What Is Tailwind?



Tailwind is a “utility-first” CSS framework that offers a large library of CSS classes and features to help you quickly start decorating your website or application.


The basic aim is that you don’t have to deal with cascading styles or worry about how to override that 10-selector pileup that’s been plaguing your app for the last two years while you’re designing it.

CSS is a technology that may be your best friend or your worst enemy. While it is extremely versatile and capable of producing what appears to be magic, it, like any other code, may become difficult to handle without the necessary care and attention.

While Tailwind has a lot more to offer.

Tailwind is a cloud-based social media engagement application that allows you to schedule Pinterest and Instagram posts. It is a program that assists users in making the most of their time on Pinterest and Instagram.

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram official partner, which lends it a lot of credibility. If you’re thinking if it’s worthwhile to invest in this social networking platform, keep this in mind.

Instagram is a visual social networking platform with over 1 billion active users. It’s also an excellent venue for connecting with and engaging your audience.

Instagram may significantly enhance your brand’s reach, engage your audience, and generate traffic to your website. Pinterest also has over 300 million followers.

How does Tailwind work?

Tailwind’s Pinterest marketing tool performs all of the following:

With Tailwind Create, you can create interesting Pins.

Smart Schedule automates the scheduling of your postings.

Posts at the greatest moments for engagement. Repeat your text at the interval you specify.

Discovers similar content that you may share.

Connects you with Pinners to share content in Tailwind Communities.

Monitors discussions on your Pins.

Increases your reach.

And track your progress!

All with only one tool.

Is Tailwind authorized by Pinterest?

Tailwind is a Pinterest Marketing Partner that adheres to all of its criteria in order to keep your account secure and thriving.

You do not need to submit any login information! Simply link your Pinterest account.

How do I connect Pinterest to Tailwind?

There is no need to submit your Pinterest login information because Tailwind is an approved marketing partner.

Did you know that? Sharing your login information violates the Terms of Service you agreed to when you joined Pinterest. So, don’t give out your login information!

If this is your first time using Tailwind, simply link your Pinterest account and you’ll be ready to plan.

How to Plan Pins on Tailwind

To add Pins to your itinerary, you have three options:

Pinterest provided the schedule.
timetable through your website
Pins may be simply uploaded into Tailwind.

Adding the Tailwind extension to your browser is the quickest method to achieve #1 and #2. Simply click it, and you may add as many pins from the website as you like.

Tailwind may help you increase your Pinterest traffic and followers.

Here are a few examples of how Tailwind expands your Pinterest options!

maintains a consistent presence on Pinterest without spending all day manually pinning

Your pins should be spaced out so that they don’t look spammy on Pinterest or bother your followers.

Pins during peak engagement periods (helping you conquer the Pinterest algorithm!).

To save you time, the Find Content tool curates Pins from your favourite blogs.

It provides Tailwind Tribes as an additional source of pins to share.

It connects you with tribal members who can also share your stuff.

“Loops” your pins so that they continue to post to Pinterest automatically!


What is Tailwind SmartLoop?

Do you want to drive more visitors to your finest content?

Without devoting additional effort to determining what’s working.
Without the need to keep spreadsheets to know when to schedule your Pins again.
And you won’t have to reload your queue!

Tailwind SmartLoop makes it simple to re-share your top Pinterest Pins at peak engagement periods!

Once you’ve added your Pins to SmartLoop, they’ll re-circulate endlessly.
Set a loop to Pin all year or only during a specific season.
With Tailwind’s smart calendar, you can see everything you’re Pinning.
Set your own limitations to avoid spamming or violating Group Board regulations.
With thorough metrics on each Pin, you can see what’s working and fine-tune your performance.
The tailwind was effective.

Can Tailwind help me with Pinterest Group Boards?

Yes! Schedule pins to your boards as well as group boards to which you belong.

Add group boards to your board lists as long as they don’t have tight limits like “1 Pin each day.” (If they do have per-day limitations, check out SmartLoop’s “board rules” in the second video below.)

I make a board list for each sort of information I store, starting with the most relevant and high-performing boards. I normally add group boards after my own because they are more generic and do not function as well.

How to count pins per board quicker with Tailwind.

You can also utilize Tailwind to rapidly discover how many Pins you’ve contributed to a group board – or any board! – over a given time period.

Improve your Pinning with Tailwind Analytics

Tailwind will evaluate your results once you’ve begun Pinning to show you which Pins and boards are doing the best for you.

