What Is Idplr.com?

What Is Idplr.com?
What Is Idplr.com?

IDPLR ​is Among the many platforms offering PLR content, this is not the only one but Currently, IDPLR offers over 12,590 different PLR products and has more than 76,000 memberships

What Is Idplr.com?

When asked where I acquire my private label rights content from, if I ever need it, my response is simple: I have several contacts who can help me out. One of the greatest is idplr.com, which I am about to evaluate.

More than enough to not only get you started in the great world of PLR but also to keep your business running for many years. In addition to those mentioned above, you will receive the following benefits as long as your membership is active: Below is an example of one of their goods.


In a nutshell over 12950 products are available for members to download when they join, roughly broken down as follows:

  • Over 6315 E-Books
  • Over 1707 Videos
  • Over 1330 Software
  • Over 604 Graphics
  • Over 1219 Templates
  • Over 200,000 Articles
  • Over 1200 Turnkey Sites
  • Over 260 Audios

More than enough to not only get you started in the great world of PLR but also to keep your business running for many years. In addition to those mentioned above, you will receive the following benefits as long as your membership is active: Below is an example of one of their goods.

    • New products are available almost daily.
    • A “Live Preview” feature, enables you to look at any product before you download it to make sure that it is suitable for the use that you intend to put it. This is in the form of a product folder which shows you the first five pages of the document, twenty seconds of the video or audio, all the covers and graphics, and the complete license with the exact terms of the product.
    • Members may request products that they would like to see offered.
    • Members may submit their products for consideration as per products.
    • Free Training and excellent training videos are provided to help you in the world of first-class except first-class support is available to all member4s.

How does IDPLR Work?

The IDPLR platform is well-thought-out and simple to operate. On the selection page, each product has a brief description, and if you select it, you may learn more about it. Create an account on the IDPLR website and download the products you want.

      • Can Be Sold:  These products can be freely sold, and you get to keep all profits.
      • Can Modify the Product:
        This lets you know whether any part of the product was altered as well
        as any changes to the package, cover, or name of the author.
      • Can be packaged with other products:  Indicates if the product can be packaged with other products.
      • Personal Use:  Allows personal use, including the creation of a project using the information contained in the product.
      • Modify the Graphics and Cover: This allows the packaging graphics to be changed.
      • Change or Modify the Sales Letter: You can alter or customize the sales letters included with your products by selecting the appropriate option.
      • Place your Name on the Sales Letter: This feature allows you to add your name to the sales letter.
      • Can Sell Hard Copies: Indicates that you can sell hard copies of eBooks or other suitable materials.
      • Can add to free Membership Sites: This permission allows you to use the product on your free membership site.

The product can be utilized for a variety of additional purposes, but I’m sure you get the idea.

It’s as simple as downloading the product(s) you desire and using them for your personal use once you have them.

Typically, zip files are downloaded along with the content. When you unzip the eBook, you’ll get a JPEG version of the cover, as well as a Photoshop version. In most cases, PDFs, documents, andocksxs are included.

You can utilize the free hosting to develop a webpage if you have an IDPLR Gold Membership.


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Free Products

These include:

  • FreeEbookss
  • Free Software
  • Free Graphics
  • Free Templates
  • Free Videos
  • Free Audio

This is a finished product that you can add to your website or store and sales-isis. The license specifics, like the Infographic, aren’t perfect in terms of what you can do with it, but I wouldn’t be concerned. Started with an infographic bundle; the content was excellent; the only issue was the license’s restrictions; because it was MRR rather than PLR, I couldn’t use it on my website.

There was an opt-in page, a sales page, a checklist, a cheat sheet, a thank you page, and a mindmap, to name a few.



How To Use IDPLR products?

IDPLR offers four alternative license options for its products. You can change, rename, and resell the products under Private Label Rights (PLR). PLR products can give free products, but this isn’t always the case with IDPLR. The buyer might sell the resell rights to the buyer using Master Resell Rights. Personal Rights onlpermitr the personal usage of things.


Who Is IDplr For?

Because IDPLR offers so many types of
products in so many categories, it is difficult not to take advantage
of what they have to offer.

Content creators and those selling digital products can use this platform to make money online.

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Email Marketers
  • Video Marketers
  • YouTubers
  • Content creators
  • Freelancers
  • Paid advertisers
  • E-commerce owners
  • Local Businesses
  • Network Marketers
  • Digital Product Creators
  • and more

IDPLR is for those who want to save time when generating content or products.

This platform is for individuals who are serious about online marketing and are willing to experiment with a range of PLR items.

If you plan on using the PLR marketing technique long-term, an IDPLR lifetime membership can save you a lot of money because you can get all of the products at once.


Access to some of the bonuses depends on if you are a free member, a one-year member, er or a gold lifetime member.

