What is LeadsLeap?


LeadsLeap is a lead GENERATING tool that assists with directing people to your business website or blog for FREE and you can partake in their income sharing advert program.


LeadsLeap members are entitled to three spaces of magnificent qualities for themselves that LeadsLeap can propose to anybody with a current internet-based business.

The stage has been refreshed as of late and many provisions have been added making the stage an All-In-One promoting platform for every individual who is hoping to get recruits or produce leads for its web-based business.

Truth be told, from LeadsLeap 3.0, we have adaptation 4.0 at this moment.

It is an extraordinary traffic trade and publicizing the site. It is allowed to join and work with preparing tossed in free of charge. LeadsLeap additionally has a breathtaking scope of showcasing apparatuses to assist you with fostering your business on the web. Strongly prescribed to assist with building your rundown and gaining clients.




A Word about Kenneth Koh the LeadsLeap Founder

Kenneth Koh is the author of LeadsLeap. He may have begun LeadLeap in his country of Singapore back in 2008 preceding it opening up in the U.S. in 2016.

Once more, the foundation for this site is by all accounts covered in secret. There isn’t a lot of data about LeadsLeap’s past or its present. Nobody has referenced where the business is found and if it works inside the U.S.

The main justification for why I had the option to discover that Kenneth Koh was from Singapore (or maybe from this country) is that I coincidentally came across the data from a site that expressed this data. Honestly, Kenneth Koh could be the U.S. conceived.

Nonetheless, we simply don’t know dependent on the data accessible on the web about this business and his own life. The site doesn’t say a lot regarding Mr Koh all things considered. Truly, it doesn’t make a reference to his name. It centres basically around what LeadLeap has to bring to the table individuals.

This may be a significant warning for some individuals. You ought to have straightforwardness about the authors of an organization and have thought of what their identity is.

Kenneth Koh was apparently associated with other web-based undertakings. Indeed, it isn’t clear in case he is engaged with some other web-based plans or not. One thing that is clear with regards to Koh is that nobody appears to associate him with any tricks or terrible surveys.

As indicated by Statscrop.com, the site was enrolled 13 years prior, and the originator of the organization is Kenneth Koh. Indeed, he actually gives part support, so if you send in a help ticket from the site, he is the individual who will respond to it – without a doubt.

They have an astounding 47,000 guests day by day. That implies their participation – regardless of whether paid or free – is dynamic on the site. The essential traffic is from the United States. The site is likewise facilitated on servers situated in the United States, which loans a demeanour of authenticity.

To settle the score seriously exhausting, the site is claimed by Easttech Pte, Ltd in Singapore, of which Kenneth Koh is the proprietor, and it is exclusive.

What would you be able to get from LeadsLeap?

So, YOU’ll approach ALL these once you join FREE…

FREE traffic to your sites

FREE autoresponder administration, your own rundown, not co-claimed

FREE page manufacturer, facilitating included

FREE popup generator, facilitating included

FREE connection tracker that can separate bot versus human traffic

Bring in FREE cash while profiting from every one of these!

Fundamentally, nearly all that you wanted to make a fruitful internet-based business can be found in your FREE participation.

Truth can be stranger than fiction.

Make a record now and see what is accessible to you.

I characterize LeadsLeap as an All-in-one lead age stage for 2 reasons:

To produce drives you really wanted (a) designated traffic and (b) devices like pick structures greeting pages or catch pages. Furthermore, this is the thing that Leadsleap offers to clients.

So Leadsleap is a manual traffic trade site, a promotions organization and leads age stage that is helpful to online business visionaries who are hoping to create traffic and leads for their web-based business.

As well as being a promoting stage, “LL” offers additionally to its individuals’ internet advertising instruments they can use to foster their web-based business.

There are likewise freedoms to bring in cash through their associate program, income share program, and credits encashment.

Kenneth is somebody who thinks often about the accomplishment of his customers and he is continually attempting to work on his administration for consumer loyalty. We can see it since the new update at this stage.

Truth be told, from LeadsLeap 1.0 to LeadsLeap 2.0, Kenneth delivered his foundation in March 2019 under the name of LeadsLeap 3.0 and afterwards LeadsLeap 4.0 in 2020 that accompanies the arrival of an Email showcasing apparatus he named Sendsteed.

what To Expect On Leapslead?

1. Traffic to your website or affiliate links

Kenneth claims his platform can offer you several sources of traffic to your blog or traffic.

Yes, this is not just a claim but a reality. As a member, I tested all these traffic sources and I will share them with you.

Ways to get traffic with LeadsLeap

To drive traffic on your site, you have up to 3 ways:

> Advertising on leads leap platform

As a member, you can set up some ads inside the platform and leads leap will send traffic to your site.

There are two types of ads on LeadsLeap: credit ad and pro ad.

>Credit ad

This service is free and available to all members. Free members are allowed to submit a maximum of 3 ads. These ads will be displayed and viewed by “LL” members on the platform.

However, as a free member, you need credits to get your ads viewed by other members. You can earn these credits by viewing other members’ ads.

