Yoast WordPress Plugin – How to Optimize Your Entire Site.

Yoast WordPress Plugin
Yoast WordPress Plugin

What Is Yoast SEO Plugin?

Yoast SEO is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin. It improves the ranking of your WordPress website and webpages in machine-affected SERPs. Yoast SEO has a number of options that can help you optimize your website.

Benefits of Yoast SEO for Website Owners

While optimizing your content for search engines — search engine optimization (SEO) — you need to get many things right.
You need to handle both on-page SEO and technical SEO. That includes keyword optimization, readability, WordPress files optimization, sitemaps and more.
While doing these yourself isn’t impossible, it is time-consuming and difficult. That’s why even SEO experts rely on SEO tools like Yoast.
How does Yoast improve your SEO?
Yoast SEO simplifies content optimization for search engines by:
Providing SEO analysis, so you know where to improve your website’s SEO
Helping you set a keyword and optimize your content for it
Monitoring the content’s age — so you can update it when required
Performing a readability assessment so you can optimize your writing for the target audience
Handling technical SEO — optimizes robots.txt, XML sitemaps and .ht access files
Setting indexing options by adding meta tags of index or no-index

How to Drive Your WordPress Site to the First Page On Google.

Yoast WordPress Plugin
Yoast WordPress Plugin

Of course, you know it takes some time, trouble and energy to get your WordPress site on the first page on Google. Whereas, you have the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin at your disposal which will help you shoot your point to the first runner in Google without important tweaking at all.

When it comes to SEO toolkits, this easy-to-understand tool (Yoast) is the ultimate WordPress SEO plugin that will optimize your point to the first-runner ranking. And it’ll also help you increase your Click-through- rate with time.

Rather than having to spend a long time getting issues fixed on your point, Yoast (The most complete SEO WordPress plugin) will help you control your point SEO/ ranking impeccably.

In one place, you’ll have all the access to make all necessary changes, manage and track your point SEO and business with positive results.

The secret most expert bloggers didn’t know about getting advanced Google rankings is that Googlebot can be constantly tempted and summoned to bottleneck a point and the further of this you do with the spider, the more advanced your chances of getting advanced hunt rankings. And using the Yoast WordPress plugin on your point will help you achieve this in no time.

It follows that you’ve been missing out seriously if Yoast has noway been optimized on your WordPress point. Let’s move over to the coming runner to bandy how you can launch the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin on your point.

Why the first page of Google is important

Google’s search results are getting more robust— with Knowledge Panels, answer boxes, expandable related questions, local results, and more. With so many ways to stand out, working for top ranking is well worth the effort, especially considering that traffic and click-through rate both fall off precipitously as one works their way down the search results.

For those in the business of trying to drive organic traffic, Google is all-powerful. It crawls the web, determining which pages are the most useful and relevant for its users for virtually any topic. We don’t just trust Google’s results, we rely on them.

With such immense power and influence, getting your small business on the first page of Google might seem unrealistic, However, it is this very power Google holds that makes it more possible than ever for small and local businesses to rank high in search results—for free!

Set Up Yoast SEO Accurately

In launching Yoast SEO on your WordPress site, follow the process below:

  • Download and install the Yoast WordPress plugin on your WordPress site
  • Set up Yoast SEO accurately
  • Fill the Google Search Console tab with the necessary information
  • Work on the titles and meta

Download and install the Yoast WordPress plugin on your WordPress site

If you’re a WordPress user, just log in to your WordPress account dashboard, select the “Plugin” option on the left-hand side and select the “Add New” option. Type the keyword “Yoast plugin” and you’re good to go.

Set Up Yoast SEO Accurately

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Yoast SEO on your blog, launching it would be the next step to ensure it performs the SEO function for which it’s needed. As there are several sites with different SEO needs and stuff, once you can do the launching properly, it’ll serve the SEO needs of your site too.

To start with, you’re going to select the “General” tab from the “SEO” option on your WordPress account dashboard. This is how you go about the general settings for Yoast SEO. You’ll also be able to fill up your website and business details.

FiLL The Google Search Console tab with the necessary information

You have the Google Search Console (GSC) option that you need to fill out for verification. There is a “security” tab you need to disable if you’re running the same site with a lot of people except you’re running a personal site.

Work on the Titles and Metas

Having completed the setting up of the Yoast SEO General settings, it’s time to pick the next step right away which is about your titles and meta.
The titles and meta are the areas of Yoast that tell Googlebot what should be indexed and crawled on your site. So, it’s the most crucial step for utilizing the Yoast SEO plugin.

Though the kind of website or blog you run may determine how you will go about the settings, the major purpose for which the hundreds of thousands of bloggers are using this plugin is always the same.
The Yoast SEO settings were done wrongly by most veteran bloggers out there. This must be checked to ensure you don’t do the same while launching Yoast on your WordPress site.

You should also check properly on your site for duplicate content. Where on your site did you post any content that has already been published somewhere else within your blog posts? Which of the pages on your site has been duplicated?