Pinterest Profile Insights are available on the Pro subscription and contain the following features:

Following development
There are no pins.
Repin expansion Additional comments:

View the last 7 or 30 days of these.

Your Pinterest Page: Each board’s insights include:

Number of pins on each board (total, or see how many have been added in the last 7 or 30 days)
The number of followers on each board (total, or see how many have followed in the last 7 or 30 days)
The number of repins on each board (total, or see how many repins in the last 7 or 30 days)
Each board’s virality (repins per pin) (lifetime score)
Engagement (number of repins per pin)

When do I need Tailwind for Pinterest?


Q: How many Pins should I have before I start using Tailwind?

A: That’s an excellent question. Sorry for the “it depends” response, but…

If you want to automate and expand your Pinterest account, you might start with little or no original material. Pin high-quality, viral content in your field. This will assist you in establishing your Pinterest authority and increasing your Pinterest followers.

Alternatively, you might wait until you have roughly ten blog articles with a few Pins for each. Then you may schedule each pin to at least four separate relevant boards, spacing your pins at the above-mentioned intervals.

You can repeat the technique every 4 to 6 months. Pinterest advises against such.

Can I use Tailwind For Free?

Yes, you can use Tailwind free forever! Sign up with my link and start scheduling Pins.

How long is Tailwind’s Free Trial?

There is no time constraint, thus it is no longer a trial. On Pinterest and Instagram combined, you may schedule and publish up to 20 posts every month. There is no payment information required!

In addition to 20 published posts per month, free users can create 20 articles per month using Tailwind Create and participate in 5 Tailwind Communities with 30 contributions per month.

Try it right now!

How much does Tailwind for Pinterest cost?

Are you curious about Tailwind’s pricing? There are a few different plans to pick from.

The Pro package will suit the majority of bloggers and small companies.

The Tailwind Pro plan contains the following features:

Publish a total of 100 posts to one Pinterest account and one Instagram account every month.
Tailwind Set a monthly posting target of 200 times across all platforms.
Smart scheduling ensures that your pins appear at the most appropriate moments.
Advanced analytics to assess the success of your PIN, profile, and board.
Insights into a Website
Historical archives for 30 days
There are 5 Tribe members and 30 Tribe entries.

All of this is included for $14.99 per month, or save 33% by paying for a year in advance for $119.88.

If you need to add new accounts or publish more Pins, please do so.

So what makes Tailwind great?

Tailwind’s answer is to give a wide range of CSS classes, each with a specific purpose. Instead of a class called .btn, which is produced directly with a variety of CSS attributes, you would either apply a bunch of classes like bg-blue-500 py-2 px-4 rounded to the button element or make a btn class by applying those utility classes to that selection in Tailwind. Create gorgeous pins quicker than ever before, schedule them at optimal times, expand your reach, and track outcomes – all with a single tool.

Tailwind automates the most time-consuming aspects of your social media marketing, allowing you to grow smarter and faster.

Tailwind, believe it or not, offers even more time-saving features than I’ve included.

Why You Should be Using Tailwind for Pinterest Scheduling

I was introduced to Tailwind after working for Netvantage for around three months. I fell in love with the tool right away and continue to discover new things about it on a daily basis.

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram post scheduling application that helps you plan posts wisely and find fresh content. If you haven’t already, I recommend signing up for a free trial and testing it out on your Pinterest account. Here are a few reasons why you should use Tailwind for Pinterest scheduling, as well as some pointers for beginners.

It facilitates the scheduling of pins.

Tailwind is really simple to use. You may be on any page and add the material you want, especially if you utilize the Tailwind Publisher Chrome Extension.

Your pins surely get noticed

Tailwind offers a nice feature that allows you to automatically schedule pins for various periods of the week. This will allow you to pin when your followers are most active. You’ll see a dashboard of dates and times if you go to Publish > Your Schedule.

The green timings are the time slots you’ve added or Tailwind’s default times for automatically publishing pins in your queue weekly. You may also add additional time periods that you believe are appropriate for your material. After a while, Tailwind will learn the optimum times for your content and offer potential time slots defined in a green dotted line.
Tailwind has also just added a new feature called Tribes to help users.

You can use it for analytics

It’s useful to see how your Pinterest account is doing and what material your followers appear to enjoy the most. When you go down to the “Track Your Brand Page” tab, you’ll see information about engagement, virality, and follower growth.

