What Is The Work Of A Freelancer?

What Is The Work Of A Freelancer?
What Is The Work Of A Freelancer?

A freelancer is someone who gets paid on a per-job or per-task basis, usually for short-term labour, not an employee of a company, and is free to work on various projects by different people.

What Is Freelancing

While the term freelance contractor would be employed in a special register of English to designate the tax and employment categories of this sort of employee, the term “freelancing” is most typical in culture and inventive industries, and the use of this term might indicate participation in that.

Fields, professions, and industries wherever freelancing is predominant include: music, writing, acting, computer programing, web design, graphic style, translating and illustrating, film and video production and alternative sorts of piece work that some cultural theorists contemplate as central to the cognitive-cultural economy.

Freelancing could be a contract-based profession wherever rather than being recruited by a corporation, the person uses his skills to produce services for many purchasers. In straightforward terms, freelancing is after you use your skills, education, and skill to figure with multiple purchasers and defy varied assignments while not committing to one leader. the number of assignments or tasks simply will take just boils all the way down to your ability to deliver on them as asked from them. Freelancing sometimes involves jobs (called gigs) that enable you to work-from-home things. however, don’t associate freelancing because the same as having a work-from-home job. Freelancing doesn’t continually mean that you’ll work from home. you may work in your client’s workplace to rely upon the kind of labour and therefore the client’s needs. A work-from-home job involves a contract between you and one leader WHO provides you pay whereas freelancing doesn’t. It is simply that several of the roles that freelancers perform are often delivered over the web while not at the corporate or client’s place.

Who Is A Freelancer?

A freelancer is a trained professional who earns cash by providing services to multiple purchasers on a freelance platform. These services relate to the person’s skills and don’t seem to be essentially provided to merely businesses. Freelancers either use third-party platforms like Fiverr, 99designs, etc. or use their network to induce additional business and supply services to their purchasers directly.

Now the question is this; is it an honest selection for a career? are you able to make a living from freelancing? however does one begin with freelancing jobs? Well, once eleven per cent of the operating adult population within the US is functioning primarily as full-time freelancers, there should be one thing sensible concerning this trade.

According to the 2012 Freelance business Report compiled primarily about North American freelancing, nearly 1/2 of freelancers do writing work, with eighteen freelancers listing writing as a primary ability, 100% editing/copy-editing, and 100% as copy-writing. two-hundredth of freelancers listed their primary skills as style. Next on the list were translating (8%), net development (5.5%), and selling (4%).

Freelancing is projected to grow to $20–$30 billion within the next 5–7 years in India, and the freelancers in the US will comprise four-hundredth (approx.) of the manpower at the current rate of growth.

What Is The Work Of A Freelancer?

 You can choose any field as a freelancer from services like;

1. Freelance Writer:


A writer who works independently is referred to as a freelance writer. A freelance writer is someone who generally writes for multiple clients.

Depending on the service you seek, you can go by a variety of names:

1. Freelance Blogger: The emphasis is on writing blogs.
2. Writer of content: The emphasis is on producing various kinds of material (white papers, blog posts, eBooks, etc.).
3. In order to rank in Google, SEO writers should concentrate on producing highly optimized content for search engines.
4. Content strategists should concentrate more on managing and creating content.
5. Focus is on producing content for the web as a freelance web content writer.

6. Ghostwriter; Focus is on supplying ghostwritten content (not in your name) for eBooks, blogs, websites, emails, white papers, and other types of content.
7. Professional writer; you can refer to yourself as a professional writer once you’ve worked as a freelancer for some time.

As a new freelance writer, you can focus on one service or several. Here are a few services you can offer when you start out:

>Editing services can range from straightforward proofreading to developmental editing, which takes a more in-depth approach.
>Creating stuff under the pseudonym “ghostwriting” An eBook under a client’s name, for instance, might be requested.
>Copywriting — you can use your persuasion to update a website, and produce press releases, sales pages, or text for the web.
>Social media marketing: I’ve started to offer social media marketing services, along with many other writers. This comprises maintaining and managing a client’s social media profiles.
>In addition to managing your client’s authors, you may also be in charge of editing and publishing content on their website.

