What is Thrive Leads?

What is Thrive Leads?
What is Thrive Leads?

The foremost valuable asset for any online business is its email list. Thrive Leads is a respected opt-in tool for emails. Now, it’ll not be wrong to call Thrive leads effective plugins for list building.

What is Thrive Leads?

The cash is within the list — associate degree if you haven’t started building an email list, begin now!’ That’s what we’ve been told for years, right? however, once it involves building an associate degree email list, what plugin do you have to use? during this post, I’ll be shedding some light-weight on the matter by golf shot one among the market-leading plugins, Thrive Leads, through its paces.

every good lead generation plugin shouldn’t solely allow you to produce great-looking opt-in forms, however additionally offer you the tools to show those forms to the correct guests, on the correct content, at the correct time. Thrive Leads delivers on all counts, though it’s stronger in some areas than others.

It has a name for being one of WordPress’s most powerful and versatile tools for generating leads. victimisation this tool can build your email lists remarkably and switch your one-time guests into shopping for customers. That’s why you’re in business, isn’t it?

In this piece, we tend to investigate what Thrive Leads is regarding. It can be a number of nice options. However, you’ll be able to integrate it with different tools to induce the most effective expertise and additional visitors, grow your audience or build your business for profit.

What are Leads and Why Do You Need Them?

Leads may be represented as people that you just have the chance to follow abreast of, or reconnect with. If a traveller arrives at your website and performs a particular action, like submitting a kind, they become a lead. You then have the flexibility to contact those leads, via email or another mode of communication, and gift them with any opportunities. These opportunities may well be returning to your website to visualize a brand new blog post, getting a product, or hiring your services.

If you’re running an Associate in Nursing eCommerce store or mercantilism a service online, then the advantage of generating leads ought to be obvious.

But though you’re simply a beginner blogger, you’ll be able to still have the benefit of generating leads from your audience. By assembling emails from your guests, then adding them to your subscriber list – with their permission in fact – you’ll be able to flip one-time web site guests into repeat returners.

To grasp that you just grasp what leads area unit and why ought to be assembling them, it’s time to hide however you’ll be able to set about generating them from your WordPress website with our active review.

ProsLarge library of kind templates powerful pop-up and opt-in kind designerUseful split testing tool for optimizing kindsValuable coverage knowledge to boost conversion rates on some form styles aren’t as fashionable as others require the acquisition of Thrive SuiteWhatever kind of website you’ve got, you’re likely to require to come up with leads from your guests. Doing, therefore, can offer you a chance to induce connected with them when they’ve left your website.

Leads may be represented as people that you just have the chance to follow abreast of, or reconnect with. If a traveller arrives at your website and performs a particular action, like submitting a kind, they become a lead. You then have the flexibility to contact those leads, via email or another mode of communication, and gift them with any opportunities.

These opportunities may well be returning to your website to visualize a brand new blog post, getting a product, or hiring your services. If you’re running an affiliate in a growing eCommerce store, then the advantage of generating leads ought to be obvious. But though you’re simply a beginner blogger, you’ll be able to still have the benefit of generating leads from your audience.

By assembling emails from your guests, then adding them to your subscriber list – with their permission in fact – you’ll be able to flip one-time website guests into repeat returners. To grasp that you just grasp what leads area unit and why ought to be assembling them, it’s time to hide however you’ll be able to set about generating them from your WordPress website with our active review.

How Thrive Leads Helps You to Get More Leads

Before going into the additional careful review, let’s take a glance at the fundamental options and price proposition of Thrive Leads.

To help you to form effective opt-in forms, Thrive Leads comes in 10 differing kinds. for every kind, you’ll be able to either choose between a range of pre-built templates or style your opt-in kind from scratch.

To design your own kind (or customise one amongst the pre-made templates), Thrive Leads offers a wonderful visual drag-and-drop builder. It’s really a stripped version of Thrive Themes’ well-liked Thrive creator page builder plugin, which may be a nice activity and one thing that produces the Thrive Leads editor heaps additional versatility than your average list building tool.

To control United Nations agency sees your forms and once, Thrive Leads comes with a solid list of targeting and trigger rules. for instance, you’ll be able to target your forms to specific content, devices, sorts of WordPress users, and so on. you’ll be able to conjointly choose between completely different triggers, like exit intent, time on web site, scroll depth, and more.

