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Most people just don’t get it that in website content creation business, thinking about the Customer Perspective in your business is an important point. I can generalize because generally speaking (based on most content that is online), people are either trying to straight up sell someone on the “features” of a product or they get so lost in the “process” of creating a website and content, they forget about who is going to be on the other end of their content.

Real People with thoughts. People with doubts. People that need help. And People that can and will buy something if you can connect with them, if you can implement some virtual mimicry, and if you can put yourself directly in your seat and ask…

“What are they thinking?”

Having this sort of perspective on your audience. Put yourself in their “chair” and pinpoint what someone will be thinking when they come to your site. If you can do this, you can connect with them through the storylines within your content.

Here are some examples of things that people think when trying to start a business online.

  • Tried other things before, what makes the next opportunity different
  • They are really tired of their financial situation and are unhappy as a result
  • Wish they could find something they really enjoyed doing (and could earn money in the process)
  • Fear the “technical” aspects and cringe at the feeling of having to do anything that is too technical
  • Worried what friends and family will think when they say they are trying something new online
  • Spouse will not approve of taking part in another “online thing”
  • Wish they could get real help without people trying to sell them on stuff all the time

Those are just some of the things that folks are thinking about prior to joining the online world. In fact, there are many other things that people “think” on top of this.

Guess who can “relate” and come up with some more ideas?

YOU! YOU are a prime example. When you joined the online business, you were probably a skeptic. What were you thinking? What sort of things did you want and what were you looking to do? What were those around you saying? What were your fears? What were your hopes?

Answer these and you have yourself some absolutely brilliant material that you can use within the storylines of your content.

We can all sell without selling because, in essence, it comes down to perspective and being able to relate to what your audience is thinking from THEIR perspective. If you can deliver that within your message, then you are going to sell like crazy.

But this leads us to why all this is important.

You Want People to Like You!

If you like someone, you are much more trust them. This does not mean a friend, this could be someone that you just met. That is why first impressions in the online world are so important and “getting someone to like you”.

It is not as desperate as it sounds either…

If you think about it, what makes you like someone.

Something in common.

What do you have in common with the audience that is visiting your site?

  • Did you hate your job at one time?
  • Do you seek out the same goals as someone else, spend more time with family.
  • Do you have kids, so do MOST other people? Why don’t you share a story in relation to that?
  • Did you go to college or university? Chances are so doing a good deal of your audience, and most others will still be able to relate.
  • Do you like to go to the movies? So does everyone else.
  • Do you hate being in traffic? Guess what, everybody hates traffic.
  • Do you love relaxing and being able to just have no stresses in the world? BOOM, that is relevant.
  • What about alarm clocks, do they drive you nuts. ME TOO.
  • Do you want to be able to travel to places you have never been before?
  • What about childhood memories? People can relate to all of those.


Let’s look at an example of this…

A good waiter and waitress will do this in a restaurant. They will engage in conversation that is relevant to you and create a dialogue that shows that they are just like you.

What is a common question a server usually asks (outside of your meal)?

“What are you up to today?”

And when on vacation…

“Where are you guys from?”

This usually leads into a conversation where the waiter has a “me too”. If you happen to be wearing a Detroit Tigers hat to a restaurant, the next thing you know the waiter is telling you that he loves baseball or better yet the Tigers and can’t believe they lost last night in extra innings.

This happened to me the other day. He got a big tip because he related to me and I like people that I can relate to…naturally. He moved into the “like” zone very quickly. Not a best friend like, but definitely “like” a lot more than someone that would just serve me my food and treat me like another number coming through the door.

How Do You Treat Them?

Don’t treat folks like just another visit…or in our case another “click”. Treat them like YOU, because they are like YOU. People get lost in the process of marketing and forget there is a real, breathing human being on the other side of the Google search or the click-through from a social network.

If you can get into this mindset you are going to be much more effective in terms of how “interesting” your content becomes, how much people tend to like you and trust you, and ultimately how much success you are going to have to promote online.

There is my little lesson in perspective. Use this within your content and watch your results go through the roof!

Your Next 20 Days!

In the next 20 days, I suggest you create yourself a schedule and a plan. Create a plan for the following:

(1) Content (on your site.
(2) Keyword Research
(3) Video Development (if you plan on doing video)
(4) Site Maintenance and improvements
(5) Creating and Publishing new content on your site
(6) Managing your social profiles
(7) Attaining any new education

Break these down into what you plan on doing in the next “20” and it will help streamline your day to day activities.

Creating a Page of Content With Intent

With everything I write, I have an underlying purpose. I of course aim to write content that is helpful and that will get ranked in search engines (which is the result of creating quality), but this is a business and the goal is ultimately to help people and to turn your traffic into revenue.

This is done by writing with intent, or having an underlying purpose. Your goal is to get people to take an actionable task within each piece of content that you write. This could mean:

  • Joining a Mailing list
  • Reading Another Page on your Site
  • Buying Something
  • Filing out a survey
  • Leaving a comment
  • Sharing Your Content
  • …etc

There is no point in writing content “just to write content”, and that is why I spend time incorporating some sort of “intent” into each and every page/post that I create on my website and you should be doing the same.

This does not mean that every page you create is a big sales pitch, it simply means that you incorporate an action. The focal point of your content should be to engage, help and inform people.

Do you think people would rather read, trust, and comment on a post that is active or one that appears to be dead?

Write with opinion, write with vigor, write to promote engagement, and outside of getting people to take action, naturally write your content with the purpose of getting comments.

Be real and be opinionated. If people differ from your opinion or agree with your opinion, it will likely spur engagement. Engagement is going to lead you to better rankings and more trust.

**A reminder on intent. You are writing for people yes, but you are also writing with a goal.

Share Your Content Socially

Your last task is to share your content on all of the social networks that you are part of. Here are some places that you may want to share your content.

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google +

  • Pinterest

Make sure that you attempt to spur engagement by adding extra text associated with your content.

Here is an example of my recent post.

The worst thing you can do when you are sharing your new content on social networks is a “dump and run”. By this I mean, just posting as a process without attempting to engage folks. Always aim to get your social audience joining in on the conversation as it will lead to much more traffic

I hope this post helps you out in a time like this. please do drop a comment in the comment box.

GODSPOWER from wealthy affiliate university, have a fruitful harvest online.

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  1. I feel I need to work on developing my perspective of what my audience wants. There are posts that I feel they will perform really well because I like them a lot and they perform poorly. And there are other pieces of content that I feel they will go unnoticed and up till this date, are the ones my audience likes the most. according to Google Analytics.

    • exactly the point Ann, in online business, right from your content planning, keyword creation and content creation, thinking the Customer Perspective is key to a long lasting and fruitful business. we must always put our selves in there place, that is the way we know our brand will sale. thanks always Ann.


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