Types of Writing a Freelance Writer Can Offer

If all you produce is internet material, there will always be employment for you. To get you started off on the right foot, here is a brief list of several content types.

>Blog postings are what I write about most often and what most internet businesses require.
>Magazine articles are a more formal and journalistic style of writing.
>Business websites typically feature a lot of pages. You can be asked to produce an About page or a Products page as a freelance writer. Typically, copywriting would apply to this.
>Emails are brief bits of material that range in length from 500 to 1,000 words. Many businesses rely on emails to increase sales.

>eBooks: To get readers to sign up for their newsletter, several companies employ eBooks. Although ghostwriting makes up the majority of eBook writing, it’s a valuable skill to have.
>White papers are professional content that might generate leads for small businesses.
>Case studies are a highly lucrative service to provide, much like authoring white papers. You are speaking with clients and customers of a business and asking them about their experiences using the client’s goods or services.

>Did you know there are a number of brief writing assignments that pay hundreds of dollars? These pay highly and take only a short amount of time to complete. A team page on a corporation website, for instance, consists of various biographies. Those biographies may be written by a freelancer, and at $250 each, that’s not a bad price to charge.

Many small business owners and solopreneurs require someone to create an eBook for them. Determine the kind of writing you’d like to undertake and whether you’d be interested in doing it full- or part-time.

2. What Is Editing?

Making a piece of writing follow a particular style guide is the process of editing. The Chicago Manual of Style and The AP Stylebook are two examples of style manuals.

Serious publishing corporations may demand more thorough editing, whereas smaller houses may only budget for lighter adjustments. The instructions are generally used for literary and journalistic print publications.

5Different Types of Editors

Just as there are many types of editing, there are many different types of editors, and each editor has a different role in the publication process.

1. Chief editor. A publication’s leader is the editor-in-chief. They are typically less concerned with performing official editing work and more focused on managing the publication’s operations, including its budget, advertising, and overall scope.
2. The chief editor. The managing editor is responsible for supervising a group of editors and ensuring that edits are done correctly and consistently. The managing editor may also handle acquisitions for the publication, hire new editors, and offer training sessions.

3. An internal editor. An editor who only works for one publication is known as an in-house editor. They edit material, ensuring that it is understandable and well-organized, according to a predetermined style manual, and fact-check.
4. Independent editor. A freelance editor is a person who is employed on an hourly basis to perform editing work but does not work for a particular magazine. Overall, the work of freelancers and in-house editors is very similar.

5. Editor of copies. Depending on the magazine or position, a copy editor’s responsibilities can vary. They may work for an organization or independently. A copy editor frequently has to check an article for grammatical mistakes, consistency issues, and factual inaccuracies. Compared to other sorts of editors, they are typically more meticulous, concentrating on the technical aspects of the writing rather than the tone and overall content.

 3. consultant

A consultant is someone who provides businesses or individuals with professional or expert advice in a particular scientific or commercial field. Despite the broad description, there are generally three characteristics that distinguish a consultant from other professions. There is no legal protection for the title “consultant.”

The fact that each consultant works separately from the client suggests that, in their eyes, there is no conflict of interest between the client’s problem and the professional consulting services they offer.

Why do customers employ consultants?

One of the characteristics of a consultant suggests that clients use consultants because they have an advantage in knowledge. The overwhelming majority of the time, this is the main justification for a client to hire a consulting company to offer knowledgeable counsel that ultimately results in the resolution of a problem within the client’s organization.

