What You Should Know When Choosing A Domain Name For Your Blog.

What You Should Know When Choosing a Domain Name
What You Should Know When Choosing a Domain Name

What You Should Know When Choosing a Domain Name for Your Blog


Do you want your Domain name to stand out? With established tactics, however, this is quite achievable.

your Domain name matters

Customers will most likely go elsewhere if your domain name turns them off. First impressions are important, and your domain may be the first time someone encounters your brand. It’s not difficult to change your domain after your website has gone live, but it takes time and has repercussions.

Things You Must Consider When Choosing Your Domain Name.

When you want to register a domain name with a domain registrar, it’s possible to make your first ten searches, yet, without being able to get that name you rented. This may be D because the name you are searching for might have been picked up by someone else. Then you’d need to be careful with the name you will eventually buy lest you get frustrated in the long run.

Your desired domain name might be so competitive, but if that’s what, you strongly believe, will help you rock your blog and stand out among the hundreds of thousands of active domain names out there, then it’s worth working about. You may only need to craft and re-craft until you get what you want available in the search. The search challenge must not change your mind from what you rent to blog about to ensure you stand out in the online world.

As explained above, it might be so challenging to get exactly what you want for a long pull from the domain name search, but you could carefully craft your desired name and get something very similar available to what you’ve desired so far.

When choosing your domain name, here are things you should consider:

  1. Make sure it’s readable
  2. make sure it’s remarkable
  3. Choosing the preferred domain extension
  4. Make sure it’s unique
  5. Make sure it’s SEO relevant
  6. Make sure it’s keyword-related
  7. Considering the trademark and copyright perspective
  8. Make Sure Your Domain Is Easy to Pronounce and Spell.
  9. Avoid Hyphens
  10. Choose an adaptable domain name
  11. Do Your Domain Name Research.
  12. Select a domain name that you may legally own.


1. Make Sure It’s Readable.

When you’re trying to choose a domain name for your brand-new blog, you need to run some checks to make sure you’re choosing the right domain name for your multi-million dollar brand. You may want to ask your comrades to help you take a deep look at it, check it up, pronounce it, and decides on whether you should choose that name or not.

If you try choosing a name withstands with the letter “s” and is followed by another word starting with the letter “s”, you may lose the kind of readability your domain name is supposed to possess, and that may constitute a breakdown along the line.

Unless you’re running the blog with a super blogging experience, having an audience of the same category, you won’t be able to get your deserved domain popularity with a name that cannot roll off the tongue with ease.

2. Making Sure It’s Remarkable

If you create a domain name that will work productively for your business, then you may need to consider making it simple and easy to comprehend even for newbies out there. You may want to make it captivating and easy to remember even for an eight-year-old child. And you may want to make it attractive in search results for a lot of people to select.

When choosing a domain name, you may need to consider choosing not more than two to three words together. And you may want to ensure these words sound similar to the title of your blog, though may not go verbatim.

3. Choosing The Preferred Domain Extension.

As there are several selections of domain names like .org, .com, and .net, that come with different extensions like .co, .uk, .com, .ng, and so on, it always depends on the nature of your business and the particular location where your business is operated. So, you may want to consider choosing what is reall for all the factors that you may invariably consider in trying to choose a domain name.

4. Making Sure It’s Unique.

The word “Uniqueness” is the attribute every business owner has always deserved to have and is the only way in which a business can be free from legal actions.

In as much as there are so many related businesses that are operated out there, and you never can tell whether or not, someone else from another location has earlier registered the same name you chose as your business name, you may face undeserved legal actions if you didn’t originally own the name.

To avoid such legal actions, you may want to search the business directories to see whether the name you’ve chosen as your business name is still unique or not. And if not, you may want to search for another name that, of course, is more productive than the name already chosen.

You may also use a blog or content curation site to determine the uniqueness of your proposed business name. This is the most crucial step for those who do not want legal awkwardness at all.

5. Make Sure It’s SEO Relevant

As SEO is very important for the success of your blog, and a lot of people are looking out for one thing or the other every day online which possibly might be found with your blog, your blog URL may still not show up constantly if your domain URL contains a kind of humorous names that may not even have anything to do with your blog name, content and niche.