You can connect your forms to all or any of the popular email promoting tools, still as a couple of webinar tools. for instance, you’ll get integrations for Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and more. There’s conjointly a catch-all Zapier integration that helps you to connect with any one of the thousands of apps at Zapier:

Finally, once you publish your opt-in forms, Thrive Leads provides you with integral analytics to trace your impressions and conversion rates. If you’re foiled by the results, you’ll be able to then spin up A/B tests directly to do to search out a better-performing provider.

Their square measure a couple of relevant smaller options, however, that’s the final gist of however Thrive Leads works and the way it helps you.

Types of Thrive Leads Op tins

Not each webmaster desires to show aggressive popups to guests, right? Some like a a lot of delicate approaches, specializing in user expertise instead of jaw-dropping conversion rates.

Where you stand on this is often a private alternative. However, Thrive Themes doesn’t discriminate: The plugin supports an enormous sort of opt-in forms, which implies it caters to everybody, no matter their approach.

As I discussed earlier, Thrive Leads comes with 10 completely different popup varieties. Some are aggressive, full-screen affairs that your guests can’t ignore, whereas others are way more delicate, like the associate degree retiring notification bar. Here are all of the various kinds of opt-ins you’ll create:

ThriveBox (Popup Lightbox): Your classic popup, this manner overlays your content to command the most attention.
‘Sticky’ Ribbon (AKA Notification Bar): A howdy Bar-style option that you just will anchor to either the highest or bottom of a visitor’s screen.

In-Line Forms: These aren’t popups the least bit — they’re forms that sit at intervals with your content.
Two-Step Optin Form: Add a tiny low CTA with a button that, once clicked, opens a full lightbox popup.
Slide-In: this is often another retiring popup that ‘slides in’ from the corner.

Typically, you’ll show this as a traveller scrolling down the page employing a scroll depth trigger.

Optin Widget: A kind for gadget areas, however, it most likely works best within the sidebar.
Screen Filler Overlay: A popup on steroids! This option covers the whole screen, which means it’s certain to get your message across.
Content Lock: Lock content behind the associate degree option kind. Once individuals enter their email, they’ll unlock the content.

Scroll Mat: just like a screen filler overlay, however, the option kind ‘pushes’ your content down because the popup seems.
Yes/No & Multi-Choice Forms: Add multiple steps to your opt-in forms to interact with guests. this is often a form of variation on the lightbox popup.


The opt-in forms are many: within the web world, what creates user expertise sleek is once there are scores of helpful options that make things straightforward. Luckily, in this regard, Thrive Leads doesn’t falter the least bit. You get to form varied kinds of opt-in forms like widgets, notification bars, and more. once creating a kind, you’ll then show it in the correct temporal order and proceed to focus on the relevant audience.

The templates are many: There are scores of templates that are without delay on the market to be used. The templates are optimized to ease your work. So, you get to possess fun whether or not you’re familiar with copywriting or not.
You can edit easily: The drag-and-drop feature helps you to edit seamlessly thereby providing you with flexibility once creating styles. The editor is similar to Thrive designer. So, which means you get a lot of choices for customizing what you style.

Conceals your provide: Thrive Leads options associate degree choice that conceals your offer from intending subscribers. In that method, you don’t get to disturb folks that have already signed to your list.
Works nicely with Thrive designer: Thrive Leads works with Thrive Architect to relinquish you tons of choices for personalization. Thrive designer displays all its options on the sidebar and that’s nice. Later during this piece, we tend to shall take a better check out however this works.

Why Use Thrive Leads?

When it involves renting your email list to have ascension, you’ll perpetually think about Thrive Leads for that. Below are a lot of reasons you’ll reckon Thrive Leads:

You get to use any style of opt-in kind you’ll think about.
You get the utmost flexibility from modifying all the weather on the opt-in forms. It can be the text, the colour in spite of the dimensions of the screen you see.
You get to see wherever you wish specific opt-in forms to show.
You will set however oftentimes a traveller can see your opt-in forms.
You can create selections that supported real information, instead of simply creating guesses which might be inaccurate occasionally.

Why would one like an associate degree in Email List Building Plugin for WordPress?

Building an associate degree email list is one of the simplest ways in which to make a lasting relationship together with your potential customers.

With a listing building plugin (also known as a lead generation plugin), you’ll flip your website guests into leads or subscribers. The default forms that you just will generate from your email promoting tool (such as MailChimp or a couple of alternative alternatives to MailChimp like SendinBlue or Aweber) look generic and boring. With a lead generation plugin, you’ll produce beautiful opt-in forms quickly and simply that are well-tried to come up with conversions.