There are however more reasons why consultants are hired:

1. Consultants are impartial and offer an unbiased assessment of problems and potential solutions
2. Internal politics and/or delicate issues are less likely to affect external consultants
3. In some cases, employing consultants may be less expensive than keeping the knowledge in-house.
4. Consultants can fill open roles or projects when businesses are short-staffed.
5. Consultants can more easily complete the “dirty work,” or make the decisions that nobody wants to make internally.

4. Marketing?

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is “fulfilling needs and wants through an exchange process” (AMA). Every three years, a group of five academic reviews reapproves and modifies the AMA’s definitions of marketing and research.

The process of developing, communicating, delivering, and trading offerings that are valuable to customers, clients, partners, and society at large collectively is known as marketing.

Types of Marketing

Influencer Marketing

In influencer marketing, a brand motivates or pays influencers to publicize its products or services on their behalf. Celebrities, content producers, patrons, and staff members can all be considered influencers. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) first used the term “influencer marketing” in 2012.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing refers to strategies and tactics for customer segmentation and loyalty development. To accurately target customers and develop loyalty programs, it integrates database marketing, behavioral advertising, and analytics. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) first used the word in 2004.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a phenomenon in marketing that enables and motivates people to spread a marketing message. Known as “viral” because the spread of a message among so many people resembles the transmission of a virus or disease.

Green Marketing

This term can also refer to efforts to produce, promote, package, and reclaim products in a way that is sensitive or responsive to ecological concerns. Green marketing is the development and marketing of products that are presumptively safe for the environment (i.e., designed to minimize negative effects on the physical environment or to improve its quality).

Keyword Marketing

With the help of keyword marketing, marketers can deliver the appropriate message to the right audience at the right moment. When specific terms are entered into a search engine’s search engine, many marketers believe that an ad will be displayed. Keep in mind that this phrase refers to obtaining first place in the search results itself in SEO.

Guerilla Marketing

An innovative and inventive marketing tactic known as “guerrilla marketing” aims to achieve maximum outcomes with the least amount of resources.

Outbound Marketing

When the term “inbound marketing” gained popularity, a newer term for traditional marketing—outbound marketing—was created. Through channels including TV, radio, and digital display advertising, the marketer contacts the customer first in outbound marketing. It is frequently employed to affect consumer choice and brand awareness.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is advertising in which consumers contact the marketer first. These strategies include web design, content marketing, event marketing, and email marketing. Establishing the company as a reliable source of useful information and solutions to problems is one goal of inbound marketing, which includes content marketing.

other fields are Designing, ICT, virtual administration, social media management, etc. 


When a freelancer produces works of art, they automatically acquire the copyright to those works. Copyright registration is not required for possession, but it may be required for legal action against infringement. These rights are in accordance with Section 101 of the Copyright Act of 1976 (17 USC), which governs copyright in the United States.

How To Become A Freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer is simply as straightforward as ordering one thing over the net. You visit sites that supply freelance jobs and tasks and take them on. this can be an exquisite means of beginning out and obtaining your name out there. Here area unit a couple of sites where you simply will compete for freelancing jobs:

Fiverr: the world’s largest marketplace to seem for freelance jobs. simply Prodan uses an associate degree account post what you’ll be able to do, add a few links, and you’re done.

99Designs: an ideal place to search out freelancing jobs if you’re a designer.

Upwork: Upwork may be an additional skilled wanting freelance marketplace wherever you’ll realize additional business shoppers.

Freelancer.com: Freelancer.com is among the oldest freelance job marketplace that you’ll be able to opt for in your initial year after you have very little or no freelance expertise. 

however, before heading to those freelance websites, you would like to line up a contract complete for yourself. Follow these steps for a similar –Decide what services you’ll supply verify your target market notice the platforms (freelancing websites) you’ll be serving on. select an identical username on all of them. It helps you build your complete identity.

Decide your rates produce an internet portfolio on your niche-specific portfolio platforms; GitHub for developers, designers, etc. we tend to conjointly recommend you produce a private portfolio website to showcase your skills and talent.