>Pro ad

This service is just accessible for premium individuals, and as an exceptional part, you can post 10 acknowledge promotions as well as up to 10 professional advertisements.

Expert advertisements don’t need any credit to be shown and seen by clients on the stage.
This is a without hands promoting framework for premium individuals since they don’t have to ride advertisements to get their own advertisements shown on the stage.
What I mean is that, as a professional part, you get traffic and leads every minute of every day no stop.


2. Get traffic from Leadsleap individuals’ sites

You can get traffic from different individuals who put the leads leap tool on their site. Without a doubt, when you place leads leap gadget in your blog or site, ‘LL” will show individuals promotions on your site.

Consequently, your notices can likewise be displayed on other individuals’ sites. This offers you the chance to get guests coming from their destinations. You additionally acquire credits as a prize when a guest taps on these advertisements on your site. A mutually beneficial framework!

1. link tracking tool

A Real Tracker is a gadget that permits you to follow your offshoot joins. Reports the Real Tracker gives can assist you with seeing how individuals react to your offers. It additionally permits you to know whether the traffic and snaps you get, come from genuine guests or just from bot clicks.

Envision you paid someone to do your work in FIVERR, or bought solo promotions on stages like Udimi, and you don’t have an instrument to follow the snaps you get. You will purchase bot clicks without knowing it. This is the place where Leadleap genuine tracker comes on.

The Cost to Join LeadsLeap

People can sign up for LeadsLeap for free. There are two membership programs. One membership is free and users get the basic package. However, the second membership plan is the Pro plan and members get advanced benefits and features. Of course, there is no charge for the free plan.

The Pro plan will cost $27 as posted on the LeadsLeap site. There are some sources that claim that they paid only $20 to get started with the program with the site. We’ll default to the business’s statement about their Pro plan cost to make sure that we’re staying factual about this information. Remember that the $27 cost is to get started and it is also a monthly expense as well.

Your Business Growth with Lifetime New Flowing Leads Daily

  1. You are able to receive real human, quality traffic to their websites
  2. Free Explosive Powerful Tools to build a successful online business

In the later section, you will find out why LeadsLeap is different from other traffic generation systems.. such as paid-to-click, paid-to-surf or traffic exchanges and what it means to you.

Acquire New Marketing Knowledge For Your Online Business 

  1. Learn different aspects of online marketing (such as blog, video, ebook and newsletter) that helps you to improve and get better results for your business

Earn Some Money Online and Expose To Market Pulse

  1. You are able to earn while learning or driving traffic to your website
  2. Enjoy revenue sharing with almost ZERO effort

I going to dive deeper into the following aspects that I feel are more important as a business owner.

  • Free Advertising
  • Free Marketing Tools
  • Exponential Leads Network Builder
  • How To Earn Money As A Free Member

LeadsLeap And Your Business Growth.

What draws me to LeadsLeap is the FREE AD post to promote my different organizations and still make cash (though little) with it which I feel is smarter to reinvest in my business. This implies that I am to get free ADS for my business. More openness. More leads and More deals.

As a free part, you get to post 3 free advertisements on the LeadsLeap promoting platform. This is a free ad for your business that all individuals and surprisingly non-individuals (public) of LeadsLeap will get to see your promotions.

Just by putting an advertisement gadget on your site like what I shows you above, you have become a piece of the free promoting network where other individuals’ advertisements can be seen by your guests and if they get inquisitive or something grabbed their eye.

You get credits for every click. Only 5 mins of work to make the widget and spot it on your site.

Your promotions will likewise be shown in the part’s dashboard and LeadsLeap’s blog. For Free individuals, the advertisement recurrence is just 40% (divided between every single free promotion) of the shown promotions.

What amount of traffic would you be able to get as a free part?

As a Free part, my perception is relying upon the nature of the promotions you will most likely get between 1 – 400 ticks month to month due to:

More modest (40%) traffic pie as a free part

More Competition – 40% Traffic pie is for every one of the free individuals.

The measure of traffic is still respectable for a free part however you should procure the credits first.

I have seen that there are advertisements with more than 1000 ticks each week and these have a place with the star part.

Master part ordinarily gets around 600 – 1000 ticks month to month and they will have 10 PRO Ads openings that they can joyfully utilize without acquiring credits to publicize their business.

As a Free part, you can in any case have nice traffic openness to your business absent a lot of exertion on the off chance that you utilize the advertisement gadget and the gander at any intriguing individual promotion.

As a PRO part ($27/mth), it does accompanies many advantages and bother free. A portion of the advantages you have seen are getting to:

  • Use PRO Ads – No need to worry about credits
  • Larger traffic pie (60%) for Pro members
  • Lesser competition among Pro members compares to free members.
  • Encashment of credits since you are not using them


When it comes to producing traffic and potential sales for your online Biz, ‘LL’ provides you with 7 different marketing techniques.

I will give you a brief description of each one, as well as the good and bad points.

Sound fair to you?


You can create and promote your own advertisements to the hundreds of other members of the network.

However, before your ads may be active, you must first earn credits by seeing other members’ advertisements.

It primarily serves as a traffic interchange.

SUCCESS: Get your ads in front of as many people as possible.