Thrive Leads could be a powerful plugin that enables you to make stunning opt-in forms on your WordPress website. By making beautiful opt-in forms, you’ll attract your website visitors’ attention quickly and stimulate them to purchase your email list. you’ll additionally produce highly-targeted campaigns that are well-tried to drive a lot of conversions.

Types of Optin Forms you’ll produce with Thrive Leads.

The Thrive Leads plugin helps you to build a large sort of choices forms and show them on completely different components of your WordPress website. It provides you with ten highly-engaging choice varieties to ask users to purchase your email list.
Popup Lightbox: A popup lightbox seems (pop up) on top of your content and prompts your website guests to fill within the kind and subscribe.

Sticky Ribbon: Sticky ribbon remains at the highest of the screen even once the user scrolls down the page.
In-Line Forms: In-line forms displayed at the rock bottom of your posts or anyplace at intervals in the post employing a straightforward shortcode.

2-Step Optin Forms: This helps you to trigger a popup once your guests click on a link, image or button.
Slide-in Forms: A slide-in choice could be a kind that seems at the rock bottom right corner of your page because the guests scroll down.

Optin Widget: you’ll show opt-in forms within the sidebar or any widget-ready space of your website with opt-in widgets.
Screen Filler Overlay: It’s an associate degree overlay choice that covers your entire screen to convert your guests.
Content Lock: stimulate users to purchase your list by lockup your content.
Scroll Mat: It’s a full-screen kind that seems at the highest by pushing the content down.
Multiple alternative Forms: These forms provide multiple decisions to the users.

How to Integrate Thrive Leads with SendInBlue

Thrive Leads integrates with Sendinblue for each email promoting and transactional email. So, let’s have a fast check out however that works:

For promoting On the dashboard of your Thrive Leads, navigate to API affiliations and add a replacement connection.
When you click on Add New affiliation, opt for Sendinblue from the list of choices you see within the menu. you may then see an associate degree empty text field wherever you’ve got to input the associate degree API key. Now, the ensuing factor is to urge your API key.

To get the API key, go surfing to your Sendinblue account. Navigate the pointer to the top-right corner wherever your account name is found. Click on your account name and a menu can drop showing a listing of various tabs.
Move the pointer to SMTP & API, and click on that. once it opens, navigate to the top-right corner of your screen. You’ll see a button just under wherever your account name is. Click on the button to make a replacement API key. customise it so hit the Generate button to possess the key. The key is value-added directly.
Copy the key to return to your Thrive Leads dashboard to stick the API key within the text field. Click on Connect and you’re all set!

A dialogue box can pop and prompt you to fill a kind. Navigate your pointer and click on the text box labelled ‘Your name’. a listing of various tabs can show on top of the text box. choose Connect with Service choice from the list.
Create a replacement affiliation and opt for API and a dialogue box can show. opt for Sendinblue as your API affiliation, and opt for that list in Sendinblue you wish to feature a contact to. put it aside and therefore the affiliation is complete.

What is Thrive Leads?
What is Thrive Lead?

For Transactional Email

Now, after you attend your Sendinblue account, you’ll see the transactional email feature for email delivery. If you’re victimisation the Thrive plus delivery feature in Thrive Leads, you’ll additionally create use of the transactional email feature.

You can use Sendinblue to send your emails with transfer links. This way, you don’t have to be compelled to worry about spam compliance, as a result, the emails can perpetually get to the inbox.

Pricing and Support Options for the Thrive Leads Plugin

Thrive Leads is a premium plugin that comes with 3 different pricing plans. But When we originally wrote this review, there have been 2 ways in which you may purchase Thrive Leads — you may either purchase simply the standalone plugin otherwise you could catch on as a part of the Thrive Themes membership, which has access to any or all of the developer’s plugins and themes.
That was modified in early 2021 once Thrive Themes was utterly revamped however it oversubscribed its product. Now, the sole choice to access any of Thrive Themes’ products is to shop for the membership, which is named Thrive Suite.

This approach is incredibly kind of like the popular Divi theme (our review) — {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to}’t purchase Divi by itself; you can solely catch on as a part of the Elegant Themes membership, that conjointly gets you access to any or all of stylish Themes’ different product.