Getting freelance writers can greatly benefit your blog in the long run. It’s an easy way to get better content out to your readers regularly. If you wish, you can decide to publish every single day and still have some quality time for yourself or your side business. CLICK NOW!!!

When do you have to take into account Hiring sensible Freelance Writers?

>When you don’t return up with as several writing ideas as you are accustomed to, and you don’t have enough time to analyze content ideas for your blog.

>The blogging method has become usually exhausting for you.

>You don’t have enough time to provide high-quality blog posts any longer

>Your blog posts aren’t any longer as participating and memorable as they used to be.

>If what you’re experiencing utterly fits into any of the signs mentioned higher than, this is often the proper time to induce a contract author for your weblog.


Building and sustaining a made blog will return as an enormous challenge to most people. To grow your blog, you would like to publish numerous posts every month. Not solely does one have to be compelled to publish monthly at that frequency, but those articles ought to conjointly get the eye of your readers.

Getting a contract author can take most of the burden off from you. Once you have got a freelancer with smart writing skills, you’ll be able to grow your weblog to the extent you want.

Why Not Guest Bloggers

When the general public begins to search out blogging too disagreeable, they’re going to presumably consider oftentimes hospitable guest posts to their blog. they’re going to hope to utilize the articles of recent and skilled bloggers.

Having this perception might not be wrong, however, it’s not property within the long-standing time. Guest blogging is also extremely helpful to each party, however, it’s not one thing that ought to be done often.

Apart from this, there are several alternative reasons you must not rely upon guest blogging. variety of them is listed below.

Professional bloggers pitch their guest posts to prime sites in their industry; your blog might or might not be one among them,
People won’t naturally place a lot of effort and enthusiasm into work they’re not being paid for.
When you get freelance writers to your blog, writing nice and quality content for your weblog is their priority. this can be as a result of they’re being paid to try to do this. plenty of those freelance authors will work with you for a semi-permanent contract or simply write many articles; you simply have to be compelled to opt for a decent content writer to figure with you.

If you’re wanting to keep up a gentle business enterprise routine for your blog, obtaining a contract author can do a lot of smart achievements.

Here are many tips to assist you to get a competent one.

1. Get them to do a short sample work

When most writers apply for jobs, they may be using the work of other bloggers or freelance writers to do so.

To confirm their capability, ask them to do a test article before you consider working with them.

2. Google the name of the freelance writer you are considering.

Most freelance writers have professional publications or personal blogs.

Check out their work to see if it would fit into your goals.

3. Have options

Relying on only one freelance writer may not be healthy for your blog. You should get two or three of them that are capable enough to deliver outstanding articles for your blog.

These freelance writers should not only be able to deliver quality posts but do so promptly.

It is advisable to compile a list of five freelance writers when accepting applications. This way, you can select the best and drop the rest.

4. Consider what you want before looking

Before getting freelance writers for your blog, ensure you know exactly what you want. Some freelance writers can write daily, weekly, or monthly articles. You just need to consider what you are looking for before going out to search for one.

5. Search for a freelance marketplace you can trust.

There are lots of freelance marketplaces that can offer professional writers for your blog. You can either search for their portfolios on these platforms or post a writing job that they can see and apply for.

You can get lots of freelance marketplaces on the net; an example of them is Fiverr and Upwork. You just have to visit one of them and get a professional writer for your blog.

  • Ask for recommendations

If you recognize any blogger or business owner that uses freelance writers for his or her business or blog, ask them for a decent recommendation.


Although there are numerous reasons you must get freelance writers for your blogging business, yet, there are likewise reasons you might not;

>When you have an excessive amount of debt to handle
>When you can’t handily afford the fees of those freelance authors (find a contract writer with significant rates)
>If you wish to create and sustain an undefeated site, and still have enough time for yourself and alternative businesses you’ll have, obtaining a contract author is going to be the most effective choice for you.

