The creation of blog content coupled with access to the internet has restructured the way brands, enterprises and bloggers dialogue with their visitors/readers.

With over one billion sites online now, the webspace has got loaded with more content than ever. While most bloggers are producing content to help solve their readers’ problems or perhaps, give them real attention, many out there are generating income passively in the course.

As an affiliate marketer and with more than a decade of experience in the digital world of limitless opportunities, I’ve got avenues to try out so many monetization alternatives and figure out which of them I could recommend to anyone.

In this tutorial, I’ll be sharing some good ways to monetize your blog content while at the same time satisfying the readers’ appetites with the value you give in your content.

Google AdSense

Currently, Google has over a billion advertisers that are paying on a Pay-Per-Click basis to show up on SERPs. Google AdSense is an advertising platform that enables blog owners to run advertisers’ Ads on their blogs/websites and get paid.

When an Ad or banner is clicked through a publisher’s blog page, a commission is paid out to the blogger on a Pay-Per-Click basis. The amount of revenue you can potentially earn for the clicks on Ads displayed on your blog would be based on your specific blog niche. Some Ads can generate you up to $10 per click or more, while others may generate you a few cents.

Google AdSense is suitable for newbie bloggers as no minimum monthly traffic requirement is used to determine approval for you to start earning revenue for displaying advertisers’ Ads on your niche blog. So, Google will look into the content you have on your blog and display the most relevant ads to help you earn revenue.