Ads are also verified and monitored to guarantee that no offensive material is promoted.

BAD: You market your items to other “business owners,” who then market their own products to you.

As a result, some consumers will be uninterested in your offers, just as they would be on IBO Toolbox or any other exchange.

Another aspect of this strategy that I dislike is that some of my colleagues do it.

LeadsLeap Marketing Tools For You

LeadsLeap provides its users with excellent marketing tools that are completely free. These are valuable tools that will set you back some money if you decide to purchase them to help you grow your online business.

The majority of professional marketers use similar tools and are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for them. Yet, as a Free LeadsLeap member, you are covertly enjoying these tools for free… Isn’t it a fantastic feeling?

The All-in-One Popup Generator is the first free LeadsLeap tool.

This is an online LeadsLeap tool that allows you to build beautiful animation offers or opt-in popups that can be tracked and customized.

It is beneficial for business owners to attract the attention of their visitors.



 Leads Building System in Your Hand


As a LeadsLeap member, you will benefit from an “MLM Style” lead generation system that will grow organically and exponentially for you. To be a sponsor does not mean having to pay anything.

As a free member, you will have access to ten levels of downlines. The only drawback is that you don’t get any spillover downlines, but you do get all of the other benefits that free members get.

Let’s say you refer four people to LeadsLeap, and each of these four people refers four more people to LeadsLeap. This means you’ll be able to reach out to 1,398,100 leads at a 10-level depth using our 10-level lead creation system.

Earn Money As A LeadsLeap Member

Members receive up to 90% of LeadsLeap’s revenue!

Good Standing Member

PRO Committee Members

Share of Daily Profits

5% more

5 %

Weekly Revenue Split

A 15% discount

A third of

Affiliate Commission

Recurring for a lifetime of 25%

recurring 50% of the time over a lifetime.

Everyone can profit from the daily revenue split by simply visiting the network’s advertisements.

Members are compensated for driving traffic to LeadsLeap advertising and share in the weekly earnings. It works in the same way as Adsense.

You can earn a recurring 50% lifetime commission as a PRO member.

At $100, you will receive automatic cash out to your PayPal account, with Paypal fees absorbed. A problem exists.

What do I like about LeadsLeap 2.0?

There are a few aspects of LeadsLeap that I like, and they are the main reasons why I became a member.

Your ads do not have a timer. There will be no interruptions. Visitors are exclusively focused on the content of your website, just as they would be if they were viewing any other website via a search engine.

This is in contrast to the traditional 5-20 second visitor criterion used by other traffic generation systems, which does not reflect genuine website engagement.

3) NOT MLM Company. But cleverly adopt the multilevel aspect into leads building.


4) Create Long-Term Business Assets by accumulating a lifetime supply of 10 levels of business leads.Your network will develop rapidly and naturally as a result of your initial referrals, and you will continue to have free access to your growing leads.

5) Since it is not a ‘Pay Back’ traffic exchange scheme, there is no need to purchase an ad pack. As a result, it is actually a revenue-sharing program that does not require a purchase.

6) Email that is not bothersomeAccount administration emails will only come from LeadsLeap, not from other members. When I ignore it for more than 30 days, it will end automatically.

6) Installation of a Building Support SystemWith a traceable ticket, you can quickly contact support from your dashboard.

Sure You Want To Leverage on LeadsLeap 

You will need to have an existing online business before you can use the LeadsLeap system.

Don’t have one yet?

Like the idea of your own online business that hands you money online while working on it part-time or during your spare time?

Need direction to start your own online business?

LeadsLeap 4.0 review summary

LeadsLeap is the company name.

www.leadsleap.com is the URL for the company’s website.

2008 is the year it was established.

Product features include a free lead generation system, a popup and landing page builder, an autoresponder and list management system, a link tracking tool, and much more.


Kenneth is the proprietor of this establishment.

Price: Free – $0; Pro – $19/month special offer or $27/month regular price.

Affiliate marketers, network marketers, and bloggers in the make money online area will benefit from this resource.

Is it a rip-off or a genuine business opportunity? – formalized paraphraseThat’s real!

Sow Your Seed Today has a rating of 9/10.

Is this anything that I would recommend? Yes,


According to what I’ve seen and heard about LeadsLeap, it’s a legitimate system that assists in the generation of traffic or leads through its well-designed traffic lead generation system. thanks for now till the next post. please I will be more than happy if you drop a constructive comment below.





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    • great comment Daniel. leads leap is a great platform for your traffic and multiple sales generating tools. I just became a member and I can boldly say it is a wonderful tool. thanks, daniel and success ahead.

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    • great to have you back Aly. just like I explained in this post ma; 

       There are two membership programs in leadsleap, One membership is free and users get the basic package. However, the second membership plan is the Pro plan and members get advanced benefits and feature just like many other platforms and tools. Of course, there is no charge for the free plan, only the Pro plan will cost $27 as posted on the LeadsLeap site. thanks so much and success ahead Aly.

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    • thank you so much for that innovative idea. you have just inspired me to another level of an innovative idea. thanks for the support and also, am happy you got value. thank you for being honest and thanks for the comment.

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