If you’re obtaining freelance writers that aren’t a part of a contracting marketplace, it’s advisable to urge a letter of agreement or contract with them. this can be important if you’re hoping to figure out with them for an extended time.



1. Fiverr

  • Freelancing type: digital marketing, web development, social media
  • Pros: diverse category, free registration, online courses
  • Cons: high commission charge, the long payment process

Fiverr may be a platform that connects freelancers with business house owners trying to find services in varied digital comes, including website style, content writing, and voice-overs.

This freelance website provides an efficient technique for freelancers and business house owners to act with each other. Note that on the website, freelancers are called sellers, their services – gigs, and business house owners – buyers.

Instead of causing outbids, sellers will register at no cost, list their gigs, and set their costs. Meanwhile, patrons will merely flick through completely different classes to buy.

Whenever an emptor purchases a gig, the system mechanically charges their account and puts the money on hold. The system can then take a commission fee and send freelancers 80% of the offered worth.

Depending on every freelancer’s seller level, it will take up to fourteen days to withdraw their earnings. There are multiple choices to withdraw the payments, like open-end credit, PayPal, and wire transfer.

2. Toptal 

  • Freelancing type: software development, financial consulting, interim management
  • Pros: top-tier companies and talent, free invoicing and payments
  • Cons: extensive screening process, big projects only

Toptal could be a freelance website that connects extremely qualified freelance trade consultants with firms. Toptal features a broad variety of freelancers, from internet developers and internet designers to finance consultants and merchandise managers.

Applying to Toptal as a freelancer needs passing 5 steps of the screening method, from comprehensive English analysis to a project assessment. This method ensures solely the top 3% make it to the platform.

After passing all of the steps, you’ll have access to numerous job postings from prime purchasers and corporations, like Motorola and Airbnb. However, failing the check can place your application method on hold for up to many months.

Toptal features a dedicated service for a time following and invoicing called TopTracker. With this service, freelancers can get the full worth they provide and receive payments via Payoneer, Paypal, or direct native bank transfer.

3. Upwork

  • Freelancing type: brand marketing, programming, website design
  • Pros: payment protection, credible clients, budget-based projects
  • Cons: lengthy selection process, high service fee

Upwork may be a freelancing website that connects purchasers and freelancers from across the world.

The platform provides a good variety of classes, from internet style and computer code development to client service and accounting.

Clients and freelancers have multiple ways to attach – purchasers will like better to postemployment and rent talent or get a predefined service from the project catalogue. Similarly, freelancers will access the task board and supply a service to sell.

To get started as a freelancer with Upwork, begin by making a profile. guarantee it includes details regarding yourself, your experience, and your work expertise. detain mind that purchasers can decide whether or not you’re qualified by scanning through your profile whenever you bid for jobs or pitch a project.

Upwork includes a wage scale, which means a lot of you’re employed, the less cash you pay. for instance, the commission fee starts from 2 hundredth for the primary bill of $500 and bit by bit reduces as you receive more cash.

There square measure many choices for withdrawal, as well as direct transfer, PayPal, and wire transfer.

4. Freelancer.com

  • Freelancing type: content translation, web development, social media marketing
  • Pros: progress tracker, live chat, 24/7 customer support
  • Cons: complex interface, spam applicants, and fake clients

Freelancer.com is another freelance website where professionals and firms from around the world collaborate on numerous comes. due to the big selection of experience, shoppers will simply notice associate degree knowledge of any kind.

You can sign in as a freelancer or business owner. sign language up as a freelancer would force you to fill out a brief registration kind. give elaborate data, as well as your skills, instructional background, and work expertise.

In addition to comes, their square measure several contests, like visual or style work. Freelancers will get pleasure from these contests by earning cash on the side of reviews on their profiles.

Every freelancer can receive full payment when finishing employment. However, the platform takes 10% of your total earnings for contests and glued comes. Like most freelance sites, you’ll like better to use PayPal or wire transfer for withdrawal.