The same is currently true of Thrive Leads — the sole thanks for purchasing it’s to get the complete Thrive Suite membership. For one value, you do not solely get access to Thrive Leads, however, you furthermore may get access to each different plugin and theme from Thrive Themes:

Thrive, designer — a visible, drag-and-drop page builder plugin.
Thrive Theme Builder — a visible, drag-and-drop theme builder.
Thrive Comments — a replacement for the native WordPress comments section. Our review.
Thrive Quiz Builder — a tool to create conversion-focused quizzes.
Thrive, Apprentice — a lightweight WordPress LMS plugin for easy online courses.
Thrive demand — a plugin to feature evergreen or time-specific count timers.
Thrive recognition — a plugin to gather and show testimonials.
Thrive Optimize — associate add-on to run A/B tests on your Thrive designer styles.
Those square measure loads of valuable tools, however, this is often conjointly a reasonably massive modification to the worth proposition of Thrive Leads. In the past, you may purchase simply Thrive Leads for $69, which was a nice price in comparison with a tool like OptinMonster (our review), which prices $108 a year for simply the most cost-effective setup.

Now that Thrive Leads is merely offered as a part of the complete membership, though, it’s loads dearer. You get 2 rating options:

Quarterly membership (billed each 3 months) — $90, adore $30 a month.
Annual membership (billed once a year) — $228, adore $19 a month.
Both plans allow you to use all of the product on up to twenty-five websites — there’s no unlimited website possibility.

Additionally, Thrive Themes does not offer life updates because it once did. Now, you’ll solely still receive updates as long as you’ve got a lively Thrive Suite membership (which is how most different WordPress developers do things). Note: the present version of Thrive Leads you’ve got put in can still work, although you let your Thrive Suite membership expire, you simply won’t receive new updates for the plugin.

Basically, you’ll currently pay $228 a year for as long as you would like to continue receiving updates for Thrive Leads (and all of the opposite Thrive Themes products).

This makes it a touch dear if all you would like is maybe a list building plugin, but, for my full thoughts on how that rating affects the worth proposition of Thrive Leads, let’s advance to the decision.

Using Thrive Leads with Thrive Architect

Thrive designer changes tons for Thrive Leads. You get a good variety of choices to change styles in the manner you wish. once you load the associate degree opt-in kind templet and choose the lead generation part, you’ll see everything you wish within the sidebar.

This is the most important distinction that Thrive designer brings once you use it with Thrive Leads. The sidebar is therefore loaded with choices that you simply need to scroll right down to see additional options.

When you scroll down, you’ll see provisions for modifying the format of your texts. It can be the gradient, colour and size of the text. Another fantastic issue with Thrive designer is that it allows you to modify a kind to create it look totally different on mobile phones.

You can customise the weather on the opt-in kind to suit the smaller screens of mobiles. when you are doing the modifications, you’ll simply notice that the mobile rendition doesn’t have an effect on the desktop rendition.


Large library of kind templates

Powerful pop-up and opt-in kind designer

Useful split testing tool for optimizing forms

Valuable news knowledge to enhance conversion rates


Some kinds styles aren’t as trendy as others

Requires the acquisition of Thrive Suite

Whatever kind of website you’ve got, you’re likely to need to come up with leads from your guests. Doing, therefore, can offer you a chance to induce up-to-date with them when they’ve left your website.

In this Thrive Leads review, we’ll explore a robust WordPress lead generation plugin that may assist you to connect with your





Thrive Leads works fine with any email promoting tool you’ll be able to think about. What’s more? The list keeps growing by the day. So, expect a lot of emails promoting tools to affix the list.

With Thrive Leads, you’ll be able to simply get the info that may assist you to establish a robust reference to your audience.

If you’ve been aiming to begin building your email list for a jiffy currently, Thrive Leads may be a powerful plugin that will assist you in structure for lost time.

Choosing this plugin offers you access to a robust set of options, combined with a decent choice of conversion-focused templates. In fact, there aren’t any notable options lacking from Thrive Leads that may cause you to regret selecting this tool.

So if you actually wish to maximise the results you get from your pop-up forms, opt-in displays, and different lead generation assets, Thrive Leads provides you with the tools, reports, and information to come up with a lot of leads with identical quantity of traffic.



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  2. What I love about building a list, first of all, is that there is money in list building and secondly you almost own your subscribers and you can always sell to them and then resell some more. The money is in the list and that is what I love about list building. Thank you so much for the insight into this list-building program.

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