Another aspect of choosing a domain that ranks well in search engines is to choose a name that is keyword-optimized. You might think your domain name may not be keyword-optimized though, it will surely be difficult for your blog URL to rank well in search results unless you add extra blogging efforts to make your URL rank.

6. Make Sure It’s Keyword-Related.

Your keyword-related domain name is a combination of two or more words that is related to the niche of your blog. And this enhances your SEO rather than choosing just a name that is not related to your blog niche.

Though it’s not taboo to use a combination of words that is not related to your blog niche, it affects your ranking potential in search engines. It defines your URL’s appearance potential in search results.

The same goes for your business name or the title of your blog. It’s better to choose a blog name that will enhance your SEO. You must try and make your business name keyword-optimized.

7. Considering The Trademark And Copyright Perspective.

This is the aspect most bloggers didn’t realize about blogging. Most people just blog around, not minding the copyright and trademark protection for their business. In there trading with a business name that belongs to another person or company, either in your home country or in a location abroad, there are legal rights that protect anyone whose registered name is operated under a different umbrella.

And if such a business or company, whose name is the same as that which you chose, is found to have registered that very name before you started your own business, you can be sued under legal rights for such an action.

It may be quite difficult to keep doing research about which blog has been operating with your business name, but there are trademark and copyright electronic search tools that may help you find out easily and quickly to the embarrassment of getting sued by another company.

8. Make Sure Your Domain Is Short, Simple, And Easy To Spell and Pronounce. 

Short domain names are easier to remember and type, as well as being more effective for branding. Your domain will most likely be short if you don’t include too many keywords and make your domain name easy to pronounce. Another technique to appear suspicious is to use a domain name that is too lengthy. Choosing two or three words for your domain makes it simpler to remember and increases the possibility that people will visit and share it with their networks, which is vital because you will need to mention it at some point to people. It’s also tough to change your domain name once you’ve launched your website.

9. Avoid Hyphens

Using hyphens to achieve the domain name you desire may appear to be a creative solution. Anything that isn’t a letter should be avoided. These small details make it much simpler for individuals to forget and enter the name incorrectly. They also make it more difficult to type your domain name.

10. Choose Aan Adaptable Domain Name

With your domain name, you don’t want to put yourself in a box. Consider how your website or business could grow over time. While “Shutter photography” may be appropriate for a photography blog, you’ll be stuck with an incorrect address if you’re also blogging about other creative forms.

11. Do Your Domain Name Research.

You may use a research tool like the Jaaxy keyword tool to see whether it’s available once you’ve reduced your search to a few choices.

Before making your decision, you should conduct a trademark search to ensure your safety. If you can’t discover an exact match, consider combining your domain name with anything that makes sense

12. Select A Domain Name That You May Legally Own.

Infringing on a trademark might lead to serious consequences. Look through all of the first and second-page results if you have a domain name concept and are prepared to register it. Businesses that already use this name and (apparently) operate in a similar market or niche are what you’re looking for. If you come across anything, you’ll probably need to change your domain name.

Pick The Best Place To Register Your Domain.

Once you’ve picked out a domain name, you need to choose a domain registrar, which is the company where you’ll purchase it. here are a few things to keep an eye on:

>Transfers of domain names:

    • Examine the registrar’s policy on transfers. Continue looking if it’s too difficult or pricey.


    • Some businesses offer reduced pricing for the first year, then raise them when it comes time to renew. It’s pYou mayed into a multi-year deal.

>Policy on expiration:

    • A domain is rented rather than purchased. If you fail to renew your lease, someone else may be able to take it away from you. Look for a registrant who provides automatic renewals as well as a grace period.

>Protecting the privacy of your domain:

    You must upload your personal information to a public database as a website owner. To keep your identity safe, domain privacy protection conceals your primary contact information.
      • >


    Subdomains do not need to be registered individually. However, you should check with your registrar to see if adding subdomains to your site is simple.

There are several registrars to choose from such as wealthy affiliates. However, there are situations when registering your name through your hosting company makes sense.



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