5. Flexjobs

  • Freelancing type: writing, content marketing, transcription
  • Pros: scam-free, 30-day money-back guarantee, reliable support
  • Cons: some premium jobs can be found outside the platform

Flexjobs may be a website that makes a speciality of versatile and remote job opportunities, as well as freelance, part-time and full-time jobs. There are broad classes, from education and coaching to journalism and writing jobs.

Flexjobs ensures each job listed on the website is legitimate. It verifies and screens all openings, filtering out scams and faux corporations. not like different online job boards, this freelance website doesn’t show any advertisements on its page.

To find freelance jobs, users got to register for a subscription. There are four plans obtainable, beginning from $6.95/week. each subscription offers unlimited access to the task listings, together with a personalised work portfolio, career recommendation, and free skills testing.

Users pay for their subscription with a postpaid card or PayPal. there’s a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, which means you’ll be able to get a full refund if you’re not glad about the service.

6. SimplyHired

  • Freelancing type: human resources, finance, data entry
  • Pros: email alerts, helpful guides, free job tools
  • Cons: spam from unreliable third-party websites

SimplyHired could be a job board wherever corporations will post job opportunities free of charge. It additionally collects job offers from everywhere on the net into one page. the location encompasses a clean program, creating it simple to browse jobs by class.

There area unit numerous freelance opportunities in numerous fields, together with finance and selling. to seek out a particular job, merely fill out the search box with connected keywords. to own additional relevant results, slim it down by filling out your town, state, or postal code.

Job seekers also can access the corporate pages to find out additional info like a remuneration summary of an organization, a listing of advantages offered, and reviews submitted by its real workers.

People will flick thru SimplyHired while not a profile. However, language up for an associate account can offer you access to numerous job tools, like a remuneration calculator and resume builder.

7. Guru 

  • Freelancing type: marketing, programming, administration
  • Pros: secure payment, customized job listings, free membership
  • Cons: potential fake clients

Guru could be a place for freelancers and corporations across the world to figure along. corporations will rent professionals with numerous skills, like programmers, graphic designers, and merchandise managers.

This freelance website makes it simple to browse job listings and submit quotes to purchasers. begin by signing language up and building a freelancer profile. The system can provide job recommendations that supported your skill-set and work expertise.

Freelancers will bid for long or short comes and provide a set worth for every project. There square measure multiple withdrawal ways to receive your earnings, as well as PayPal and wire transfers. additional significantly, the location ensures freelancers get paid timely with SafePay protection.

Every freelancer that signs au fait this freelance website gets a free basic membership. However, paid membership plans include additional tools to form your profile and stand out.

8. LinkedIn

  • Freelancing type: copywriting, translation, graphic design
  • Pros: networking opportunities, recent news updates, cost-effective
  • Cons: spam content from malicious users

LinkedIn is one of the top standard job sites providing a simple way to get jobs in different fields. It’s conjointly a social networking platform for professionals to attach and act with one another.

Simply register and build a profile to be started. embody the maximum amount of info as potential, like your skills, education, and work expertise. A comprehensive LinkedIn profile will open up additional job opportunities.

Adding a replacement post can even offer your profile additional exposure. for instance, if you’re a contract author, produce a post describing your experience and fasten your work portfolio. Potential employers may discover your profile and cause you to a suggestion.

Browsing through LinkedIn job postings is additionally an excellent thanks to noticing freelance opportunities. to search out your required freelance job, ensure to use connected keywords and kind the results from the most recent.

9. Behance

  • Freelancing type: illustration, photography, web design
  • Pros: large audience, networking opportunities, personalized content
  • Cons: competitive environment, limited image file size

Different from previous freelance sites on the list, Behance could be a social network for artistic skills. folks worldwide use this website to make portfolios and share their artistic work, starting from animations and illustrations to website and graphic style.

