What Is Wishpond Marketing Tool?

What Is Wishpond Marketing Tool?
What Is Wishpond Marketing Tool?

What Is Wishpond Marketing Platform?:

Wishpond could be a complete suite for your online promoting wants. It helps you to draw in guests by building and commercial enterprise attention-getting landing pages and additionally converts them into leads. this can be done through a range of tools Wishpond offers to its users, however additionally a variety of handy third-party integrations covering packages like Salesforce, Highrise, Insightly, MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber, Salesforce I.Q., Base CRM, and plenty of different apps.

Wishpond has gained a lot of quality in a very short fundamental measure because of its superb and helpful options. As a matter of reality, it includes quite a dozen applications to satisfy online promoting wants. Wishpond permits you to simply build your website SEO-friendly while not defraying a lot in terms of your time and cash. For exploitation WishPond you are doing not ought to have any technical ability as a result of its program being easy and easy to understand. Wishpond’s customers witnessed achieving a rise of victorious leads once exploitation it for his or her websites.



Any business that fails to come up with new leads can realize itself dying over time. If you do not get leads, however, are you aiming to build sales? whereas sales end in business revenue, the flexibility to satisfy expenses, pay workers and earn profits is needed.

To be effective at lead generation or any promoting activity for that matter, you will need sensible tools. And every one of the tools businesses have returned to embrace is Wishpond.

It’s a promoting automation tool with numerous advantages for any business that desires a lot from their promoting campaigns. we’ll be doing an associate degree in-depth review of Wishpond, its options, benefits, affiliate program, pricing, pros, and cons.

And at a later section, we’ll cowl its affiliate program to check how bloggers and marketers will earn additional money from it. thus you’ll be able to opt whether or not to use the merchandise yourself or trade as an associate degree affiliate or do each.

Let’s set the ball rolling with a basic intro of Wishpond.

About Wishpond

Wishpond may be a powerful tool that allows businesses to form and manage their selling campaigns effectively. It offers such a large amount of tools that create it easier to style high-converting landing pages, custom forms, and plenty of additional.

It is a selling automation tool that may be employed by tiny and medium-size businesses for lead generation. notwithstanding your talent level, you’ll still realize Wishpond is a straightforward tool to use, even for beginners.

Using Wishpond, you’ll be ready to capture leads through landing pages and nurture the leads through an automatic selling method. Its variety of associate all-in-one selling answers enables you to do loads of stuff from one interface.

What Is Wishpond Marketing Tool?
What Is Wishpond Marketing Tool?


How Much Does Wishpond Cost?


Wishpond Pricing Plans:

Free Trial

Basic                                                                                                              $45/month

Pro                                                                                                                 $78/month

Growth                                                                                                           $129/month


Wishpond Features

>Overview of Wishpond options
>Market automation
>Landing pages
>Email selling
>Website popups
>Lead management
>CRM integrations
>API access
>Custom JavaScript
>Custom CSS
>A/B testing
>Promotions and Contests



Wishpond Benefits

Wishpond offers multiple tools to reinforce your online selling efforts. It helps you to integrate completely different options on your website to form it spectacular and engaging for guests. you’ll be able to build and publish mobile-responsive pages in minutes and integrate completely different forms with them. These forms crop up once a traveller is on the landing page.

You can simply run contests and promotions on Facebook, Instagram and different social media platforms with WishPond. Also, it helps you to send customized emails to the leads. It offers an economical lead management system that monitors a lead’s activity on the website.

This activity is later accustomed to produce a listing that online marketers use to trace their leads’ behaviour.

Lead management is the main feature of Wishpond because it offers multiple ways not solely to draw in leads but to stay them busy with product connected feed. even as the website traveller is aware of additional concerning your product or shoots associate inquiry to raise an issue, an associate invisible relationship develops between you and also the client. With every minute defrayal on your website, the traveller is additional and additionally convinced to shop from you.

This disposition is monitored through guidance patterns of the lead that area unit recorded by Wishpond.

Online marketers area unit victimisation Wishpond to extend conversion rate and track activity on their websites. This analytics helps them to grasp their leads and might even be accustomed determine areas wherever additional selling effort is required. Interested users area unit invited to form use of the company’s coaching materials or contact support to find out a way to maximize the product’s potential.

Wishpond Affiliate Program

When you become an affiliate you get a special unique tracking link CLICK HERE. When we receive visitors through your affiliate link, we associate them with your affiliate account. When they purchase a subscription (either on that visit or on a subsequent one), you get a 30% commission!

The recently-launched Wishpond Affiliate Program allows publishers to earn up to $120 on each new lead they refer to the service.


It rewards publishers with a $20 supported all qualified demos command and an extra bonus of $100 once a lead converts. this is often a good chance to earn further financial gain for affiliates of United Nations agencies that have qualified traffic.

The program permits for a win-win situation for each publisher and Wishpond that enables you to earn the maximum amount as doable while not inserting a limit on what proportion you’ll be able to build monthly.

The company’s VP of promotion, Kevin Ho, believes that publishers will earn the maximum amount of $10,000 a month if they place in real efforts.

