share it on Facebook. This is the argument between Google and Facebook. Any YouTube links will become less popular due to the Facebook algorithm. A YouTube video will rank higher in search engine results if its tags, titles, and descriptions are appropriately optimized.



You can concurrently publish to YouTube and live stream to Facebook using software like Restream. The audiences of Facebook and YouTube are significantly different. You will get better results if you use software like Restream to simultaneously broadcast to Facebook and YouTube if you plan on streaming to both platforms. Thanks for reading.




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