Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!

Can I Earn Money With Wealthy Affiliates? It’s A Question Of the Past. The Current Question Is: What Are Today’s Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets?

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secretes Revealed Today.

Several sites have discussed Wealthy Affiliate extensively, and there have been numerous critiques of the platform published thus far.

Ads and social media posts (especially FACEBOOK), of course. Because I had read many reviews in the past, I finally chose to join the Wealthy Affiliate platform after seeing an ad on Facebook from a Nigerian lady who had resided in the United Kingdom.
By joining, I learned about the revenue opportunities available at WA.

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!

One could only earn money from WA either by;

1) promoting the community,

2) through your website or

3) by creating training resources.

NOTE: Nothing just happens except someone or something makes them happen

Training Created On wealthy affiliate

You’ll make nice and consistent money from all of these things thanks to the platform’s rewards at various credit levels over the course of your life, as well as organic traffic that the ranking will allocate to your training. As people like, engage, view, and comment on your training resources published at WA, they will gain search engine rankings. On each of your training resources, you can earn quick income at various credit levels that last a lifetime.

through your published training on the WA platform, you’ll earn 10 cash credits ($5 Cash value) at credit level 1; 20 cash credits ($10 Cash value) at credit level 2; 30 cash credits ($15 Cash value) at credit level 3; 40 cash credits ($20 Cash value) at credit level 4; and so on in a lifetime.

Despite what most individuals in the WA community think and believe about creating training resources, all of your training materials at WA will have additional and, most likely, endless revenue prospects ahead of them. I read through the entire list of incentives and was even more thrilled to learn that I could get revenue-generating training while putting out my own website.


If you were wondering how your training was going and didn’t notice the progress bars changing within your “My Resources” (resource management) page, you can now track your progress through the several levels of the credit system. When you produce training, you will be compensated based on the tutorial’s success. The progress will represent progression towards the credit payment level as it gains rankings, as people comment, engage, Like it, see it, and utilize it.
The progress levels look like this:

Credit Level 1 = 5 Credits ($5)
Credit Level 2 = 10 Credits ($10)

Credit Level 3…etc.

And the credit levels aren’t going to stop. Here at Wealthy Affiliate, a guide or video you publish now might generate you steady cash throughout the year and for years to come. Not only that, but training will help you grow your audience and get you closer to earning Ambassador status at Wealthy Affiliate, which comes with an all-expenses-paid vacation to Las Vegas ( a yearly trip for the smart).

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
money-making secrets

People Loves Making Money From The Onset.

This is How anyone from any part of the world earns cool and extra money while building out their personal website here in wealthy affiliates.
Earning regular income at WA is categorized into three areas:

  1. The Get Paid to Train Platform
  2. The Site Comment 2.0 platform
  3. The WA Affiliate Program. 

Other ways include; promoting other people’s products, ads and absence, and money more, all on your websites and Blogs. my point is this; one can start to make money on WA in no time from becoming a premium member.

Get Paid to Train Platform

Before being granted access to the Get paid to train platform, every member of the WA community must have been a premium customer for at least the first three months. During that time, it is expected that each member will have gained a thorough understanding of the system and will have contributed to the open education project in a variety of ways.

Wealthy Affiliate Open Educational Project?

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
money-making secrets

Those who share Wealthy Affiliate (OEP) with their other members have a huge possibility to make a full-time income. I’d want to go through some of the advantages of this opportunity and how you can participate. I’d like to guide you through some of the advantages of sharing and promoting Wealthy Affiliate, as well as how to do so quickly and efficiently.

How To Share WA.

First things first, how do you get the special referral links that you can use to share WA and earn credits for your referrals.

To get your affiliate links, you will want to go to the following tab within the menu.