Go to Track Your Brand Page > Board Insights to check which of your boards performs the best. There’s also a useful button beneath the title of the board that can help you locate comparable material. You can also connect your Google Analytics account to Tailwind to track how your website’s pins perform.

Under Optimize Content > Pin Insights, you can also follow comparable metrics for individual pins. This tab will display the best-performing pins.

The Tailwind Affiliate Program is a social engagement tool for Pinterest and Instagram users that are hosted in the cloud.

Affiliate marketing is a terrific strategy to keep your money streams flowing continuously. A lot of retailers may post deals that they want affiliates to promote.

Increasingly affiliate networks are popping up, offering more appealing compensation to bloggers and marketers. Passive revenue streams have always been my favourite aspect of affiliate marketing.

It’s a strategy that allows you to put in a lot of effort from the start. And as you start earning money from your efforts, the money flows in over time. As a result, you’ll be generating monthly money long after the referral.

Tailwind Affiliate Program

Bloggers, marketers, and anyone with a significant quantity of traffic or follows should like this. The Tailwind Affiliate Program pays you a 15% commission on every converted sale you produce. And this affiliate scheme does not pay you once, but rather on a regular basis.

You will receive 15% of the amount paid by your referral when they renew their Tailwind monthly membership. The Tailwind Affiliate Program is open to anyone from all around the world and is completely free to join.

There are several more aspects of the Tailwind Affiliate Program that you may wish to investigate.



Tailwind Benefits

The following are some of the advantages of utilizing Tailwind:


Tailwind is a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool for optimizing social media engagement. It is cloud-based, which means users do not need to install any apps before using them.

There is a Chrome Extension that is not problematic for users. You may also arrange for the tool to automatically update whenever an update is available.

2-Access to nearly a billion people

Pinterest and Instagram have a combined user base of well over one billion people.

Consider the potential traffic, brand engagement, and revenue that Tailwind can bring you.

Tailwind will reach a big number of people.

3-Saving Time!

Social media schedulers are designed to save you time and improve your social media updates. You may, for example, schedule all of your Pinterest posts for a month in only 3 hours.

Assume you average 5 Pinterest Pins each day, or 150 Pins (5 x 30 days) every month. After you’ve created the Pins, you may plan different dates and times for each of them in a single day.

This allows you to save time while simultaneously adhering to your social media posting timetable.

4-Partnerships with Pinterest and Instagram

You’re using a social media platform that’s an official Pinterest and Instagram partner.

5-Schedule Affiliate links

Bloggers and marketers may utilize Tailwind to schedule advertisements.

Tailwind Pricing

Tailwind offers a free trial period for its product to help access and find out if it meets your needs.

For pricing plans, depending on your unique needs and scale, the prices range from $9.99 to $799 a month.

Features of Tailwind

Listed below are the basic features of Tailwind:

1 – 15% Monthly Commission

You earn 15% of what your referral pays each time they renew their Tailwind monthly membership. These earnings will continue to accrue as long as your recommendation stays active on the Tailwind tool.

2-Large Audience

A tailwind is a beneficial tool for social media users, allowing you to reach a big number of people.

Life of a 3-Cookie

The Tailwind affiliate’s cookie life is 90 days, during which time your visitor is required to join up.

4 – Tailwind Payment

Tailwind is not responsible for the direct payment of affiliate profits to you. It outsourced the management and payment of its affiliate program to ShareASale.

You will get your money by cheque on the 20th of each month.

Getting Started with the Tailwind Affiliate Program

Because ShareASale is the affiliate network that runs the Tailwind affiliate program, you must first join its network before applying to the Tailwind affiliate program.



Now you have two choices:

Ignore Pinterest’s ability to help you grow your business.
Take time away from your business to conduct the time-consuming task of manually pinning.
Pay hundreds of dollars each month to have an assistant schedule your pins.
Pay $15 each month to have Tailwind pinnin’ for you!

When you use Pinterest on a regular basis, you will receive free traffic and leads.

Tailwind for Pinterest makes it simple!


It should be noted that affiliate marketers have several choices for monetizing their websites and earning a consistent income. One of these choices is to have passive income sources that pay you every month.

Tailwind Affiliate is a solid affiliate program that delivers a terrific product to users as well as the opportunity for affiliates to make a 15% monthly recurring commission.

It is a free affiliate program for everyone who is interested, and there are no national limits. Thank you, and please leave a constructive comment so that I can serve you more creatively in the future.

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