  • 3D Cover Creators enables you to create a first-class cover for your-Bookok in around fifteen minutes.
  • 200k Private Label Rights Articles, access to Contact Xpress which contains this very large collection of plr articles. Access is free to One Year and Gold Lifetime Members.
  • WP Sales Page Creator (WP Sales Copy) this WP plugithatch enables you to create professional sales pages, squeeze pages, es, and opt-in pages. Easy to use.
  • 10GB of Web Space, ideal if you need web hosting, or need even more than you have already such as another website.


IDplr Pricing


To access all the PLR products, you
will have to purchase a membership, either for 3 months, 1 yea,r or for
life. When you are a member, you have unlimited access to all products


IDPLR offers four different pricing
plans. IDplr Gold Members enjoy unlimited access and full download
speeds without any restrictions. Only then will you be able to fully
utilize it.



  • Free Plan: IDplr offers a free plan with limited features. Free members have access to over 200+ PLR articles and video tutorials.
  • Gold member Quarter plan: Only USD 39 for a three-month Gold Membership plan.
  • Gold Member Yearly Plan:  Only USD 69 for a full-year Gold Membership.
  • VIP lifetime plan: A one-time payment of USD 79 will give you lifetime access to IDplr.


The free membership option gives you
access to two of the products and lets you preview and download products
from the free product category.


Free products are arrantly lower quality than Premium products, so you shouldn’t judge IDPLR by them.

For the time being, you may obtain 200 free plr articles simply by giving your email address. The articles will be different, but hey it will give you an idea of the type of content they offer. The quality is good; nothing has so far screamed “crap” or “tat.”




1. Lifetime Membership


A lifetime membership with IDPLR gives you access to and usage of its products for the rest of your life. This is in contrast to PLR.me, which bills in credits.

This may be a negative for some, but I prefer to pay for the membership once rather than buying goods separately.
Because you will be employing PLR materialregularlyis, this option allows you to save both time and money.


2. A wide variety of products


IDPLR offers a diverse selection of products and services, including eBooks, videos, articles, software, templates, and music. Though the majority of the content is about online marketing, there are products in practically every niche even though the majority of content is about online marketing, there are products in practically every niche.


3. Free membership option


IDPLR also offers a free membership option, and while the subscription plan is far superior, you can still use the free plan. You will have access to the free products category as well as two gold downloads for the paid library if you choose the free plan.

You can also view all of the product’s contents before deciding whether or not to download them.


4. Handy bonuses


IDPLR is a PLR repository that also provides tools to help you grow and perform better. With the built-in rights cover editor, you can edit and design eBook covers, DVD covers, software covers, membership cards, and more. You’ll also get free hosting, training, essential plugins, and even more stuff as part of the incentives.


5. Training

Many people are unaware of how PLR works and all of the technical details that go along with it. IDplr features several tutorials that show you how to use all of their PLR products effectively.


6. Packages are provided for products

Toto optimizes conversions, all goods on IDPLR are usually packed with other helpful PLR components.

Sales videos and sales websites are common in products like video products and eBooks.
Because you don’t have to create your assets, this can make selling easier.


7. Provides the opportunity to submit a right change request


You can submit a PLR product request with varied parameters for products whose rights restrict their use.

You can ask for a change if you want to offer the product away to your audience, for example. All of my requests have been approved so far, but some have taken longer than others.


8. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee


IDPLR offers a money-back guarantee because they are so convinced that you will enjoy their platform.

You have 60 days from the date of registration to receive a refund. You have the option of keeping the things that you have downloaded.


IDplr Cons and Complaints


1. Low-quality and outdated products


If you utilize IDPLR, you might come across certain goods that were added in 2015, 2016 or so that are no longer available. This is because they are somewhat outdated (especially in terms of technology), but some are simply poorly written. Despite this, you can download a limitless number of products, so all you have to do now is go out and acquire a better product. However, in general, all PLR websites offer similar high-quality products, and PLR products are never perfect.


2. Technical issues


Many of IDplr’s technical concerns have been rectified since last year.

There are currently a few small technical issues that may interfere with your use of this platform
Some product reviews take a long time to load or do not display at all, but that has been the only complaint I’ve had so far.


3. Poor product description


Some products have inadequate descriptions.

We can’t get a decent understanding of what the product is about because we can’t view it as its whole.
It would be wonderful if IDplr supplied detailed product descriptions. We wouldn’t have to download each product to learn about it and what it has to offer.


4. Customer Support Should Be Improved


You may have several queries and concerns when utilizing IDPLR. You shouldn’t expect customer service representatives to respond quickly once you send them an email. You’ll have to wait for hours for a response.

Check Out My PLR Review


I give the company a score of 9.5/10, as I never give 100% to anyone as there is bound to be something that I have missed. The company provides access to the material so that you can tweak it and use it for resale, gifts, and to write an anE-Book, the list is endless. If you have any articles that you would like me to write about, please email them in the box below. Notice that a lot of reviewers score or mark the product or company that they are reviewing, in that case,e I give IDPLR.com 9.5/10, as I never give 100% to anyone as there is bound to be something that I have missed, which would reduce the score, from the perfect ten, which I think that it deserves.

Check Out My PLR Review




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