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
affiliate program

The “Affiliate Program” page will appear after you click this tab. All of your promotional materials, such as your affiliate link, training, payment structure, banners/images, quick stats, and access to your full affiliate stats (control panel), may be found here:

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
promoting wealthy affiliate

This is everything you need to learn about how to effectively promote and share Wealthy Affiliate, but If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, you may earn a minimum of $22.50 per month in recurring commissions if you recommend three people to the greatest Online Business training in the world, and $175 if they sign up for a yearly membership! With a little effort, anyone can accomplish this. You can earn extra spending money every month by referring three people who are interested in making money online or establishing (or expanding) a business online. This is consumer comprehension,  and as a member of WA who has gone through the purchase process yourself, you probably know more about it than you think. Within Wealthy Affiliate, there are comprehensive instruction and promotion techniques for promoting and sharing  WA  within the “Affiliate Program” page.

No other Training platform Compares to WA.
Wa is a community that cares about your success (we are real humans!) and it should sell itself. The Starter membership is free and includes full access to the community. You really don’t have to sell this, you just have to point people to join you within the community!

The Starter membership is completely free and gives you access to the whole community. You don’t have to sell something; all you have to do is invite individuals to join you in the Wealthy Affiliate group. You don’t have to sell something; all you have to do is invite folks to join you in the Wealthy Affiliate community!

Here are some techniques you can utilize to share that are NOT promotional:

    • 1) Training should be shared (let people know about new training)


    • 2) Inform others about your work at WA (blog posts, training, forum posts)


    • 3) Tell others what you’ve learnt.


    • 4) Let folks know what you’ve accomplished (websites, articles, business plans etc)


    • 5) Share what you’ve accomplished (any achievement, not just money success)


    • Please share your findings.


    • 6) Give up any extra niches or keywords you’ve discovered.


    • 7) Within our “shoutout system,” you can share any of the information on our external blogs.


    8) Give folks insight into WA via a video review

Note; Once you’ve hit your first three months mark and have decided to start creating training resources that will rank in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to yield unlimited revenue potential for you in a lifetime, aside from the immediate incentives you receive at various credit levels explained in the previous lesson, you’re officially a WA trainer and can start earning revenue-creating training tutorials, videos, and courses from the comfort of your home.

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
WA Training

To start creating WA training resources which you can link straight to your personal website as shown through a custom menu in the image below, go from here.

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
WA training

The WA Site Comment 2.0 Platform

The Site Comment 2.0 platform is another great medium through which premium members of WA can earn extra revenue alongside building their personal websites. Is it all about earning extra revenue alone? Not at all! The revenue opportunity here comes with two great incentives:

  • The $0.50 cash incentive you earn on every other comment you offer to other people’s blogs/websites; and
  • The Comment Boost you get for your personal website once you’re able to leave 10 comments within a 24-hour period.

How to Earn Cash Incentive Offering Comments to Blogs

You’ll earn $0.50 income on one and 1 community credit on the other for every two comments you leave on blogs. On a daily basis, you can earn 20 cash credits ($10 cash value) by leaving 40 comments on blogs. You must first become a certified commenter in order to start earning money from the Site Comment 2.0 platform. with at least an 80% approval rate and at most a 20% skip rate.

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
WA comments

What is the Minimum Payout and How Do You Cash Out?

Every $0.50 in revenue you generate is immediately credited to your credit dashboard, but you can only withdraw funds once you’ve earned a minimum of $10. This money goes into your affiliate account and is paid out on the first of every month as part of your next payment. It’s worth noting that WA only pays affiliate commissions via PayPal.

How to Get the Comment Boost for Your Personal Website.

To increase the number of comments on your site, use the WA Site Comment 2.0 platform. You’ll be placed on the priority line to receive a comment boost if you’ve left 10 comments in a 24-hour period.

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
earn credit in WA

The WA Affiliate Program

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
WA referral

One of the most well-known affiliate programs on the internet is Wealthy Affiliate. According to reports, Wealthy Affiliate pays $121 for each transaction (lifetime commission). Starter Members get $4 for special offer referrals, followed by commissions of $11.75 per month and $87.50 per year. WA is a self-funded affiliate marketing organization that pays affiliates 50% compensation on every new member who signs up for a free starter account, upgrades to premium, and pays monthly fees.

Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
WA payment structure

WA only pays commissions on direct referrals; not on indirect referrals.

You’ll get $1 right now if you suggest a tree starter who has completed their account profile to a 100 per cent level. You’ll get an $8 commission right away if your free referral upgrades to premium. When a premium referral purchases a monthly subscription, you’ll get a $23.50 monthly recurring commission.

WA referral earnings

Note: all payments are made via PayPal on the 1st day of every month. This is the only way you can receive payments at WA.

WA referral earnings

Earn a Trip to Las Vegas Yearly

After making up to 300 sales in a year, you’ll be invited to Las Vegas for an all-expenses-paid holiday. You’ll also have private meetings with Kyle, Carson, and other wonderful folks from all over the world at the super affiliate conference.


The best site to learn how to make money online is Wealthy Affiliate. While you’re there, the owners pay for your trip, accommodation, food, entertainment, and more! To top it off, Wealthy Affiliate’s owners fly out the top Wealthy Affiliate members for free to Las Vegas (they pay for your flight, hotel, food, entertainment and more).

This trip is yours if you refer 300 individuals to Wealthy Affiliate in one year.


Wealthy Affiliate Money Making Secrets Revealed Today!
LasVegas conference by referring 300 premium members


So without any further ado, take a minute out of your busy day to read some of the posts below.










This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are hundreds and thousands of Wealthy Affiliates out there doing the best they can.

One thing though.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a GET-RICH-QUICK-SCHEME!!!!!

But it works 😉

It works only for those who are willing to take it seriously and roll up their sleeves.

There is no other way around it. Just ask any of those people from this list.

You’ve made a GREAT DECISION by joining Wealthy Affiliate.



 If you’ve been running about and thinking about leaving the online world as I did before coming into contact with WEALTHY AFFILIATE during black Friday. I also joined; Leadsleap, ShareASaleWalmartAtlantisUdimi, Fiverr, Clevenard, and PLR. Brax, etc you’re darn lucky too, but only if you take action by starting immediately. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is the greatest online platform to get started generating money online for free, even if you have no prior expertise. Build your WEBSITES, Build your FUNNELS, Use JAAXY KEYWORD Tool for free and Build your business today with SEO content and you will be able to swim on money tomorrow, just like many others in WA.

If you truly want to learn any make-money skill online, JOIN HERE FOR FREE,  Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be with maximum training and support if you want to build a successful business online. JOIN HERE NOW FOR FREE, and take a walkthrough. Wealthy Affiliate is no “SCAM” and is the place to be with all kinds of training and support. I am having success in my business while training with WA.

Thanks for visiting this site and please don’t leave without commenting below. May your God bless you real Good as you join this legit business platform and avoid SCAMS. CLICK BELOW TO CHECK OUT MY BLOG.


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  1. First, let me say that I love your note that nothing just happens except that someone or something makes them happen.  This brings me to another quote: “I will do today what others won’t so tomorrow I can do what others can’t”.  I love that the platform you revue here has so many different ways to earn income.  It would give one the opportunity to try on various “coats” to find out which one fits best!  And there’s even a free platform?  Joining Wealthy Affiliate sounds like a no-brainer to me!

    • ‘NO BRAINER AS YOU QUOTED’, thanks to Cynthia for the honest comment. WA sure is a great and well-defined platform to start up your online business. I can testify to this because seeing is believing. apart from the three ways one can make money training with WA, there are other ways of making Affiliate money with your website. thanks, Cynthia and have a great success ahead.

  2. Hey thanks for this great post!

    Currently I am on the lookout for ways to make extra cash and then slowly turn it into a business that earns from part time to full time income! 

    I recently joined wealthy affiliate and wasn’t aware of all these ways to earn so thank you for sharing this important information with us!

    Have a great day!

    • You are so much welcome Sariyah. Wealthy affiliate is worth every penny one decides to invest . I only encourage people to be consistent and ever teachable cos the internet world is always evolving. 

      thanks for stopping by Sariyah.


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