Whether you’re a contract graphic designer, net designer, or animator, Behance provides an area to urge discovered by potential employers. begin by signing language up for the Associate in Nursing account and establishing your profile.

As it’s a networking website, a lot of profiles you follow, a lot of posts can seem on your feed. It offers an opportunity to find a lot of freelance work opportunities.

Behance additionally provides a job list. each freelancer can get a personalised job recommendation in line with their skill-sets and class, creating it easier to search out freelance work that matches one’s experience.

10. 99designs

  • Freelancing type: web, logo, and graphic design
  • Pros: dedicated environment, payment security, active community
  • Cons: high service fees, the designer level can be limited

For freelance designers searching for jobs, 99designs offers lots of choices. it’s a contract website specially tailored for designers and businesses to collaborate. There square measure numerous styles comes offered, from emblem style and book covers to covering and merchandise.

Upon sign language up, you’ll be educated to create a profile and embrace your work expertise. The curation team can review your application and confirm your designer level. the upper your level, a lot of visibility you get on the platform.

99designs makes searching for freelance jobs of your experience simple. By choosing industries, styles, and style classes, you may have access to a listing of jobs to decide on.

Whenever you’re employed with a brand new consumer, 99designs can charge an associate introduction fee of $100 and a platform fee locomote from 5% to 15%. Freelancers get paid via PayPal or Payoneer within 3 business days and sooner for individuals with higher profile levels.

11. Dribbble

  • Freelancing type: mobile design, illustration, animation
  • Pros: large network, global community, abundant design inspiration
  • Cons: lists of freelance jobs are only available with a pro version

Dribbble is one of the foremost widespread platforms for artistic skills to fulfil, connect, and act with one another. Designers and artists use this website to make portfolios and promote their brands.

Creating a piece portfolio on the website will increase your probability of obtaining employment. Do therefore by sign language up for an associate account and uploading your styles.

Another way to seek out work opportunities is to open the task board on your browser. Their square measure varied sorts of jobs on the website, as well as UI/UX style and content creation. However, access to freelance job lists is restricted to premium users.

Dribbble premium version ranges from $5 to $15/month. With a professional version, users will transfer videos and multi-shot pictures to their profiles. A premium account will get priority placement on the hiring search listings.

12. People Per Hour

  • Freelancing type: programing, journalism, branding
  • Pros: automated invoice, location-based listings, secure payment
  • Cons: free bids are limited to 15 per month

As the name suggests, individuals Per Hour help businesses notice skilled freelancers to rent by the hour or project. There square measure uncountable freelancers from totally different industries, like promotion, marketing, and journalism.

Freelancers will produce an associate account for complimentary and begin fixing a profile. Note that the moderators can review every application before approving it. Once approved, freelancers will begin browsing for jobs in multiple classes.

When functioning on a project, freelancers will send offers and set their costs. Once they end, they’ll simply raise associate invoices from their dashboard.

Like most freelancing sites, individuals Per Hour charge freelancers a service charge per consumer. For $350 earnings, the freelance website takes a service charge of 20%. luckily, the fee can decrease as you’re employed a lot of.

13. ServiceScape

  • Freelancing type: academic writing, document translation, manuscript editing
  • Pros: custom pricing structure, flexible scheduling option, effective communication
  • Cons: high commission percentage and limited field of expertise

ServiceScape is a web job board specializing in freelance writing, editorial, and translation work. The platform helps freelancers build profiles and promote them to growing consumer info.

What sets ServiceScape except alternative platforms is the hiring method. rather than putting bids or causing proposals, freelancers merely look ahead to work offers from purchasers. Thus, it’s crucial to own a profile that stands out.

Freelancers and employers will connect simply via ServiceScape. each party will send messages and schedule a phone call.

ServiceScape distributes financial gain monthly via PayPal, check, and Gusto. Freelancers will set a custom valuation structure, project-based or hourly. However, the platform charges a commission fee of 50% for each completed work.