The duplicate content published will hurt your rankings terribly in the sense that Google bot wouldn’t know where it should rank on your site and where it shouldn’t. So, you’ll make Google suffer these worries and your ranking gets hurt eventually.

Because of the duplicate content penalty from Google, you need to choose the “No-index” option for duplicate pages, media, picture gallery and some other content on your site that some plugins might have duplicated from other sources.

All these should be taken care of lest you hurt your Google ranking. So far these duplicate pages are not important for your site ranking, it’s better to “No-index” them. Normally, you choose the “No-index” option through the Post Types.

Finally, under the ‘Taxonomies’ tab on your Yoast dashboard, you may want to “No-index the tags and categories as these are commonly duplicated pages on most sites except you especially use them on your site.

Make sure to fill out the settings in Yoast SEO accurately and properly as this would be an extremely crucial factor for getting the first-page ranking that you’ve been curious about’s important to understand the different goals that getting a top ranking on Google can help your business to achieve.

Yoast WordPress Plugin
Yoast WordPress Plugin

1. Improve your visibility
Let’s say you have a brick and mortar location. If you had the choice between putting your business on the main road that goes through town or a quiet side street, which one would you choose? The main road, of course.
With 167 billion searches per month, getting on the first page of Google is like planting your business on the busiest road in town. The more people that see your website, the greater your brand awareness. The more familiar consumers are with your brand, the more receptive they will be to conversion activities.

2. Generate more leads
Now, what if you had to choose between the main street of a diverse town or a town of ideal customers? There are as many Google first pages as search queries out there. Your goal is to get on the first page for queries that your ideal customers are performing. By doing so, you get discovered by consumers that are searching online with the intent to buy or engage. These people are the most likely to convert into leads and customers for your business.
Want to see what SEO keywords people are searching for in your niche? Try our Free Keyword Tool!

3. Increase engagement
According to Ad week, 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying, and Google is the go-to for this. With answer boxes, the “People also ask” section, and local results showing contact information, maps, reviews, ratings, and descriptions, Google’s search engine results page alone enables consumers to learn about, compare, and engage with your business before even clicking on your result.
A People Also Ask section.

4. Drive website traffic
Snippets and answer boxes can only provide so much information. While a search engine results page itself can sometimes supply all the information a person needs, there are still several queries for which people will inevitably click through to a website. Don’t forget that it often takes several engagements with a business before a person converts into a customer, so interactions with your website are important.
Not only does being on the first page of Google drastically increase traffic to your website; not being on the first page of Google has a huge disadvantage. The first page of Google captures at least 71% of web traffic (some sources say up to 92%), and the second page is far from a close second: It drops to 6% of website clicks. This steep decline in web traffic is an indicator of just how important the first page of Google is.

4. Increase your industry authority
Getting on the first page of Google requires regularly creating high-quality content that Google recognizes is satisfying the needs of its searchers. This takes time, but the increased traffic and trust that will result are well worth the investment.
In addition, writing regularly about your industry and business will require you to stay in tune with what your target audience wants to know as well as what the latest updates are in your industry. Appearing on the first page of Google is important because it facilitates the development and maintenance of a robust knowledge base upon which your business can firmly stand.

5. Earn the trust
Google’s algorithm is designed to recognize spammy, suspicious, and low-quality content. If you’re consistently showing up on the first page of Google, it means that Google recognizes you as a trusted source of information, and consumers trust businesses that Google trusts.

6. Build your audience
As mentioned above, getting on the first page of Google requires creating high-quality, evergreen content. This type of content is the gift that keeps on giving; it can be repurposed and redistributed across a variety of marketing channels including social media, email, and paid ads.
Your content-driven efforts to get on the first page of Google will provide you with more material and more opportunities to engage with your target audience, nurture leads and stay top of mind.

7. Speed up your sales cycle
Consumers today have so many options to choose from, as well as access to all the information and tools they need to discover, vet, and make a decision about a business. Where do they go to kick off their research? Google! Getting on the first page of Google helps you to bring in those top-of-funnel leads and get your sales cycle in gear.

Yoast WordPress Plugin
Yoast WordPress Plugin

How To Optimize Yoast SEO on Your Site.

Having fully launched Yoast SEO on your site, it’s time to begin using it to build your site SEO and ranking. On the left-hand side menu of your Yoast SEO dashboard, select which of the posts or pages you want to check.

You can select the “All pages” or the “All posts” options if you’re willing to check the SEO score for each of the posts or pages on your site. The SEO scores are simply marked on the right-hand side of the dashboard and they signify whether Google will like to crawl those pages or posts or not.
Note the following signals:
When you see a red dot, it signifies the worst SEO condition, and Googlebot will not approve that post or page at all.

When the dot shows an orange colour, it signifies that there are a few SEO issues to fix on a particular page or post.
When the colour of the dot is grey, it signifies that there’s no available SEO information for Yoast to access.

When you see a green dot, wow, the SEO condition is in its best status and the Google bot will like and approve the particular page or post if you ever need a hand with anything going forward, don’t hesitate to let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help. Thanks, and please drop a comment below so I can know what innovation is needed.



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