What is a Landing Page?



What are My Landing Page Options?

Once you have joined Wealthy Affiliate you will begin to hear people talking about landing pages and wonder if you should have one? It can be very confusing as you can have landing pages without having a website and there are offers made to create one in your autoresponder as well.

What will work best for you and where should you create a landing page?

First, let me say that a landing page is designed to turn a reader or looker into a customer, it is a very specific page. 3 types of landing pages can help you to convert your traffic at higher rates depending on how well they are written.

Two are created on your website, either you can use a WordPress plugin for landing pages (a lot in the community use the Elementor plugin) or you can create a normal post in your dashboard. The other one is created in your autoresponder to encourage people to subscribe (or you can have a simple pop-up instead) this way you can auto email these people and build your list.

The 3 Types of Landing Pages

  1. Paid Advertisement (PPC) > Your Landing Page > Affiliate Link to Product Merchant.
  2. Internal Call to Action > Website Landing Page for one product
  3. Subscriber Landing page on your website > Email address collector.

1. PPC to Landing Page to Product Merchant

When you pay for traffic to your website let’s say from Google generally it goes directly to the merchant link. This is not always a good thing as it is known that merchants are not that good at converting visitors. This is where you would have a landing page on your website where they would come first and then you would redirect them to buy from the merchant link on your landing page.

That landing page would provide more information specifically about the product that the reader was interested in. Let’s say they clicked on an advertisement for dog food, then your landing page is going to have reviews of the 5 best dog foods with a call to action to buy from the merchant.

Kyle did some excellent training on the structure of a landing page:



After reading these you will have a solid idea of how to structure a sales landing page on your website. Although they were written in 2012 the information is still very relevant today.

You can find free templates at these links provided by a helpful community leader:



2. An Internal Call to Action in Every Post

This is a very clever way of promoting your main product when you write a post or article for your website and you can add this several times in a long review. But you don’t want people to feel that you are doing a hard sell. The plan is that the call-to-action button will take them to a landing page that you created as a post on your website.

Here is an example that I created for my posts:

I created this in Canva for free (using the LinkedIn template), then compressed the image in BeFunky for free to about 74kb and loaded it as an image on my post placing the link to my landing page when I load the image from my dashboard.

In this post (landing page) you will write a convincing review of the product and why people should buy or join. It is more often in a testimonial style (such as why you joined Wealthy Affiliate and what it has given you etc.) Here you can tell your story, add screenshots of your earnings, and anything that will encourage people to join.

Tell them about yourself and why it has changed your life, you can be creative, you want them to relate to you. Make sure that you condense any images as you must keep your load speed for all your posts under 3 seconds.



3. Subscriber Landing Page on Your Website

Although it may seem easier to use a plugin for a subscriber landing page on your website, most of them have one big drawback. It is very hard to automate regular emails and newsletters to go out to your growing list of subscribers.

That is why most people prefer to use the free landing page designers offered in Aweber, Mailchimp, MailerLite, or GetResponse because it is more manageable in the long run.

I know that Aweber and MailerLite both have landing pages (whole screen) and pop-ups (smaller boxes) to gain subscribers and also have high delivery rates for your emails, even to Gmail accounts.

Everyone should set up an autoresponder soon after they have a website with posts on it, as you don’t want to miss out on building your list of followers. Aweber and MailerLite both are free up to 500 subscribers and super easy to set up. Aweber is happy to have MMO websites and MailerLite is excellent for non-MMO websites.

This is how to create an email collector yin in Aweber.

How to create an email collector in MailerLite.

  1. Conclusion

When you are new it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the information that you are getting and not know what to do first. You can always add landing pages in a few months when you are writing 2 posts per week, you can go back and add your call to action and link it to your landing page on your website.

Until then, keep doing a lesson each day and the assignments as they will give you the needed practical information to grow a stable and profitable website. You can monetize it progressively as you learn more.

‘Sure, and steady will win the race.’ I hope that this has settled your mind on landing pages and where and how to use them.

Please leave a comment, below so that I will have to be reviewed for more posts. From Godspower, good luck online.


4 thoughts on “What is a Landing Page?

  1. Building a landing page is very important. Because so much of our business relies on this single page, we need to put a lot of work into it. That doesn’t mean that the landing page does all the work. We have to have a system in place. But the landing page is that final push. I would like to build a subscriber landing page.

    1. That was great Ann. Such a pack of knowledge showcased there on the importance of Landing pages. A landing page is a great go for our business to convert huge. Thanks so much for that wonderful comment.

  2. Landing page is important. Much of the business is based on this page, we have to submit to do it properly. It doesn’t mean that the landing page is everything. Let’s have an order in everything we do. The landing page is frequently used. I built a landing page for subscribers and it helps me a lot.
    I worked with Aweber before, but it can be even simpler with WordPress with the plugin.

    I have a lot to learn from this article, being at Wealthy Affiliate for 4 months.

    1. Great comment Vasile. Thanks for stopping by and am so happy you quite agree that the landing page is an essential part of our business. Wealthy affiliate is the best platform in the world and there is none other for me. I attend my training online from Nigeria and though the cost is much on me, yet I am spending all I can for I want the best for myself. Thanks and good luck with WA.

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