14. DesignHill

  • Freelancing type: website, brand, and merchandise designs
  • Pros: built-in online store, no service fees, live chat support
  • Cons: not a good option for non-designers

DesignHill may be an inventive marketplace wherever businesses supply quality style from skilled designers and artists. there’s a broad variety of style jobs accessible, as well as logos, websites, and brochures.

Signing up for an AN account can bring a good choice of freelance style jobs and varied style contests. It’s a superb likelihood to grow your work portfolio and establish relationships with purchasers.

As a freelancer, on this website, you’ll be able to build your own stores and begin merchandising globally, victimization tools like a profit calculator and business card maker.

DesignHill solely charges service fees to purchasers. Thus, a freelancer can receive the whole quantity of cash into their DesignHill account from style jobs, contests, or store sales.

As for payment withdrawal, the website supports PayPal and Payoneer.

15. TaskRabbit

  • Freelancing type: delivery service, house cleaning, personal assistant
  • Pros: custom hourly rates, no service fees
  • Cons: Only available in certain city areas

To earn money from doing grocery shopping or assembling furniture, check the TaskRabbit website. TaskRabbit is a same-day service provider that connects clients with freelancers to help with various day-to-day tasks.

Unlike most freelancing sites that list professional jobs, TaskRabbit provides a list of simple errands, such as household chores, lighting installation, and delivery. To get started, simply create an account, select your area and category, and set an hourly rate.

With every application, the TaskRabbit team will do a review and background check. Once a profile is approved, the freelancer will have to pay a registration fee of $25. Then they can start discovering jobs and managing work through the mobile app.

Whenever freelancers complete a task, they send an invoice for the hours worked. Clients will then directly deposit money to the registered bank account. TaskRabbit only charges service fees from clients, so freelancers will receive a full amount of the rate they charge.

THIS IS How I Chose Top Freelance Websites

To ensure that each freelance website on our list is reliable and trustworthy, we weighed several factors, such as:

  • Terms and conditions. Chosen freelance websites have well-documented terms and conditions that protect both freelancers and employers on said platforms.
  • Customer support. Each freelance site provides customer support to guide users and resolve any disputes.
  • Payment and withdrawal methods. Local and global freelancers can receive payment from freelance websites through multiple options, such as bank transfers and electronic payments.

However, don’t forget to double-check everything when applying for a job since there is always a possibility of being scammed.


There you have it – the list of best freelance websites to find work and make money online. Finding freelance work doesn’t have to be complicated. Most sites only require you to sign up for an account and build a profile. Consider the payment system, withdrawal method, and service fee.

For those looking for administrative or technical jobs, including web developers, social media managers, or finance consultants – here are our top freelance website recommendations:

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for creative jobs, such as writers, graphic designers, or illustrators – below are the best freelance websites to go to:




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4 thoughts on “What Is The Work Of A Freelancer?”

  1. Freelancing sounds like an interesting job position that exposes you to many different tasks. Must definitely be good for you CV and making extra money. I might even consider it. But, I assume a person must be careful of the tasks offered from customers though and also where the task need to be done.

    • thanks so much, Bernard, am happy to hear your thoughts. Freelancing actually is a great take in making money online, for it exposes one to a high level of knowledge in terms of all about article creation, SEO, ranking and even a higher knowledge in Affiliate marketing. thanks so much as I hope to see you drop by to make constructive comments.

  2. I have been looking forward to becoming a freelancer. So far, I have only heard about Fiverr. I like that we have so many options available. And I would be on the creative side, so Fiverr is a good option for me. I will also check Flexjobs and Dribbble. I am excited about becoming a freelancer!

    • It edifies me to hear that have added value to my article. I love it when people’s answers are answered through my write-ups. Thanks, Ann and have a successful journey with Fiverr for it is a great platform as I have done much of my works there.


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