To boost affiliate efforts, there are a lot of selling materials and the following tools that Wishpond offers to its publishers. and therefore the affiliate program is liberal to be a part of for anyone with important traffic and therefore the drive to market Wishpond.

What do you get as a Wishpond Affiliate?

GetAmbassador Dashboard

Your affiliate dashboard allows you to track referral activity including clicks, revenue and commission.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Customer case studies, testimonials and quotes for your website, blog or landing page.

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

We have an affiliate manager who will help you promote Wishpond and come up with strategies for you to get the most out of your referrals.

Introductory Wishpond Account

Want to use Wishpond for free? Eligible affiliates can publish landing pages, popups & forms, and send emails to contacts for free.

Affiliate Landing Pages

You get exclusive access to affiliate landing page templates, designed to help you promote Wishpond.

Marketing Assets

Articles, social media posts, webinars, graphics. We have a team of copywriters, designers and marketers ready to create personalized materials for you.

How The Program Works

  • become an affiliate and get a special unique tracking link.
  • send visitors through your affiliate link, we enlist them with your affiliate account.
  • When they purchase a subscription (either on that visit or on a subsequent one), you get a 30% commission!
  • You get paid again every time the client’s subscription is renewed (monthly or annually)



What Is Wishpond Marketing Tool?
What Is Wishpond Marketing Tool?

Wishpond Features

Here are the features of Wishpond:

Landing Pages

This is one nice feature of Wishpond that you just would love exploitation for your promoting campaigns.

It permits you to create skilled, quality landing pages while not writing any single line of hypertext markup language or CSS codes. there is a drag-and-drop style tool to assist you to edit all parts that square measure featured on your landing page.

You can access a lot of templates to settle on so edit to fit your brand’s functions. For the weather, you’ll edit text boxes, videos, buttons, icons, forms, and additionally embody your social media profile.

There’s no limit to what proportion you’ll customise any of the templates that you just opt to work with, whereas these templates square measure designed to be responsive – that means that they appear nice on any device or screen size.

If you are a complicated user and would love to customise the templates, you’ll access the CSS and JavaScript codes to try to do that.

Marketing Automation

You can use Wishpond to either discover basic sales funnels or complicated ones, which is able to change your style totally {different|completely different} responses to different actions taken by your audiences. And in fact, these sales funnels will be discovered exploitation any of the 50+ templates that Wishpond makes out there to users.

And to assist you to accomplish higher results along with your campaigns, Wishpond allows you to run A/B testing with totally different templet options so as to urge the most effective changing ones.

Form Builder

This is a feature that lets you customize your forms and different elements that are in the forms. You can customize checkboxes, drop-down menus, file upload fields, and include multiple-choice questions.

Manage Contests

Contests and promos are nice tools for giving rewards and interest together with your audiences. And Wishpond provides you with tools that permit you to manage contests and promos for your business.

You can use these contests and promos for building your email lists by encouraging your audience to sign on.

Also, you may produce completely different contests on social media platforms like Facebook, by encouraging your followers to share your posts. you’ll produce essay competitions, video contests, voting, and referral competitions.

Real-time Stats

The reporting feature on Wishpond gives you access to real-time stats regarding your campaigns. You can also access important details that tell you how your landing pages are performing.

Details like these will help you track progress and make changes if there is any need to.

Using the Wishpond Lead Tracker, you can view all details (attributes and activities) of leads stored in your database.


Wishpond landing pages can be integrated with the leads database and marketing automation system. You could also integrate its mobile responsive landing pages into your websites.

For WordPress, you can use its plugin to create landing pages from your dashboard.

VII – Affiliate Program

Wishpond offers rewards to users and marketers who introduce others to its service. Details of the Wishpond affiliate program will be covered in subsequent sections of this review.

Wishpond Pricing

To use Wishpond, you will have to make your choice from any of the flexible plans that the company offers to its customers.

The least plan is the Basic plan and which starts at $45/month while the Pro plan goes for $78/month and the Growth plan goes for $129/month.


Businesses got to keep it up gaining new leads so as to remain afloat. And to try to this effect, you wish to use the correct selling tools.

Wishpond may be a powerful selling tool that allows businesses of any size to form and run machine-driven selling campaigns with success.

You can build nice trying landing pages while not writing any line of hypertext markup language or CSS code as a result Wishpond offers you a drag-and-drop tool to use for planning and piece of writing your landing pages.

They conjointly give you 50+ pre-designed templates to decide on from, edit the weather and customise to fit your whole.

Wishpond offers AN affiliate program to reward people who area unit ready to refer qualified leads, paying the maximum amount of $20. And if any of your leads convert into a procurement, then you’ll earn $100 additional.

The affiliate program may be a good way to earn additional financial gain and with a lot of effort, you’ll be able to earn five-figure financial gain monthly.

Getting started is pretty simple and you do not need any payment before you’ll be able to participate in the Wishpond affiliate program.

thank you for reading as we’re committed to your online success. please drop your innovative comment below.



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